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RIANSH OS -Safe in my Love’s Arm

P.S Not according to the storyline.


“Riddhima, please meet him. He is really a nice person. Look he has everything that me and your father were searching in your groom. And more over he is your father’s business partner think about the heights our business would reach because of your one ‘yes’. Why…”

Her mother was cut off in the between when she heard her daughter say,” Mom not again. I agree it would cause a huge profit to dad if I agree to this alliance but u also need to understand me.  I wanna pursue my dream of becoming a pediatrician. And after marriage all my dreams would be at stake. And plus look at the age gap. He is 34yrs old while I am still 18. Look, he is bigger than me by 15yrs.!!” Exclaimed Riddhima.

Before she could move further, she heard her dad say “Riddhu, some one needs to be mature enough in this alliance which certainly you are not. And don’t worry about your studies. They have clearly stated that they have no problem with u pursuing your dreams and studies even after marriage.”

She huffed and sat on the sofa. How much has she tried to make them understand that he is not a good guy but still they wanna settle her down with him. She had seen him beating a guy black and blue just due to the fact that he had been behaving with her inappropriately. He was right in trashing that guy but it was extremely wrong to take law in your own hand. This instance had already created a negative impact on her regarding him.


As if to listening to his only daughter’s thoughts, Mr. Shah, Riddhima’s dad said,”Look we won’t pressurise you for this marriage. But please just meet him once. Maybe you would change your thoughts regarding him. And still if they remain the very same.” He let out sight and said,”I, myself, would call of this alliance without caring about anything else.”

Hearing all this, Riddhima squealed in happiness and hugged both her parents and agreed to meet him once. Now only one thing had been roaming in her mind, that how ever good he might behave, she will decline this alliance.


“Vansh…yaar listen. Please!!”

Here, in the VR Mansion, Vihaan had been begging his brother to meet a girl.

How would he explain to his so called stupid brother Vansh that he had been persuading this girl since past few months and with great difficulty or to say planning he had been able to bring her father down to agree for his daughter’s marriage with him.

Everything was set. She was ready to meet him. But at the last moment he got the information regarding Vansh’s Mafia dealings and he needed to hack into the systems immediately which would cost him of time around a month with the clearance of their dad’s as well as Vansh’s shady business.

Vihaan knew he was in a fix knowing that it was him only who could  deal with those hacking stuff with any traces. So neither could he  cancel his meet with his lady love or to be honest, his would be wife, nor could he send Vansh to hack down the systems.

And finally after a lot fo thinking he had settled down for the option of sending Vansh to meet her, whereas he would be busy hacking all the systems. Profit of being identical twins you know.

After a lot of persuasion, requests and deals, he had finally agreed.

And with the rise of new dawn, both of them had left for their respective business.


Vansh was least interested to meet the girl. But somewhere in the corner of his heart he felt a bit curious to know the girl. He knew Vihaan is an A-1 flirt. He had never been serious with any girl in his life. And to be said, he had dated a lot of girls before as well who were dead drop gorgeous but, he had taken them only as his fling. To be stated, he himself has dated many model and actresses, but deep down knew that they were with him only for their own profit. But now this girl has been successfull in not gaining Vihaan’s attention but also had ended up arousing Vansh’s curiosity.

He had been waiting for about 10 minutes and had been quite pissed off on knowing that she hadn’t shown up even though the time had passed. Had it been some other person, he wouldn’t have given a damn. But this girl was concerned with his brother’s life. Ans thus thinking so, he ended up waiting for a good half an hour when she had finally shown up.


She had entered into the hotel wearing a white eastern dress paired up with an orange dupatta without make up, making her look like an angel descended from the heaven. He was memorized by her beauty. And for the very first time he felt jealous of his very own brother.


She sat near him and apologized for coming late. Very little he knew she was doing all this purposely so that he would lose his calm but to her dismay, he greeted her brightly and soon got into a one on one conversation. Getting to know each other.

She found him to be really very genuine and kind. And they had  soon became quick friends. Now it was her who couldn’t wait to meet him everyday.

Things between them were going on smoothly. All the impressions regarding him were proved to be wrong during each meet.


Soon this one month time had passed. And instead of Vansh, it was Vihaan meeting her or to be said courting her for another one month when they planned to get settled down.

Their marriage was one of the most highly spoken affair of the town. It was simple private ceremony where they both made vows to each other for life time.


Days had passed or to say months. Their one year anniversary was nearing.

Vihaan and Riddhima were sitting on the love seat of their room, admiring the beautiful moon, the only source of light that enlightened their dark room. While the stars were looking at the two love sick souls with pure fascination wanting the same love for them.


