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#Riansh OS cute and Happy moments.


So this is a very short and quick OS…

Requested by Diya.

Some cute and Happy moments in Riansh life…

It was a normal morning..

But for Riansh it was something different…

Riddhima wakes up and went to the bathroom to freshen up..

And as soon Vansh saw her going to the bathroom..

He got up from bed and called someone..

Scene changes…

A cute 6-year girl was seen talking to 🌞 Sun..

Girl:- Good morning!!

How are you.?

Got a scolding from your Mumma?

Yesterday I received..and I complain to moon uncle but you are also my best friend so..

You know I was playing with papa but mom she was jealous of me and she scolded me and asked me to sleep..

When she feels a tap on her shoulder..

Riddhima:- Done?? Complaining?

Girl:- yes..

Riddhima:- sorry!!! But if you will sleep late you will get up late in the morning and you will miss your talk with your sun bestie..

Abhi bhi gussa ho??

Girl:- yes…

Riddhu:- so what to do to make my Rihu up??

Rihu:- mumma meethi baat..

Riddhima:- my sweet Rihu.. always ready to eat sweet…

Rihu:- yes you know na I love sweets..and Sweetheart like you..

Vansh:-My two sweethearts talking about sweets without me?

Rihu:-yes!! any problem..and yes I don’t want my pops to suffer from diabetes..

Riddhima:-Okay so meethi baat cancel…

rihu and vansh:-No way!!

Riddhima:-So go and get ready both of you if you want to eat meethi baat..

Vansh and rihu:_okay mumma!!

Ridddhima was going towards the kitchen..

but someone pulled her..

she directly collided with a hard thing..


Riddhima:-What is this Vansh what are you doing..??

leave me..go and get ready fast…

vansh:-I will not leave you..


Vansh:-Riddhima!! come with me..

he closed her eyes with his palm and take her to their room..

Riddhima:-Vansh leave me I am getting late…

Vansh:-Don’t you have 5 minutes for your poor husband..

riddhima:-No! now leave me..

vansh:-Okay but don’t regret

Riddhim:-Yes I will not..

He opened her eyes..

and she was shocked..

Riddhima:-You have done this??

Vansh:-No one of our neighbors came and did all this..

Riddhima:-Tell me the name of that neighbor I will personally thank him..

awww, my cute hubby..

Thank you so much..

you have decorated the room so beautifully I loved it…

But what is today..Wait our anniversary? No..

Vansh what is today..

Vansh:-I am not talking with you..You only said na leave me so…


she hugs him..

riddhima:-Sorry..you said it right I am regretting it…

Vansh:-Okay you forgot we met first time today 8 years ago?

Riddhima:-shitt how can I forget?

I am really sorry Vansh..

Vansh:-You can repent..


he pulled her closer..

Vansh:-wait let me show you..

Riddhima:-What are you doing?

Vansh:-Answering your question..

When Rihu came..

rihu:-Mumma I am ready..

Vansh:-Poor me…(murmurs..)

Riddhima:-Yes Rihu I am also ready..just a minute..

Rihu:-Popsy why is the room so decorated anything special?

Vansh:-Yes Very special today I met your Mumma first time..



Rihu:-How tell me na??


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