Pakhi hugs Prachi and Aryan.

“Pakhi di, you won’t believe that Aryan just said that Shahana is beautiful!” Prachi informed.

“What happened now Aryan? Didn’t you say you weren’t interested in Shahana?” Pakhi teased.

“Prachi, Shahana was searching for you.” Pragya interrupted their conversation.

Prachi leaves to search for Shahana and just then Ranbir enters.

Prachi leaves to search for Shahana and just then Ranbir enters
“Yaar, so are soooooo late.” Aryan complained.

“Sorry dude.”

“Now who was doing make up? And what yaar, all of you are wearing black, you should have informed me.” Pakhi pouted.

“Now, if destiny doesn’t want you to be alike us, what can we do?” Ranbir laughed. “By the way do you really like Shahana?”

“Stop it guys! She is only Prachi’s bestfriend.” Aryan protested.

“What if we prove otherwise?” Ranbir challenged.

“Then you can beat me with your slippers.” Aryan said.

“Ok. Done. Get ready to get a beating from me.” Ranbir smirked.

“Time will tell that.”

“Aryan, click a picture of me and Shahana.” Prachi came and thrust a camera in Aryan’s hand.

He clicked their picture.

“Now that three of us are here, click a picture of us too.” Aryan said handing the camera to Prachi.

Prachi looked at Ranbir and got surprised.

“You!” she exclaimed.

“Why are you getting shocked? He is Ranbir, he used to study in the same school with us.” Aryan said.

“Oh yeah! Now I understand why he looked familiar that day. He saved me from some boys who were teasing me and when I wanted to thank him, he had vanished. What if he informs Aryan about the incident? No, no that can’t happen……Aryan will get overprotective and follow me everywhere.” Prachi thought.

“I have met her. That day……”

“That day the tires of my car had got punctured and Ranbir had helped me. I couldn’t say thanks to you that time. Thank you Ranbir.” Prachi lied quickly.

“Welcome.” Ranbir was confused. “Why did she lie? I had saved her from some bad guys and mom called me at that moment, so I went aside. When I came back, she was gone. I have to ask her about it later.” he thought.

Someone came from back and closed Shahana’s eyes. She touched his hands and her face lit up with a smile.

“Rahul!” she smiled, turned and hugged him.

“Didn’t you say that you won’t be able to attend the party?” Prachi asked.

“There is something called as surprise, princess. If I had told you about my arrival earlier, would I have got to see the precious smiles of my princesses?” he explained. “Now leave me princess, I have to greet my other princess too.” he said to Shahana.

Rahul hugged Prachi too and then went to Ranbir and Aryan.

“What’s up bro? How are you?” he asked.

“We are first class.” they informed.

“At least, someone has worn the same colour dress as mine.” Pakhi said.

“What a bad luck I have! If I had known you would be wearing red, I would have never worn it. After all, who wants to twin with a witch.” he laughed.

“Even I don’t have the wish of twinning with a dumbo but at least you are twinning with these four.” she replied.

“Now don’t start fighting here too guys.” the others stopped them.

Other side in the party.

“I’m feeling worried. Till now everything was fine but now Prachi will go to college. What if the kids come to know about everything.” Pragya was tensed.

“Nothing will happen as such. They don’t know it till now nor will they know it later. It’s time for them to enjoy their life. We will ensure that they are happy.” Abhi consoled her.

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