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The Destiny Of Three Dreamers #Introduction (UDAARIYAAN)

Hi friends! I am planning to start writing a fanfiction of Udaariyaan. The story is the same till the episode of 28th May. My fan fiction will be starting after the 28th May episode. This will be my original content. All the characters will be the same. I will be adding new characters too as and when the episodes go by. I hope you all like the title for my ff. Please do tell me how it is. Also, please do give me some ideas in the comments. I am sure your ideas will be great. I would love to read and take some inspiration from them.

One more thing friends please choose between the 2 options to continue the story

  1. JasFa (Jasmine and Fateh) or 2. FaTejo (Fateh and Tejo)


Please let me know about this in the all of you that I will not be updating regularly since I have lots of studies and assignments. Hence, I am sorry I will be quite busy with all of this. So I hope all of you will not mind. Thank you all for reading this! I will upload my 1st episode as soon as possible.

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