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Hi everyone! Sabne socha Riddhima is kidnapped 😂 read to know what happened…..

Ajay: That’s good, I like to be focused on business (eyeing at Kabir) more than marriage.
Kabir: Yes, that girl must have definitely planned something against you. She is a …
Vansh(cutting): Kabir! (Trying to be calm) she is my friend. And her father filed the case not her.
Aryan: Vansh Bhai is right…..
Uma: Aryan beta….. Never talk between elders.
Chanchal: Didi teach this to your son.
Dadi: Stop It! Vansh is not wrong. He is back he must be hungry. Uma, give him the dinner.
Vansh: No worry mom. Tell someone to send it to my room.
Vansh went towards his room.
At Hospital
Doctor enters the room.
Doctor: Hi Mr Kapoor.
Ramansh: Hello doctor.
Doctor: How are you feeling?
Ramansh: Better than before.
Doctor: Mr Jai. You can take him home tomorrow.
Jai: Thank you doctor.
The doctor leaves the room.
Jai: Where is this girl! Let her come. I will tell her.
Ramansh: No dad. You will not do anything.
Jai: Hmm. (Murmuring)  not Infront of you.
Ramansh: What?
Jai: Nothing.
At VR Mansion
Vansh has dialled Riddhima’s number many times but she was not picking up.
Vansh: Tch…..
Uma: What happened beta?
Vansh: Mom? I said to let some servant send it.
Uma: No worry. I wanted to talk to you.
Vansh makes her sit next to her on the bed. And takes the plate and starts eating.
Uma: You like her?
Vansh chokes on his food after listening to his mother…
Vansh: (coughing) Wa….wate….water.
Uma chuckles and gives water to Vansh.
Vansh drinks the water and takes a deep breath.
Vansh: Yes mom. And she too does the same.
Uma: Listen Vansh, none girl keeps marriage as her priority. Because she knows it has to be done by her will or not. Even your small gesture will make her smile. And I saw her stressed out for you in the police station.
Vansh: Yes ma. She was really stressed. But she atleast believes that I can not do anything like this.
Uma: And that makes You stressed. Right?
Vansh: hmmm. How can I tell her I always keep a gun and have done shootouts?
Uma: Wait for the right time. Time is the key to everything. Next time come with her. I would love to meet her.
Vansh smiles and puts his head on Uma’s lap.
Vansh: I love you Ma.
Uma: You are the best son. Love you too.
At Hospital
Riddhima came to Ramansh’s room. Jai starts shouting at her instantly
Jai: Where the hell were you? Don’t know the way or went somewhere else? Look at yourself! All messed up. Atleast look like Kapoor’s daughter!
Ramansh: Dad…. Let her say something. And she is here na. Riddhima where were you?
Riddhima: Sorry Dad. The car was punchured.  So it took me time to fix it.
Jai: You know how to do it!? You are a girl! I am letting you study doesn’t mean you will learn all the stuff you shouldn’t. You are the daughter of Kapoors. Don’t do this. EVER!
Ramansh: Dad. You go home and have some rest. Riddhima will stay with me.
Jai: hmm…
Jai leaves the room.
Ramansh clears his throat
Riddhima: What Bhai? Are you fine?
Ramansh: I am good. What about you?
Riddhima: Wha… What? I am all good.
Ramansh: Met Vansh?
Riddhima: Yes.
Ramansh: Let me call him.
Riddhima: Why?
Ramansh: He called me to ask that you are back or not.
Ramansh dials his number.
Ramansh (on call): Hello?
Vansh(on call): Riddhima reached?
Ramansh (on call): No.
Vansh(on call): No? Where is she then? Is she alright? I will track her number…
Ramansh(on call): Don’t worry. She is here. That’s why I called you.
Vansh: You scared me.
Ramansh: Want to talk to her?
Vansh: She must have slept.
Ramansh looks at Riddhima and finds her sleeping on the seat next to her.
Ramansh: Yes. She is.
Vansh: I knew. Take care.
Ramansh: hmmm
Precap- Riddhima gets slap..

Is baar precap serious hai…. Comment your reviews. Keep reading and keep loving 🙂. Aaj se I am back to normal.  ffs pe mere comments honge pakka💚

Tanvi 🌠

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