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Laal Ishq5..Red love..VaNi,AvNeil RiKara,AdiYa SS Introduction

Laal Ishq5..Red love..Introduction


Many of my readers requested for the new season of Laal Ishq.So finally I am here with the new season of Laal Ishq…the season5.It will not be the continuation of season3.So new readers can join this season without reading the previous seasons.

The peculiarity of Laal Ishq series is one actor will be different in most of the pairs.

I dedicate SS this to my dearest friend Shesha who wanted me to add the story of ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’ on any couple in Laal ishq5.I have not seen the movie,so the story is my imagination.

The credit for the banner goes to Serpensortia.

The main couples are …






The supporting pairs…














Vyom Kavya




Prem-Stella track is my attempt to give a happy ending to Harshad Erica’s music video ‘Juda kar diya’.In EBSS,YaBir love story was incomplete.Here I am trying to complete their incomplete love story.PraYansh track is slightly inspired from the show Pavitra Bhagya though the story is not exactly the same.

The main focus will be on the main couples.But if any of you wants cute scenes on the supporting couples please let me know.I will add some cute and sweet scenes on them.

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