Out the blue, Riddhima spoke, “Vihaan, I really wanna meet ur brother Vansh, once.”

Vihaan had immediately tightened his hold on her by pulling her toward him by her waist and looking at her with raised brows as if to ask her regarding her sudden wish.


Understanding his question, Riddhima explained,

“Look, he wasn’t present at the time when we got married. And the time when I thought I could know him was the time he died in a car accident. I really wished to know what sort of personality he was because I had heard a lot about him from dad….” She abruptly stopped as she felt Vihaan tightening his hold around her waist. Realising what she had spoken in the flow, she immediately started apologizing.

“Sorry Vihu, I shouldn’t have taken that topic out. I am really very sorry.” She said as tears threatened to come out of her eyes any time.

Looking at Riddhima’s state, Vihaan pressed a assuring kiss on her forehead and without saying anything took her on his lap and started rocking with her slowly.

They both prevailed into a long silence, knowing what it meant. Both of them were lost in each other’s warm embrace, finding peace in their love’s arms.


But Vihaan had something else going on in his mind as he looked towards the serene moon illuminating the entire dark sky all alone. He recalled the game he had played to get his love back.




Vansh hadn’t known what was happening to him. He felt a sort of immense attraction towards Riddhima.

The way she spoke, her eyes,her petite figure, her long silky hair flowing up to her waist, fascinated him a lot.

But one more thing which he realised that was it wasn’t any normal attraction, it was a feeling which if he names would bring destruction in their lives.

For deciphering these unknown emotions he decided to maintain some distance from Riddhima. And it seemed that the luck was also playing it’s game since Vihaan’s work was done.

For the next one month was spent by him in London under the pretext of work but only he truly knew the sole purpose.

He was finally able to name those feelings after a lot of quarrel and fight between his heart and mind.

It was the very same eve that Vihaan had called him to tell him about his marriage with Riddhima.

Taking the very first flight to India, he came back. On coming he did something which no one could think of.

He kidnapped Vihaan and married Riddhima in his place.

The next day, after their marriage, Vansh went into the basement of their house only to find a tied Vihaan screaming like a maniac and shaking the chair vigorously to break all the ties.

When he saw Vansh, he growled with pure anger,” What the fck Vansh!! How could you do this to me??”

Looking at his disheveled state, Vansh felt a bit bad but maintaining his composure he told.

“Because Vihaan we both love the same girl, Riddhima. I can’t share her with anyone neither let her be of anyone else. So brother, Everything is fair in love and war. ”

Shock would be an understatement, Vihaan was gobsmacked looking at his brother’s madness. With pure disgust he said,

“This isn’t Love!!”

Vansh looked at Vihaan with red eyes. Still he continued,

“Yeh pyaar nahi hai.

This is pure obsession. You are obsessed with her and nothing else.

She isn’t your love. Instead, she is your zid. Ek aisi zid jisse tum sirf aur sirf cheena chahate the.”

He looked at Vansh, to find a look which could not be deciphered and this scared him a lot.

Grabbing the nearby chair, Vansh sat in front of Vihaan and said,

“Tumne sahi kaha Vihaan, par ek baat galat kehe di. I love her… obsessively.

She is a drug that I am addicted to.

The only medicine which can control my madness.

Woh meri zid hai , junoon hai , deewanapan hai. Woh meri Hasrat hai.

Usse maine puri duniya se churaiya hai sirf aur sirf apna banane ke liye.

Agar koi hamare beech mein aya toh woh is duniya seh uth jayega. Hamesha, hamesha ke liye.”

Saying so he left, not wanting to stay there any more. But while leaving he knew one more thing, that he desires her like anything.


The next month was spent by Vansh in persuading Vihaan to move on in his life and settle down in London.

In this one month, Vihaan’s beard had grown out making him look like Vansh.

Finally giving up, Vihaan agreed and decided to move to London.

While driving to airport, the only thing he could think of was to gather evidences against Vansh regarding his sinister plan.

As Vihaan was chalking a plan out, he noticed that the brakes of the car weren’t working. And before he could do anything he lost all his control and dashed into the nearby tree.

Flashback Ends.


Vansh looked down to find Riddhima peacefully sleeping in his arms.

Pecking her forehead, he picks her up and softly lays her down on the the bed.

Looking at her sleeping face, looking more beautiful, serene and peaceful, he remembers the words which compelled him to play this dangerous game.


Hasrat aisi jo cheena jaane

Hasrat aisi to maarna jaane

Harat aisi to rulana jaana

Hasrat aisi jo hadh par karna jaane..



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