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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 90

The episode starts with Vansh being shocked and shattered seeing Riddhima in this cortical state.

Vansh to himself: What is happening?!!!! Why Riddhima isn’t able to take her breathes normally?!!!! No, nothing could happen to my Riddhima. She will be fine whatever are the circumstances.
He didn’t has controlled himself when he has rushed to her room without concentrating on the shouts and forbids of the people around him.
He wasn’t concentrating on anything other than rescuing his Riddhima and saving her.
He was just concentrating on how he could make her be fine without caring about anyone or anything around him.
He has ran quickly to Riddhima who was laying on bed and being in another world suffering from the low of her heart beats and the unstable breathes of hers.

He wasn’t able to see her in that state.
He wasn’t able to see her suffering that much.
He was broken so much from inside.
He has rushed to her.
Then he has hugged her to calm himself down.

Vansh( looking at unconscious Riddhima): You have to get up Riddhima. You can’t leave me. Please get up sweetheart. I can’t live a second without you Riddhima. You are a very strong girl who can’t lose against anything even against death. You have to fight so much and come back to your Vansh. Riddhima, please get up. I will die if anything has happened to you. Please be fine. Please. I’m broken while seeing you in this state. Please get up. Please Riddhima. I’m begging you. The great Vansh Rai Singhania who has never begged anyone in the whole world is begging you now Riddhima. Please Riddhima get up. Please.
Vansh didn’t has felt on himself when he had started crying.

He wasn’t able to control his shatter and pain.
He was being very very terrified to lose Riddhima.
At that moment, the doctors and nurses have gotten him out.
One of the doctors: What you are doing Mr. Vansh?! You can’t interfere while we are curing the patient. Please keep being out so we could do our duty.
Vansh has gotten angry on the doctor.

Then he starts shouting on the doctor in a paining tone.
Vansh( shouting in so much pain): Interfere?! Really?! The one that is being in that room is my wife and she is suffering there and no one is doing anything to her and you are here telling me that I’m interfering?! I will not stay quite while seeing her in this state. I will not leave from here until she could be fine. You are responsible in front of me about the state of my wife’s heath condition. She has to be get out of this critical state no matter what otherwise the consequences will be so high and you will not be able to bear it.
Vansh was being very broken along with being angry.

There was so much hurt and pain inside him.
His fear to lose Riddhima could make him do anything just to make her be with him and be fine.
The doctor was understanding Vansh’s state.
So he was just calling him down.
The doctor: Please Mr. Vansh calm down. Your anger will not less the problem. Your anger will not make your wife be fine. You have to be strong and pray for her as this is the only thing that could make her get out from this critical state. Trust me Mr. Vansh, we are doing our best to save your wife. We will do anything and everything that could save her. Just try to relax and leave us do our job.
The doctor didn’t got able to say any other word as the other doctors and the nurses that were with Riddhima have called him because her state got more and more critical.
Vansh was looking at Riddhima from outside the room while he was teary and very emotional.

Vansh to himself: You will never leave me Riddhima. I’m sure of that. My wife Riddhima will never leave me. You know how I’m useless without you Riddhima so you will not leave me. Please God return her back to me. Please God don’t make my heart pain more of being afraid about her. She is the one who give me strength I really can’t live without her. Please God protect her for me.
He was starting remembering some of their memories.

Their smiles, talks, laughs, and jokes.
He was remembering their closeness.

Their hugs.

Their love.
Their enjoyable moments.

All his memories with Riddhima were being scattered around him at that moment.
He was remembering her smile that was lighting his life.

How she was looking at him.
That look that was making him feel so relaxed and comfortable as if she is hugging him just by her eyes.

He was remembering how she was always having that unique way while being so close to him.

He was remembering each and everything about her.
He was paining everytime he remembers some of their memories and then he look beside him and not find her near him like she has used to be.
He was very broken.
He has seated down on the floor with a very broken heart.
Then Angre has came near him to not leave him alone.

Angre: Be strong boss. Riddhima will never be happy seeing you in that state. I know that it isn’t easy at all on you, but you have to keep being strong and stable like you used to be. You are the one who we all get our strength from so you can’t fall weak. You can’t make this pain and hurt that it is inside you to win against you. You have to keep being that strong Vansh Rai Singhania just for the sake of your Riddhima.
At that moment, Vansh starts remembering an old moment with Riddhima that has made him a little relaxed.
Flashback shows Vansh and Riddhima sitting on the bed.

