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Qurbaan Hua 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat refuses to believe that Neel can harm Dua

Qurbaan Hua 29th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ghazala questions how she can believe he has brought Dua asking why he is showering so much love on her because the truth is that he really hates her and might have done something to her, she demands that he speak the truth otherwise she would call the police, he runs inside the resort saying he would not provide any justification, he is running trying to search for Dua.

Chahat is sleeping when she gets a call from Ghazala so waking up wonders where have Dua and Neel gone and why is Ghazala calling her, she answers the call where Misses Baig asks if she has learned the lesson of living with the non-Muslims because Dua has suffered their hatred because now Neel has killed her so she is no longer alive, Chahat doesnot believe her, Shlok even wakes up so Chahat asks him to come with her.

Ghazala exclaims she would make sure Neel is send to jail for his crimes, Neel comes questioning how the door would open however she refuses to cooperate, he breaks the lock to enter the house while screaming the name of Dua, Ghazala demands he speak the truth of what he has done to Dua, Neel questions how she can even think as Dua is his own blood and he would do everything to find her.

Dua is with Sahil, she exclaims that her ice cream is even more delicious then his, she asks if they should leave because her father would be waiting for her, she calls him uncle, he acts as if he is really hurt so says that she would now forgive him as she has got her entire family, Dua coming to her says that she will never forget him, Sahil explains he has another way in which no one would be able to separate them, he asks her to not tell anyone that they had come to eat the ice cream, Dua accepts that she would accept, eh makes her promise to not say anything and agree to anything he says.

Ghazala has called the police and is demanding they arrest Neel because he has harmed Dua, Neel tries to explain he has not done anything wrong, Chahat also comes with Shlok asking the police why are they believing anything which Misses Baig is saying as she has the habit of making a fuss of everything, Sahil comes with Dua explaining she is with him, he found her on the side of the road crying, he turning to Chahat asks what is she trying to do as her children would not be secure with Neel, Chahat turning to Sahil slaps him asking if he is trying to say that Neel tried to harm her then what is it on the clothes as Dua was eating the ice cream, she asks Dua to speak the truth as she is with her and nothing can happen to her, Dua explains that she came with Neel Abu to give Abdul Teddy to Sahil because he could not sleep, Chahat blames Sahil explaining that he is not worthy to be even called a father because of his actions, she assures he would not be able to break her relation any more, she pulls the hand of Neel walking out of the house.

Chahat asks Neel what was he thinking because he is an adult so should be more careful, Neel accepts he doesnot know how to take care of the Dua and it is because of her actions because had she not kept him away from his daughter for so long he would not have made such a mistake, Chahat explains it is really easy to put the blame on others but was he able to be a good father to Shlok since when the ice cream vendor asked him about the favourite ice cream flavor of Shlok, he had no idea, Neel insists it is the fault of Chahat, she agrees they would not talk about this matter from now on.

Some time later, Neel is sneezing in his room, Chahat comes with the tub filled with warm water questioning why does he not listen to anything that she tries to explain because had he worn the shawl, he would not have caught the cold, he in his anger even ate three ice creams which caused the cold, she forces him to take the steam, Shlok comes saying if Neel is playing hide and sneak, Dua also throws the cloth over Chahat, they both are together in the Shawl.

In the morning Chahat brings the breakfast for the children asking them to wake up, Shlok immediately wakes, he greets Chahat in the Hindu manner after which she sends him to freshen up, Dua is not waking up however Chahat insists that she wake, Neel questions why is she not letting the child sleep, Chahat reveals she would not spoil her children as they should wake up, Neel however asks her to sleep, Dua sits up asking what should she do as she is getting confused, Neel signals Chahat to come with him, he asks why is she acting like a Hitler, they both start arguing which even worries Dua and Shlok who exclaim that even the god would irritated of their fighting. Chahat says she would ask Shlok who is the real Hitler but when they are about to ask.

Alka calls Neel, they immediately stop she responds she has brought the contact number of the principal, Neel remembers they have to get Shlok’s admission into nursery from pre nursery, he says that he was thinking of also admitting Dua into the same school as then they both would be able to study together, Dua along with Shlok get really excited after hearing they would be able to study in the same school, they plan to ask Naveli bua to make a new uniform for her, they then run away, Neel in forms Chahat they would have to for the interview. Alka coming to Chahat says that the lawyer gave her six months but now she is getting Dua admitted into the same school so she doesnot think that Chahat has any plan to leave, so Chahat explains she will try to best to survive the relationship, Alka leaves while Godambari standing at the doorway wonders why she cannot say anything to Chahat.

Alka is crying in the hall, Godambari comes to her ordering she starts wearing the new clothes, Naveli questions why is she handing Alka these clothes, Godambari says it is because she has accepted defeat and if she had to lay down her arms then why did she raise Shlok for the past seven years, and served the family Naveli requests Godambari to not create any more problems in their relationship after they have finally decided to give it a second chance. Godambari asks why she is taking their side; she vows to not let Chahat destroy the life of Alka.

Dua and Shlok reveal their new dresses, Chahat praises them at which Dua explains eh would surely answer all of the questions, Neel also comes asking why did she not thank her father who was the one to talk with the Principal, she immediately comes thanking him so he even blesses her, Neel asks Chahat to get ready as they have to meet the Principal, she agrees to get ready, he asks Bopho to take the children because he has to get the photocopy of some of documents, Neel immediately leaves with the children, Neel turning to Chahat says he has to take some documents so would meet with her after she gets ready.

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