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The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 30


Hey guys , so I completed 30 episodes , I am happy for it and for your love , so jayashree di , raakhi di , varshu di commented that if I am from tamilanadu, but no , I am from andhra pradesh .



The Next day ,

Asusual , all got ready and stood in a line , they stepped into the bus and then they reached to a place , and tourist came to guide them

My Pov starts

Me : children , I missed you all a lot, here I am back , we completed going through 10places , now it’s time to explore more , shall we ??

All children shouted in excitement

Me : so let me tell you , the place is,

Kapaleeswarar temple

The holy shrine of lord shiva , the kapaleeswarar temple is built by pallavas which was demolished by the Portuguese explorers and rebuilt during the vijayanagara empire , kapaleeswarar temple is the specimen of Dravidian and vijayanagara architecture .

Me : the next is , connemara public library

Ria : I love the places which has calmness and I am passionate in reading , I am super excited to visit it .

This is one of the four depository libraries of the country that house almost every literary work published in india . From periodicals to historical scriptures to modren-day-books , this library has them all . For the convenience of readers , connemara also has a reference room , video room and a periodic room .


This place is a fishing harbour , where you can see the fishermen bring just caught fishes .

Me : so , you all could learn fishing and about different type of fishes in this harbour , if you are interested .

All learned how to caught a fish and learned about different types of fishes

Rivan : you see , I never listened such a names before

Ria : because they are not of humans , but fishes.

Me : the next you could see is , semmozhi poonga

Ria : interesting , very interesting , it looks wonderful you see rives z the trees , the chirping of birds , it’s an awesome place , am I right ?or am I right ??

It’s a place for nature lovers like me, it’s a beautiful botanical garden , which attracts a lots of tourists every day . With an artificial pond and lush greenery , to boast , this place can be a quick escape of the usual hustle and bustle of the state .

Me : here comes one more temple ,

Marundeeswarar temple .

Ria : seems like this state is a city of temples , where you can mostly see Shiva’s temples .

This place is dedicated to lord shiva in the form of ” god of medicines ” , the legend has it that lord marundeeswarar taught sage agastya about magical medicines .

Believed to be have built in 11th century , the temple offers prashad of mil , ash and water , that is said to cure the health issues . This place is finesse of Dravidian architecture .


Rivan : after temples and beaches ,

Finally we got to see something different , which is a film city , I doesn’t know well about south india as I will live in mumbai , but still , there is a huge fan following for south indian actors in North india too , and if any blockbuster movie appears in the diaters of south india , it will also telecast in hindi dubbed version in North india.

Spread over 70 acres , it will transport us to a dream land , with its replicas of religious places , urban and village scenes , and landscaped gardens.

They all see some dramas and leave

Me : next , BREEZY BEACH

It’s another beach in Chennai , as chennai is consisting mostly with temples , monumental places and mostly beaches , it’s one more famous beach in this state .Peace and quiet , simply described not-so-famous beach , but very clean that could attract nature lovers .

Me : Arignar anna zoological park

It’s kinda forest cum zoo cum park,

And is also known as vandalur zoo,

This place boasts 1260 acres with 138 species .

Me : last but not least , VGP BEACH

This is one of the famous beach in Chennai state , with cleanliness all around .

Me : the 20th place , VIVEKANANDA HOUSE

Ria : I saw subhash chandra bose ji’s house , now I am going see vivekananda ji’s house , you see how long the mansion is , it already takes an hour to explore all around the house , don’t know how he lived all alone in this large incognito

In 1900 , vivekanand stayed in this double-storey Victorian mansion for 6 weeks .

Hmm , so , our trip got ended for this day

Pov ends

Ria : we visited 20 places till now , tomorrow is the final day in this trip, and we are going to visit 15places

Rivan : your excitement reached it’s peak , now chalo , we could have our dinner .

They all freshen up and had their dinner , they all went to a nearby beach and kept camping , all sat near the bonfire , they are warming themselves , and then , rivan took his guitar from his bag and started playing it , all enjoyed and clapped for him , when all went into a slumber , both rivan and ria went near the sea and started playing

Ria : do you have any bitter memories with you ??

Rivan: yes

Ria : then make a sand ball thinking about all the bad things that took place in your life , and throw it as far as you can , you will get relieved from that stress .

Rivan does so

Ria : how do you feel now ?

Rivan : relaxed

Later they doze off in their tents chitchatting .

Precap : more exploring of chennai

Guys , actually in 2020 year , I lost my grandpa , and later , my father’s younger brother got vividh positive , later to my granny , and then my dad ,all got cured , next in 2021 , my mother’s elder sister and her son got covid , and now they are cured , but you see , today I am bewildered to listen a shocking news , few days back , my sister got fever , and my mother took care , still , when we thought everything is fine , and just a usually thought , as covid 19 is trending ,I thought she got covid 19 ,but j doesn’t know it will be real , my elder sister , who is staying at home from more than 1year , got covid , she is just studying 8th now , I really love her more than my mom , hope she gets well . She needs all of yours prayers and blessings.😢😢😢😢😢😢

I actually want to kill this covid 19 😤😤😤😤 , I think , while leaving , she will kill half of the world population .

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