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#Love from the heaven.. #Epilogue

After 2-3 months of their wedding..

In xyz school : 

Riddhima : Today a new principal has to come..Where is Vansh? 

She rings Vansh. 

Vansh : Hi sweetheart..

Riddhima : Hi-vi chodo, why didn’t you come?

Vansh : I’m sick..I’ve a headache, so I won’t come..

Riddhima : Shall I come back?

Vansh : Nah ,it’s okay…

Riddhima : Are you sure?

Vansh : Yeah..

Riddhima : Take care..

They hang up. The new principal arrives. Riddhima doesn’t see him as she is at the back. He walks inside and finds a red ribbon. He turns his face to all. 

Riddhima : Vansh! 

She gets puzzled. Vansh calls her name,”Riddhima” She goes to him. He keeps his hand on her shoulder, leaving everyone stunned. 

Vansh : Don’t get confused, she is Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania

Everybody clapped at his statement. He held her hand and they both cut the ribbon and enter inside. 

After a couple of hours, 

Principal/Vansh’s cabin : 

“Knock! Knock!” 

Vansh : Come in! 

Riddhima enters inside. 

Vansh : Yes?

Riddhima : File sir..

Vansh : Sir? Com’on..

Riddhima : We’re in school..

She keeps the file on the table’s corner. 

Vansh : Keep it here, near me..

He points and she comes near him, keeping the file. He pulls her and makes her sit on his lap. 

Riddhima : Excuse me Mr. You don’t know me..

Vansh : Accha?

Riddhima : Ji..

Vansh : Then, tell who are you?

Riddhima : I’m Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania, if my husband gets to know naa, you’re misbehaving with me, he’ll kill you! 

Vansh : Ooh, I see..

Riddhima : And he has trained me too..

Vansh : What?

Riddhima : Judo

Vansh : Oo..and?

Riddhima : Karate

Vansh : Woah! Oh my god! Lizard…

He points towards the floor and Riddhima hugs him in fear while he laughs. She hits on his chest. 

Vansh : Bdi aayi Judo, Karate..huh!

Riddhima turns her face. He kisses her cheek. 

“Knock! Knock” 

They both part off. A child comes in. 

Child : Ma’am, come naa..

She holds her hand. 

Riddhima : Yeah, let’s go..

They both go, Riddhima winks at Vansh. 

After 5 years, 

Riddhima and Vansh were blessed with a baby girl “Vanya” and then a baby boy “Riddvik”. Ishani and Angre moved to Angre’s house after their wedding. Aryan married Sejal by Riddhima’s wish and they went for a honeymoon trip. 

Vansh is sitting on the sofa, doing some work on his laptop, Riddhima beside him. She makes a sad face.

Vansh : What happened sweetheart?

Riddhima : Vansh..I get bored..Vanya has gone to school and Riddvik is sleeping. 

Vansh : Oo..I was thinking..

Riddhima : What? 

Vansh : Why not have one more child?

Riddhima : Why?

She narrows her eyes. 

Vansh : You told naa, you got bored..

Riddhima : Waah! Now, I got bored, so we should do a child..Woah! 

Vansh : Thank you!

Riddhima : Shut up! Idiot Rai Singhania..

Vansh : Okay, Mrs. Idiot Rai Singhania..

Riddhima :  Vansh..

Vansh pecks on her forehead. Vanya comes home. 

Vanya : Mummaaaaaaa

Riddhima : Choti Vansh..Ha?

Vanya : Wake up Riddvik, I won’t leave him..

Riddhima : Why?

Vanya : He scratched on my notebook.

Riddhima giggles. 

Vanya : Mummy..

Riddvik wakes up and starts crying. Riddhima goes and makes him quiet. Vanya hugs Vansh and says,”Papa!!!” Riddhima and Riddvik also hugs Vansh and Vanya. 

And their family gets completed!!!!

I Hope you liked the story…

@Snowflake Yes, I told you that, I’ll not end this ff before 120 episodes, but I had to..Sorry to hurt your feelings! 

I’m sorry to you all..Thank you for giving loads of love to this ff..It really means a lot! Thanks again..

Rest ffs will be update soon..

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