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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 46

Hello everyone i am back sorry i disappointed you all but after hearing the news of sunita mam i was not in right frame of mine and i myself is not well since 2 days

Plz do support guys like u did in latest promo i was literally happy after reading ur comments

So epi starts here

Next day

Scene 1

Vansh is walking in hospital corridor in his wedding attire as he is going to meet riddhima

He is trying to hide his face with his hands


No body should get to know that I am VR what will they think abt me

Riddhima is surely gone mad what was the need to call me like this

I m looking clawn here look how people are staring and making fun of me..

It’s 1st day after my marrige and my wife made me kutta (riddhu ka kutta na ghr ka na hospital ka😂)

Suddenly a wardboy stops vansh

Boy- sir i guess u r mistaken this is hospital not a wedding venue( he said while laughing slightly)

Vansh gives him deadly glare and he leaves

His pOv

I think people has forgot that i. Am VR

Sala koi khauf hi nhi h

But if i won’t come in this attire then sweetheart would have killed me definitely

How ironic is this

The VR who used to scare everyone is scared of his wife .. A girl of 5 feet 3 inches

But that girl is my life
I love u sweetheart

But your behavior now days is really not good for my sanity

POV ends

He reaches her room and open the door and left flabbergasted

He is standing there open mouth

Riddhima – Close your mouth Mr. Raisinghania makkhi ghus jayegi😅

Vansh -ab..ab..ba..wo.me..tu..tum..ye

Riddhima (laughing) – Stop blabbering vansh

Riddhima is wearing A red saree and did all bridal makeup

and vansh is just mesmerize by her beauty

Riddhima -i know i M looking pretty but stop staring i am your wife only vansh

Vansh (coming close to her)- But why are u wearing this i mean.

Riddhima (holding his hand) – First of all thnk u for keeping my wish and wear this wedding attire and i did this because i want to go to our home like a married couple like we wanted 5 years ago

Vansh is just baffled he smiles and cups her face

Vansh – anything for u sweetheart i promise you will be the queen of my home

Riddhima (smiling) – correction !!Our home pati dev

Wese u are looking hot ha!!(pulling his cheeks)

Vansh (making faces) ,- tumhari wish ke chakkar me vansh raisinghania ka mazak bn gya

Everyone was laughing on me..

Riddhima (laughing)- c’mon vansh let people know that you are reserved now

Suddenly riddhima hugs vansh

Vansh (akward) – Sweetheart are you fine

Riddhima – yes vansh !!Now plz let’s go to home..

They left

(Don’t u think vanshu is behaving awkwardly with riddhu guess guess😝)

Scene 2

Vansh and riddhima are standing at VR mansion’s entrance and dadi is doing the arti

Dadi – I am so happy today my all wishes got fulfilled now i can die peacefully

Siya – C’mon dadi abhi to apko vansh bhai ke bcche bhi dekhne hai

Riansh both started blushing

Anupriya : Riddhima come inside

Riddhima kick the rice pot and come inside

Suddenly she feel dizzy and about to fall but vansh holds her

Vansh : Are you fine riddhima

Dadi : I think she needs rest but how will she come inside she is unable to stand properly

Riddhima (smiling) – don’t forget dadi i have my husband on my side

Right vansh  c’mon lift me and take me to our room i am not that much heavy

Everyone left open mouth to see riddhima this much bold

Ishani – I think riddhu got side effects of marrige right bhai😉

Vansh is standing like statue digesting the fact

Riddhima – Vansh are u taking me or should i go myself

Vansh instantly take her in his arms and she rest her head on his chest and he takes her to room

Scene 3

Vansh and riddhima comes to their room and he make her stand

Riddhima (shouting) – You!! Kidnapper where the hell is my vansh

Vansh (flabbergasted) – Pgl kutte ne kaat lia hai kya ye kya bole ja rhi hu

Riddhima (smiling sarcastically) – But you didn’t bite me yet (riddhu rocked vanshu shocked)

Vansh – are u my riddhima or someone else

Riddhima – I should be the one to ask this

Just look at yourself how boring u are you were not like this before u were so romantic and now behaving like old man

Vansh’s PoV

Now i m sure she is not riddhima am i really saint or she is this much wild

Wait let me check is she my sweetheart or not

Pov ends

Vansh (coming close to her and pinned her to the door) – if u feel so then lemme show u how romantic your kutta is

Riddhima ( shy) – what are u doing vansh i was kidding

Vansh (determined) – but i m not

He comes very close to her and stare her lips


Suddenly riddhima pushed him and ran to washroom



Vansh’ PoV

Hashhh!!she is my riddhima only..

