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Heart Exchange JaBir FS Part 1

Heart Exchange Part 1

A grand party….

A couple is seen dancing.

 Kyun Hai Daraare Darmaiyaan…(EBSS).

The girl’s eyes were on the boy.The boy looked at her.While dancing with her he felt guilty.

They are none other than Kabir and Kavya.They just got engaged at the party and started dancing.

It is an arranged alliance fixed by Kavya’s parents and Kabir’s parents PK and Suman.
After a few days….
Kabir removed his ring and handed over it to Kavya.
Kabir:I am sorry Kavya.I can’t marry you.
Kavya was shocked:But why Kabir?
Kabir:I never thought to marry you.It’s my dad who forced me to accept you.But I realized that I can’t betray you anymore.So I revealed it.Please try to understand.
Kavya burst into tears.
Kabir felt sad for her:I know that i hurt you.
But I am not a committed person.I am marriage phobic.I can’t marry anyone.You deserve a person who can committed to you with pure love.
Kabir walked away.Kavya threw away the ring which Kabir made her wear on the engagement day.
Knowing about this PK slapped Kabir.
PK:Why did you call off your engagement?
Kabir:Simple.I don’t believe in marriage.I can’t marry anyone even if I fall in love.
PK:Then are you going to an ashram?
Kabir:I am not planning to be saint.I just said I cannot marry anyone.But I will look forward to fall in love..true love.

PK:I understand that you don’t love Kavya,so you can’t marry her.If you fall in love tell me.I will get you married to the girl you love.

Kabir:Dad…I told you.I cannot marry even if I fall in love.
PK:What rubbish!Why can’t you get married if you fall in love?
Kabir:Because I don’t believe in marriage.Because I have grown up watching the horrible married life of you and Mom.You both were always fighting.There was no peace of mind.
PK and Suman felt embarrassed.
Kabir:I can’t recreate the same atmosphere by getting married.I will not do the blunder of getting married.
PK-Suman were silent.
Kabir got a job in Mumbai and shifted there.He joined his office.
In the office he bumped into a girl.
Kabir:Oh..I am sorry.
The girl:It’s ok.Are you new to this office?
Kabir:Yes.I am Kabir Mittal.
She:Hi..I am Pooja Sharma.
They shook hands.
There started the friendship of Kabir and Pooja.
Pooja introduced Kabir to their colleagues Soumya and Rani who are Pooja’s close friends.
Lunch interval…

Pooja:Kabir…would you like to join me for lunch?I am getting bored as Soumya and Rani are busy.

Kabir:Why not?Even I am bored.

I also need a company.

They smiled.
They started having food together.
Pooja:Where do you stay?
Kabir:I stay in a lodge actually.Are you staying with your parents?
Pooja:No.I stay in a hostel with Soumya and Rani.
They kept chatting.
Days passed…
Pooja was walking with her files.But she slipped and was about to fall down.Suddenly she realized that she has fallen in Kabir’s arms.She looked at him.
They shared a deep eye lock unknowingly.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa…(EBSS).

He released her.
Pooja:Thank you Kabir.
Kabir:It’s ok.
Pooja walked away.Kabir kept looking at her with a smile.
Their boss announced that since their project became very successful they are going to celebrate it.For that they have to organize a party.All were excited.
Pooja was glowing in the white gown.Kabir could not take his eyes off her.
Pooja was blushing.
Kabir:You look gorgeous like a fairy.I think your name should have been Pari.
She blushed.
She thought:Why I feel so happy to get compliments from Kabir?
Pooja looked at him deeply:To be frank I have never seen a handsome boy like you.
Kabir blushed:Really?

Pooja nodded blushing:Yes.

Kabir smiled.He took his phone camera.
Kabir:Shall we?
They both posed for photographs.
After some days….
Rani and Pooja went for shopping.
Rani:Say Pooja.For whom did you buy the shirt?
Pooja:You will know it soon.
Outside the mall they were surprised to see Kabir.
Pooja:Ya…did some shopping.
Kabir:Good.I came here to buy a new shirt.
Pooja:I guess that has been already bought.
Pooja took the shirt and showed it to him:I bought this shirt for you.
Kabir and Rani were surprised.
Kabir took it from her.
Kabir:For me?
Pooja:Yes..for you.After all you are my friend.
Kabir looked at her deeply and smiled.
Pooja:Tell me did you like it or not?
Kabir:I loved it.I think I don’t need to buy a new shirt.
Pooja smiled.
Pooja:Can you come to Green leaves restaurant in the evening?Join us for dinner.
Kabir:Sure.Why not?
Pooja:Ok then see you there.Bye.
They parted their ways.
Rani:Pooja…you bought shirt for Kabir.You love him?
Pooja blushed:I am attracted towards him.I admit.But I gifted him this shirt for a purpose.
Rani:What purpose?
Pooja said that in her ears.
Kabir came to the restaurant and was surprised to see a cake on the table.Pooja,Rani and Soumya were singing:Happy birthday Kabir…
Kabir:Oh..so that shirt was a birthday gift.
Kabir:But how did you know that today is my birthday?
Pooja:One day you yourself had told me that.So I thought to arrange a small surprise treat for you.
Kabir:It is grand.
Pooja lit the candle on the cake.
Kabir cut the cake

and celebrated his birthday with them.

Kabir:Thank you very much Pooja for making my birthday special.
Pooja smiled.They shared a sweet eye lock.
Days passed by….
Pooja went to the office washroom and shockingly she found their colleague Namik there.
Pooja:Why are you in the ladies washroom?
He smirked moving closer to her:For you baby…

Pooja was about to slap him.But he held her hand.

He moved towards her lustfully.Suddenly somebody hit him.

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