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The Twisted game of Destiny-Chang defeated ep. 29 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Chang defeated!

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Episode starts

Vansh: (smirking) Your time’s over! Where you planning to escape!

Chang: (to himself) I’m gone now! VR won’t spare me.

Vansh: Mr Chang, I would like you to burst you thought bubble and come to reality!

Mahir: Oh Mr Chang, I’ve heard so much about you (pause) don’t worry not good stuff only bad! (smiling)

Everyone was circling him and he was right in the middle of the entire gang. Vansh signed one of his body guard and him understanding his sign, took all the other guests out.

Aman: what do you think Chang? What treatment do you think you need to go through?

Chang: What nonsense are you talking about…huh?

Shivaay: Ahh! Good question, and the answer is your betrayal!

Vansh: You betrayed Vansh Rai Singhania. It’s not easy to escape me now!

Kabir and Aryan: (revealing themselves) You betrayed the Raichands too!

Chang: You two!! (shocked) With them!

Kabir: When it comes to family, we all stay together in one team!!

Chang: You didn’t do right! How dare you trick me!! (anger)

Ishani: the way you tricked us!

Chang: You don’t dare come in our matters!

Roshni: Oyee!! You don’t speak like that!! (threatening)

Pallavi: Exactly!! Dare try do anything with us and we teach you who we actually are! (threatening look)

Riva: And you know how I work! You’ve got experience isn’t it?

Chang: Enough!! The diamond and all was fake?

Bela: Are you blind? Can’t you not see it was a plan!

Chang: Even you all were together with him!

Raghav: We are friends…not enemies! Get it!

Chang: I’m not going to leave you!! (he went to Anika and tried strangulating her)

Aryan and Shivaay: Don’t you dare!! (he stopped him and punched him to the floor, while Shivaay held Anika)

Vansh: Chang just admit your defeat! We already have the video our deal in your hideout, it’s enough for me to hand over to the police but you know what, I had to give you the taste of your own medicine. (bending up to him and holding his collar in rage) You harmed me, no problem. But you harmed Riva and Rivan!! You almost took their lives you rascal!! (Riva and Rivan look on) VR doesn’t allow death to touch him then why did you think he will allow betrayal to even enter his territory! (punches him and pulls him on his feet)  All this was our plan! Aryan and Kabir disguised in to businessmen, who have the blue gold rare diamond and the deal to lure you to come here. Tit for tat!

Aryan: (pulling Chang to him) You decided to betray us as well! The Raichands (he punches him) You tortured Riva and Rivan and the rest! If you get to know their truth you’ll know who they actually are!! (everyone was confused except Kabir) How was the plan for you? Feeling betrayed and fooled?

Kabir: (pulled him to him) My acting was quite commendable right? You got fooled very easily Changu! (punching)

Then turn by turn everyone hit Chang, completely weakening him. He was all wounded on his face and blood oozing out. However he didn’t give up, he knew it was better to face death and humiliation outside than facing Vansh’s wrath. He tried escaping again but Vansh took out his revolver and shot him in his leg. He winced in pain and fell on the ground.

Vansh: where do you think you running to?

Chang: (weak) Please leave me! (begging)

Vansh: Never in my dreams! (smirks) Sahil!! Take him to the torture room!

Rivan: Torture room? (curious)

Aryan: Rivan, don’t worry about that! He’ll get what he deserves (anger)

Sahil along with a few body guards dragged him to the dungeon underground which was also called as the torture room. Sahil returned back and saw everyone celebrating. While on the road near VR mansion, a girl is seen getting down a vehicle. She was scrolling through her phone and walking in the direction it was taking her. She entered the VR premises unknown to her. She looked around and saw all the decorations and wondered.

Girl: They are here? In a party?

Sahil returned back and saw everyone celebrating.

Siya: I’m so glad everything went according to the plan!!

Vansh: It had to Siya! After all it was VR’s plan. Thanks for all your support (to the four couples)

Shivika: Yaar/Vansh don’t worry!! (hugged him and left)

Raghavi: Vansh you shouldn’t be thanking us. Meet you soon! (went)

Roshan: Vansh, no need to mention! Take care of yourself and the twins, they’re quite special! (left)

Behir: Bye Vansh, keep in touch and don’t disappear now! (left)

They all bid adieu to the entire family, while everyone was elated they were able to defeat their enemy.

Riva, Rivan, Shayne and Anisha: All that is well, ends well!

Dadi: It’s been very tiring for everyone, why don’t we all have dinner together, as a family!

Kabir: Good idea, smart dadi. Anyway mujhe bohot bhuk lagi hai!! (rubbing his stomach) (everyone chuckled)

Rivan: ME too!!

They all turned to leave the hall for the dining room when a voice called them out from the main door. Hearing the voice they all turned around to see

Vansh: (shocked) Sejal!!

Rivan and Riva: (murmuring) Masi!!

Sejal: Vansh!!

Aryan and Kabir: You!!

They all ran to her. They were shocked in seeing her after all these years. They hadn’t met her since Riddhima and Vansh had celebrated their first anniversary together. While Riva and Rivan walked slowly, confused on what she was doing there. They got all the negative thoughts which worried them to the core.

Sejal: (shocked) You both are here? (to Riva and Rivan) And this is your house Vansh?

Vansh: Yes this is my house! But wait you know these two? (curious)


The truth out.

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