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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 8 # condition

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Riddhima’s pov

Now let me taste him his own medicine..

Wait and watch Mr.raisinghania…😎
Epi starts

Scene 1

Vansh’s cabin

Vansh’s POv

I scolded her badly…

What else should have i done..

I didn’t like being her frank with any other man than me..

But why!! I am not his boyfriend or husband..

I don’t care..i don’t like means i don’t like

But she became upset yr..i shouldn’t have said that harshly..

Now what to do..

Should i say sorry..

No!!why would i..

She was wrong..

But what if she won’t talk to me..

Gosh!!i will be mad…

Relex vansh!!

I will pretend as if nothing happened..

Yes!! This is perfect..

Getting some courage i speaked to her…but this girl is surely turn insane..

Pov ends

Vansh (whisper)- Riddhima listen..

No reply****

Vansh (little loud) – Riddhimma!!

Still no reply***

Vansh (loud) – Riddhimmmaa!!

Riddhima (pissed) – god had blessed me with a pair of ears stop shouting…

Vansh – Finally you noticed me..

No reply***

Vansh (agitated) – Fine!! I am sorry riddhima i shouldn’t have scolded you..

Now talk to me yr..

No reply***

Vansh’s POv

What the hell!! This little creature of 5 feet 4 inches is ignoring vansh raisinghania..

I said..can you imagine i said sorry to..her and she is showing me attitude..

Calm down..man! I have to pacify her..

I asked her again softy but she didn’t  even bother to look at me..

Now this is limit

I became impulsive and pinned her to the wall

Pov ends

Vansh (looking into her eyes) – I am talking to you riddhima and dare you to ignore me again

Riddhima (smiling) – I wasn’t ignoring you i was following your orders..only

You don’t like to talk anything except work..so i was quite…

Riddhima’s POv

As soon as i blurted out this shit!!

His face was worth watching…

His jaws dropped to the floor…

If he will find them with magnifying glass still won’t get that..

I smirked at him and freed myself from his clutches

I pushed him slightly with my shoulder leaving for my work not  before flipping my hairs on his face..

Serves you right Mr..vansh raisinghania..

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

Where the hell is magnifying glass i have To find my dropped jaws..

This girl no no!! This atom bomb has surley something in her..

Nobody dare to behave like this in front me and she gave me smirk..

Not bad!! miss riddhima!!

I am liking her antics ..

Now let’s see how will i complete my mission pacifying riddhu!!

POV ends

Angre’s Pov

I was walking to my boss cabin in hurry as i have an important news to give ..

I don’t need permission to enter so entered and started speaking that boss i have a imp news to..tell you..

Shittt!! I am dead..

How can i forget that now he is not alone

Hahah!! Isn’t it is sounding like he got married…!!

No girl can tolerate his mood swings..

Even a pregnant women is better than him!!

I looked at my boss with horrified expression asking what to do now

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

This guy angre needs a lock to put on his mouth..

Now sweetheart is looking at us in speculating way..

Pov ends

Vansh- Riddhima can you get me a coffee please…

Riddhima- its ok vansh you can simply ask me to leave i won’t mind You guys have your private space..

You can continue i will be back once you are done!!

She leaves

Riddhima’s POv

I could sense the tension between them..

Something was serious but i am not supposed to ask..so leave giving them some space..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

A small smile crept on my lips seeing her understanding nature

Despite being angry with me…

She cares for me..

Here i am smiling like an idiot and this dumb guy angre is looking at me as if i am an alien

Pov ends

Vansh- Speak angre!!

Angre – Boss that bastard Thakraal ran away..and he is underground now

Our mans are searching him

Vansh(angry)- I don’t want your lame excuses i just need results😬

Get that bastard soon

Angre- Ok boss!

Vansh( serious)- And what about that information..any updates

I can’t wait more now..

Angre- we are searching but seems like That thakraal vanished taking away the info you need

Vansh ( shouts)- That’s my oxygen angre!!

I can’t leave without that anymore..

My life is incomplete without that..

Go and Find that soon

Vansh’s pov

As soon as angre left i set on my chair with thudd!!

My heart is beating so fast..seems like it will pounce anytime out from my body..

My life is incomplete..i am not getting any peace..i am restless..

I picked out a photo frame from my drawer and carresses it and kiss it!!

I miss you mom!!

It would have been so easy for me if you were  with me..!

I miss you mom!!

Pov ends

Riddhima’s Pov
I entered in our cabin without knocking and saw vansh is looking at a picture with so much affection..

One part of me badly wanted to know who’s pic was that but i stayed quite

He quickly put that picture back in drawer..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

I didn’t want to show my weak side to her..

And i won’t be able to answer her questions then..

So i resumed my work not before glacing at her grumpy face..

Seems like she is miffed with me till now

Any who won’t she..when did i pacify her..!! Silly me

Pov ends

Vansh calls riddhima near his chair and she bends a little showing him something
In laptop

Vansh’s pov

She bends a little near me and her cleavages is visible to me

Honestly i am not that type of man who easily get into women but she is something different in her i can’t stop my self in front of her..

Pov ends

vansh (teasing) – If you will keep showing me this things(pointing towards her cleavages) then we will surely ended up doing something here..

Riddhima (awkwardly)- I am sorry..wo..me..wo..

She turns to leave ignoring him

Riddhima’s pov

As soon as i turned to leave ignoring him

I found myself very next moment in his lap

f**k!!is he mad or what

We are in his office..

Wait what if we were at home!!

I wouldn’t have minded that much then..

Now he staring at me with his black orbs.

Seems like it is ocean and i am drowning in it

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

She ignored me and i couldn’t bear that..

I pulled her and she landed in my lap

Now she is very close to me and i am in no mood to let her go..

I took her name several times but she didn’t bother to look at me

I tucked her hair strainds softly behind her ears

Vansh(lifting her chin softly)- riddhima!! Sweetheart look at me please

I know i did wrong but don’t ignore me

I can’t bear this..

Look at me please

Riddhima (nodding in no) – I am gussa!!

Vansh (softly) – I will pacify but look at me please..

Riddhima looks at him with tears brimming in her eyes

Riddhima (sadly)- I am gussa! You scolded me so much.. i am hurt

Vansh (weeping corner of her eyes) –  Awww!! My baby girl is gussa!! I am sorry sweetheart..

Look i am holding my ears now

Riddhima ‘s POv

He is looking like a baby holding his ears asking for apology..

But i won’t forgive him so easily..

Pov ends

Riddhima – i am still gussa!!

Vansh’s pov

Damn!! I never did this in my life and she is embarrassing me this much..

Controlling my inner desire because she is looking damn cute with little red nose flaring in anger

I hold her hands

Pov ends

Vansh – Ok tell me what should i do to pacify you

Riddhima’s POv

Aahh!! This is golden chance…

I can ask for anything..

Yes i got it!!

I know What to ask

Pov ends

Riddhima (excitedly) – will you give me what i want..

Vansh’s pov

She got excited like a kid..

I can see happiness in her eyes

I promise baby girl i will fullfil your wish.. except

Pov ends

Vansh – Ask for anything except letting you go away from me..

Riddhima ‘s POv

What did he say..away from him..

Does he really this much attached to me..

I feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach

Pov ends

Riddhima -I want

Vansh (jaw dropped) – Whattt!!!

Epi done dana done!!

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