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Shakti 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Harman finds out Mahi is helping Angel

Shakti 29th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman coming to Mahi’s room. When he couldn’t see her in room, he knocks on the bathroom door, but she is not there. He hears the phone bell ringing and goes inside the bathroom. He still hears the ring tone and finds Mahi’s phone kept under the cloth in the tray. He finds the pics which was sent to Angel and also sees the call list. He realizes Mahi is the one who is supporting Angel and has trapped Parmeet ji. He gets angry and shows the photos and calls list to Virat. Virat says this means my mother was framed, we shall go and talk to Mahi ji. Harman says not now. Virat says we shall expose Mahi right now. Harman says I have understood her plan, she framed Parmeet ji and proved her guilty infront of us, as she has realized our plans. He says if she tells our plans to Angel then Heer and Soumya’s lives will be ind anger. He says we shall tell the truth to Parmeet and Sant Baksh, without revealing Mahi’s name. Mahi comes there and calls Harman. Harman hides her phone behind his back, but it falls from his hand. Mahi is coming there. Virat steps on the phone and picks it. He keeps it in Harman’s pocket and tells that he feels light talking to him. Mahi asks what are you doing here? Harman says we were talking about today’s happenings and Virat was stressed. Mahi says I didn’t know that Parmeet ji has so much hatred for my daughter and says she will not leave her.

Virat says my mother haven’t done anything. Harman slaps him to stop him from telling further and asks him not to talk to Mahi like this again. He takes him from there. Mahi gets emotional and says Harman ji has slapped Virat for me. In the room, Virat asks Harman what is this? I regarded you as my favorite and idol and you slapped me. He says Mahi ji was saying anything against my mother and you was…Harman asks him to control his anger. Virat says you should have supported me. Harman apologizes for slapping him and says if Angel comes to know then we will leave Soumya and Heer. Virat hits on the wall. Harman says even I am getting angry, but we have to control our anger right time, and take out anger when the right time comes. He says I have to go to Mahi’s room to keep back this mobile and asks him to talk to Sant Baksh. He says we have to keep an eye on Mahi. Virat calls Sant baksh and tells him everything. Sant baksh says how dare she? Virat asks him not to take action by tomorrow and don’t tell anything to Maa, else she will create scene here and our plan will go out of our hands. Sant Baksh says ok. Parmeet comes there and asks Sant baksh about the caller. Sant baksh says he got a call from PS. Will get Angel located by tomorrow. Harman comes to Mahi’s room and keeps back the phone in the bathroom. Virat and Harman are standing out and waiting for Mahi to come.

Virat says if she has to talk to Angel then she can do it in her room. Harman says she will come out to do her work. They hear a vase fallen down and come to the hall. They see a woman’s reflection. Harman says it seems Mahi has come out of her room. Virat says where did she go? Harman says I will go to Mahi’s room and will check for the proofs. He comes there and knocks on the door, thinks the reflection was of Mahi. Mahi comes out of bathroom, shocking him. She says you are here at this time. Harman says I heard something falling and that’s why comes to see you. Mahi thanks him for the care and support infront of Virat. She says what else I want in life, I want a husband who cares for me, loves me etc. Harman says you didn’t sleep until now. Mahi says how can I get sleep, we are getting married with your wish. She walks towards him, while he moves back. He makes the juice falls down to distract her, as she tries to romance with him. He asks Mahi, if he can use her bathroom, as the juice fell down. Mahi asks him to use. He goes to the bathroom and thinks Angel didn’t talk to her since morning, wonders what game is she planning?

Harak Singh and Veeran get the house decorated for the premarriage function. Harak Singh says two family members are missing and kidnapped, and says how to get this marriage done. Veeran says even I don’t understand why Harman is doing this, let me do what he wants, don’t know what is going on in his mind. A guy gets down from the car and takes out waiter’s uniform from his car. He gets Angel’s call, who asks if he remembers what to do. He says he remembers. Virat and Harman are coming from the other side. The guy posing as a waiter enters holding the water bottles. Virat sees him and thinks this waiter is not from our staff. He asks him to stop.

Precap: Mahi dances in her mehendi ceremony. The guy posing as waiter collides with Virat and his phone falls down from his hand. Virat hears Angel saying hello and looks at the waiter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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