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Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 2

Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 2

So I am here with the second chapter of the Intertwined love, I really hope you like this chapter and let me know about your views in the comments section. I hope you won’t get bored while reading it.  Thanks for the immense support you all have shown.

Chapter 2

The car came to a halt and both Vansh and Riddhima were lost in each other’s eyes. Vansh broke the eye lock and stepped outside the car, approaching Riddhima. While Riddhima stood up and straightened her jacket and adjusted her clothes. A few men came with their cars as if following and searching for someone. Riddhima’s attention had shifter to the cars where she saw Kabir in one of them. They were Kabir’s men who had come to find Riddhima.

Riddhima without wasting any much time, she held Vansh’s hand who was approaching him and ran with him to his car. She pushed him in the co-driver’s seat while took the wheel and started the car. She drove off the car as fast as she could leaving Vansh astounded. It all happened in a nick of a time that it was difficult for him to digest everything that was happening. He was continuously staring at Riddhima, and she noticed that. She brought him out of his shock by applying the brakes harshly.

Riddhima: What’s wrong with you Mr.!

Vansh: Excuse me, I’m the one who’s supposed to ask you that!

Riddhima: You’re the one who’s staring at me as if you’ve seen a ghost! Are you scared of me?

Vansh: Nahh! Don’t think I’m scared of you, it’s just that all of this happened so soon, I’m lost.

Riddhima: Mr lost…. (someone shoots at their car and the look behind in shock) Fasten your seatbelts!! You’re in a roller coaster now!

Saying so she rushed the car at the fullest speed across the streets of Belgrade, destroying everything that hindered her way. Vansh fastened his seatbelt and held on to the seat tightly, warning her to take care of the people and items that came along the way. She kept on driving as fast as she could however Kabir’s goons were no less, they caught up with their car in sometime. The kept on shooting at their car and Vansh taking no time unlocked his gun kit and took out his sniper and shot their car. Riddhima was surprised that he had guns with him and he shot at perfect aims.

As soon as he was done, Riddhima came at normal speed.

Riddhima: So Mr lost, you’re a shooter?

Vansh: (nodded) Focus on driving!

Riddhima: do you doubt my driving skills?

Vansh: Ms overconfident, anything can happen so I would rather you focus on the road.

Riddhima: (making a face) So where are we going?

Vansh: You took the car so I think you should know that too!

Riddhima: You know what, your name shouldn’t be Mr lost but it should be Mr Rude

Vansh: And you Ms chatterbox! Just take the left from here and then a right. We’ll leave this car there and walk to my hotel.

Riddhima: Okay, sounds good! (cool)

They reached the place where Vansh had directed her to. She parked the car and they both stepped out with their respective bags and items. They walked down the streets, side by side with Riddhima talking non-stop and asking her questions.

Riddhima: So we’re still unknowns. Myself Riddhima Malhotra (smiling and walking)

Vansh: I’m Vansh Rai Singhania…(cut by her)

Riddhima: Oh that guy who wins all the shooting tournaments!!

Vansh: (in his breathes) That guy (sighs) Right that guy.

Riddhima: (laughing) So don’t you want to know why those hooligans are behind me?

Vansh: I wasn’t much interested, maybe you’ve done something. (eyeing her from head to toe) You can do quite a lot as far as I’ve known you.

Riddhima: (mouth wide open) So you think I’m responsible for everything! (he nods) Well you’re right I am. Okay so in short I ran away from my wedding and those were

Vansh: Your grooms (cutting her)

Riddhima: stupid! Not all of them, just that funny muscular protein shake guy.

Vansh: What a name he has! Anyway what are you going to do now?

Riddhima: Finally you got to the point, you kept talking!

Vansh: I kept talking (repeating) Okay so you continue with your point then

Riddhima: Okay so my best friend, Sejal will be coming to the airport with my other luggage and I will fly off to India.

Vansh: Till then? How will you reach the airport?

Riddhima: Till then my journey continues with you!

Vansh: What! (looking at her while she nodded) Fine just come with me to my hotel and we’ll see what we can do next. I’ll book a room for you.

Riddhima: Thanks! (in her mind) He’s not that bad as he seems to be.

They walked till his hotel arrived. It was a grand one and it seems really busy. He entered in first then she followed. Luckily there was no one who recognized him instantly. He went to the reception and asked for his key and another room, however there was no available. He returned back to Riddhima who was waiting near the lift and told her everything. He asked her to accompany him to his room and spend a night at least in there.

He got his access to his room and brought Riddhima inside. It was a presidential suite, all spacious and posh. Without him saying anything she made her way to the room and threw herself on the bed. Vansh was stunned seeing her do that, it was his room, he hated if anyone took his things. He stared at her cute face, when she was lying on the bed with a cute pout as if she hadn’t slept for at least a fortnight. She opened her eyes and saw him staring at her.

Riddhima: What! Why are you staring at me Mr Rude?

