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Who am I to you? — A triangle love story #Riansh SS Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Riddhima makes Mutton Biriyani for Vansh and Ahana. She packs it in a tiffin box. She wore her office uniform, Black pencil skirt and a white shirt with red blazer. She tie her hair into a bun and left for office.

In the office she kept the food in the canteen and asked a girl to serve those food for Vansh and Ahana’s lunch. Then she left for her work.

Vansh was sitting in his cabin which is fully made up of glass. So he can see outside easily. From his office the reception was quit visible. And he can see only one face and that is of Riddhima. He appointed her as receptionist for that purpose only.

Vansh:Now we have to friends. ( smirks). I hope you will love my concept sweetheart.

He orders a boy about something.

Riddhima was working when she gets a card from a boy.

Riddhima:Who send it?

Boy:See it.

The Boy leaves.

Riddhima opened it. It was written:

Come in the garden to be friend Riddhima.

Riddhima blushes and went to the garden. And saw it was decorated with teddys and cards where it is written ” Friends “.

Everywhere ballons are scattered. It was really looking awesome.

Ahana comes there.

Ahana:Vansh made all this for you. Accept it. ( smiles).

Riddhima:I surely accept it but if you also become my friend.

Ahana:Ofcourse we are also friends from now on.

Theye share a hug and then Ahana goes for her work and Riddhima to Vansh.

Riddhima:So what is my new friend doing? (Wah wah achanak se 360°badal gyi🤣).

Vansh:Hmm doing my works.

Riddhima:So today I got two friends, one is workholic and other is shopping partner.

Vansh:Oh nice.

Riddhima:You had your lunch?

Ahana enters,

Ahana:Yes, which is made by you. It was really the most delicious and tasty lunch for me!!

Vansh:Yes it was really very tasty.

Riddhima:Thanks a lot to both of you.

Ahana:Vansh we are going for shopping will you come with us?

Vansh:Why not. Let’s go.

Then they had shopping, they also watched a movie and enjoyed a lot.

Like these some days passed and they grew more close and more close friend.

After few days,

Vansh went to Ahana.

Vansh:I want to say something.


Vansh:I love you.

Ahana was hell shocked. She was standing there totally numb. She lost all words to say.

She was about to say something when Vansh speaks again.

Vansh:I don’t know how to propose her. In which way I should.

Suddenly all the colour fades from her face. She was totally blank.

Ahana:About whom you are saying?

Vansh:Riddhima. I am thinking to propose her, I am practising from yesterday. I thought to practice with you also. Say na how will propose her.

Ahana:Do as you want. She will surely accept it.

Vansh:Ok let me think about a suprise.

He leaves.

Ahana sits on the floor. Tears are rolling down. She screams on top of her voice.

Ahana:Noooooo. No. No. You never undersrood Vansh that how much I love you. Why? Am I very bad? You never understood me.

She was crying bitterly. She pours her heart out.

Ahana:I love you for so many years. I thought you will understand some day but no. It’s my bad luck. I will never come between you and Riddhima. My happiness is in your happiness. I pray to god for your happy life. But you will always be my first and last love. You never try to understand WHO AM I TO YOU.

(Aarushi your guess is right😁.)

Vansh calls Riddhima to his house.

Riddhima arrives there.

Riddhima:What happened? Why did you call me?

Vansh:Come with me.

Vansh takes her with him.

They went near a waterfall. It was really a wonderful place. In the surrounding there was a forest. The sky was totally clear. Birds are chirping, butterflies are flying. A very romantic place.

Riddhima:Such a wonderful place Vansh. I just loved it.

Vansh:Yes it is a very amazing place. I want to say you something.

Vansh comes forward to the waterfall.

Vansh shouts on top of voice.

Vansh:I love you Riddhima.

His voice echoes in the place.

Riddhima was stunned to listen this. She never though that their friendship will turn to this point.



Riddhima:No it’s impossible. It can never happen. No no no. You can’t love me.

She cries out loud. She covered her ears with her hand.

Riddhima:I can’t love you. Please, forgot me. There is no Riddhima for you. Forgot everything.

Vansh:Just stop it!!!

Vansh holds her shoulder tightly.

Vansh:Why Riddhima why? Say me the reason. Why we can’t love each other? Because of your family? I will talk with them.

Riddhima:I love someone else.

Vansh leaves her. He starts to took back steps. Riddhima’s face was held down. She don’t have the courage to face him. Both are crying.



(Pragya your guess is also right🤭).

Precap:Riddhima:Vansh you killed my Kabir. You are a muderer. I hate you!!  

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