Pov ends

Riddhima comes from washroom

Vansh – You take rest i will bring food

Riddhima (holding his hand) – I don’t need food i just want to talk to my baby she must be missing me..

And riddhima talks to anaisha

Scene 4

At night

Riansh’s room

Riddhima is sitting on bed suddenly vansh comes after changing and takes a pillow and duvet and started to going to couch

Riddhima stands up making faces

Riddhima (frown) – What are you doing

Vansh (casually) – I am going to sleep

Riddhima – Where are u going vansh it’s our suhagraat na!!

Vansh just left open mouth (ek din me itne shock 😂)

Vansh’s POv

Am I dreaming or this is my sweetheart only

She is talking abt suhagrat so openly

Pov ends

Vansh – A..me..wo..ab.a

Riddhima – Don’t u think blabbering is not supposed to done by vansh raisinghania

Vansh – No i mean you will feel uncomfortable na that’s why

Riddhima comes close to him and encircle his neck with her hands

Riddhima (smiling) – Vansh i am your wife you are my husband why  Will i feel uncomfortable with u

Vansh pulls her by her waist

Vansh – Riddhima are you really comfortable with me

Riddhima (smiling) – 100%. Vansh and when my husband is this much hot then i think it will be good if i take some advantage

Now plz come and sleep

Vansh pushes her sighlty on bed

Riddhima  (shocked) – Ye kya kr rhe ho

Vansh (smirking) – Suhagrat ki tayari

And he comes close to her lips

They both share eye lock

Suddenly riddhima keeps pillow between them

Riddhima (shy) – So jao chup chap

They both lay on bed and stare each other

Songs play in bg

Tum mere ho rahe…
Ya ho gaye
Ya hai faasla
Puche dil toh kahun main kya bhala
Dil sawaalon se hi na de rula
Hota kya hai aahista aahista
Hona kya hai aahista aahista
Mere hona aahista aahista
Mere hona aahista aahista

(This song is super soothing)

Riddhima – what are u doing vansh lemme sleep na

Vansh – Gawking at my wife any problem

Riddhima – So jao vansh

After some time

Vansh is half asleep and riddhima is tossing on bed

Suddenly riddhima comes close to vansh and hugs him and keep her head on his chest

Vansh open her eyes and left bewildered

I think she did this in sleep wht if she will wake up and think that i did this deliberately no no!! I have to give her time to settle with me

And he jerked her hand

And shift slightly and again closes his eyes

Riddhima opens her eyes and sit on bed angrily

Vansh also wakes up and turn on the light😬

Vansh – wht happened sweetheart

Riddhima (angrily) – Nothing i thought i have right on you but you proved me wrong😣

Now sleep peacefully i won’t disturbed you again😏

And she angrily get up from bed and sleep on The floor without mat

Vansh’s POV

Shit shit!! Such a jerk i am she did that intentionally and i jerked her hand

I m sry sweetheart but i thought you won’t be comfortable

But your this kind of behavior is indigestible

Pov ends

And he sleeps

Scene 5

At morning

Riansh’s room

Riddhima is sleeping on floor and she opens her eyes

And tears started forming in her eyes she left bewildered

Done for today

Ab guess kro what riddhu saw

Precap – Bathroom romance plus bold riddhu

I want 45 + comment guys do this for me pilich

So i am focusing on riansh scene now as u all were missing it in my story since leap I will give ishangre and siyom scenes too

I really wanted to know ur opinion guys what should I do keep the epi go with flow or make it on fast forward track

Do support luv uh all


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