Vansh: (breaking his trance) That’s my room.

Riddhima: So, I don’t think it’s going to be an offense if I took it right! (smiling) Ok fine don’t get angry and don’t take your gun out to shoot me. I’m going in the living room!

Vansh: No it’s fine, I’ll adjust myself in the living room. (left)

Vansh went back to the living room while Riddhima decided to freshen up. After some time she arrived to the living room and found Vansh working on his laptop. She sat beside him on the sofa, trying to seek his attention however his eyes were just stuck on the laptop screen and he’s fingers dancing on the keyboard. Her stomach grumbled in hunger and she chuckled while Vansh showed no expression. She wondered if he actually was a human being or a stone! She went to the kitchen and got herself a packet of chips and started munching near Vansh. She continued and got no response. She took a glass and started creating some tunes with it but it had no effect on Vansh. Annoyed, Riddhima shouted his name out loud.

Riddhima: Vansh!! (shouting)

Vansh: (startled) What!! I’m here only, not anywhere else! (in his mind) Wait she called me by my name (smiled)

Riddhima: I’m trying to talk and gain your attention here all this time while you’re just there, glued with no expression! (saw him smiling) (to herself) This guys is definitely mad, a few seconds ago he was expressionless and now he’s smiling!

Vansh: Leave that, what do you want to say?

Riddhima: (sitting beside him) Are you going to stay here or? Like you must be leaving for India right?

Vansh: Right, I’ll be leaving tomorrow for the airport.

Riddhima: Yess!! So I can come along with you to the airport!! You’re going to Mumbai?

Vansh: Yea and you? (in his mind) I hope we aren’t in the same flight! No but she’s not as bad (confused)

Riddhima: Ohh okay, no I am going to Delhi! For now I’m going in the room

Riddhima left Vansh in the living room; confused about his feelings. He continued with his work for some time and then thought to retire for bed. When he was about to go to bed he thought of checking on Riddhima, he hadn’t heard her for some time. As if her voice was soothing his ears, her meaningless talks were lyrics of music for him. But then he wondered what had happened to him, he was annoyed with her talks yet he wanted her to speak.

He brushed off the thoughts and just decided to check on her. He went closer to the room and peeped inside to see her engrossed in writing pages of a notebook. He saw her talking to herself and giggled at the thought of her being mad. He was quite curious to know why she was so busy in writing, he had never imagined a girl like her to be that serious. He left her the way she was and went for a sleep on the sofa.

Later after a few hours, Vansh woke up for some water when he heard some movements and hustling outside their room. He ran to check the eyehole to see who it was and as he had expected, it was Kabir’s men. They had found them. Vansh in hurry went to Riddhima; who was sleeping with the book in her hands. He packed everything of his and hers together and woke her up from her sleep. He managed to do so but she wasn’t In her complete senses so he carried her. Hearing the loud noises from the door, he decided not to escape but just hide. He left everything there and with Riddhima; half asleep went outside in the balcony. He was carrying her in his strong and muscular arms, as if protecting a small baby. From the window he saw the goons breaking in and having no other option, he jumped along with Riddhima on the railing of the building.

He was leaning on the walls of the outside hotel with Riddhima who had woken up due to the jolt of the jump. She was completely confused as to why she was in his arms.

Riddhima: What the hell are you doing Mr Rude? Why are you carrying me (loud)

Vansh: (covering her mouth) Shut up will you?

Riddhima: (Removing his hands) Put me down!

Vansh: (smirking) Do i? Don’t you want to check where exactly we are before I put you down!

Riddhima: (checking) There’s nothing down there! It’s the road! Wait, what! We are on the railing! Why? There’s not even space for both of us to walk! Do you want me to die? This is the 30 th floor! (nervous)

Vansh: Ms Chatterbox, shut up! Just chill, we’ll figure some way out! And I didn’t do it on purpose, am I mad to come here with you and enjoy!

Riddhima: (murmuring) You can be!

Vansh: What! Anyway it’s not me, it’s your fiancé and his men. They found you!

Riddhima: Us you mean! (made a face) How will we get out of here?

Vansh: Let them go from here and then we can go back to the room. You trust me? (hopeful)

Riddhima: Yes (nodded and he looked on, having a small eye lock)

Vansh: (breaking the eye lock) seems like this place is your favorite! (gesturing his arms)

Riddhima: (blushed) Put me down! (realizing) No no I mean put me on the side!

Vansh carefully made her stand and share the railing. They were in a posture as if hugging each other. He held her waist tightly while she gasped. She signaled with her eyes for him to move her to his side. He did that and she balanced herself on the railing making sure not to fall. She stood against the wall with her hands engulfed in his, holding each other tightly. While Vansh assuring she was balanced signed her to keep quiet.

Precap: Airport trouble

So this was the second chapter and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do tell me on how you feel about it in the comments section, and please support by commenting.


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