Vansh was curing Riddhima’s injured hand.
Vansh: How you could be that careless Riddhima?! How you could hurt yourself in that way?! I can’t tolerate seeing you hurt at all!!!
Riddhima: But Vansh it is really a very tiny wound. You don’t have to worry at all. It isn’t deep.
He has putted his hand on her face in a caring way.

Vansh: I can’t even bear a scratch to happen to you sweetheart. My heart starts to pain so much when you face any pain. My strength just occurs when you are with me and your health is perfect otherwise I wouldn’t be that strong Vansh Rai Singhania.
Riddhima: No Vansh. You have to always be strong whatever happens. You have to always keep showing this strong shade of Vansh Rai Singhania. Even if I’m not with you, you still have to be very strong.
Vansh has got so emotional hearing the last words of Riddhima.

Vansh: Don’t you ever say such words Riddhima. You will always be with me no matter what. So please don’t repeat such words. It really hurts me a lot.
Riddhima has came closer to Vansh.
Then she has putted her hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

Riddhima: I will always be with you Vansh and I will never leave you, but even if anything has happened and I got forced to not be with you. You have to keep being strong and don’t allow anything to weak you.
Vansh: Riddhima do…
Riddhima: Vansh, don’t interrupt me and just promise me that you will keep being strong whatever happens.
Vansh: But Riddh..
Riddhima: I said promise me.
Vansh: Okay fine. I promise you sweetheart. *Flashback ends*
Vansh has stood up from his place.

Vansh to himself: I can’t break my promise to you sweetheart. I promise you that I will never be weak and I will be very boring like you used to see me. So when you could get up, you could find your husband so strong and waiting for you without breaking his promise.
Then he has looked at Angre in a very strong way.
Vansh: Don’t worry Angre Vansh Rai Singhania will never be weak. He will always be strong. I’m sure that Riddhima will be very happy when she get up and see that I didn’t have broken the promise. I’m sure that this will happen very soon. I know that my sweetheart will never leave me.
At the same time, Sejal was being so broken in a very hide corner.
She wasn’t wanting to increase the stress and worry that were occurring.
So she has just been in a hide place to get out her feelings.
Sejal to herself: I can’t lose Riddhima bhabi. I can’t never ever bear that. Please God save her. I have taken so many time to understand how she is a very kind hearted girl with lovely personality so please God don’t take her from me. Please.
At that exact moment, Vyom has came to the hospital.

Then he has reached to Sejal.
When Sejal has seen Vyom, she has immediately thrown herself on his arms.
Sejal( crying): Bhabi Vyom. I can’t lose bhabi. I didn’t have imagined that I love her that much. I didn’t have imagined that she is very important to me that much. I can’t lose her at all. I can’t.
Vyom has hugged her more closely to him.
Vyom( in a caring way): Just relax and calm down Sejal. I’m here with you and I will keep being with you. She will be fine so please calm down. God will never leave her. You just have to stay calmed down. I can’t see you like that. So please relax.
Vyom kept supporting Sejal and being with her to not make her feel alone.
Afterwards, Kabir was very broken and he was worrying so much about Riddhima.

He was just trying to be strong and don’t make anyone feel his hurt.
This was the same thing that Vansh was trying to do it.
While everyone was being outside Riddhima’s room being so worrying about her and waiting for anything that could make them a little relaxed, the doctor has came out to them.
He was being super super upset.
His reaction has made all of them worry so much.
Kabir: What has happened doctor?? Why you are looking that upset????
Vansh: Does Riddhima is fine doctor??? Please tell me that nothing has happened to her.
The doctor: Till now she is fine, but we can’t be sure if this will last for some more time or not. I can’t hide anything from you all as actually we will be needing your approval on this thing that we have decided to make it. We were trying our best to not be forced to do that, but now there isn’t any option to survival to Riddhima ma’am other than this.
Vansh: What is that option doctor? Please say it quickly to us and we could do anything just to save Riddhima with it.
The doctor: There isn’t any way to rescue Riddhima ma’am with it other than cutting her both damaged legs. This is the only option for her survival other than that I don’t think that she will be able to get saved.
Everyone has got shocked after hearing the doctor’s words.
They were in such a shock that wasn’t making them understand anything.
Vansh was being in so much shock and shatter when he has heard the only chance that could save Riddhima.

He was just silent.
He wasn’t able to say anything.
He wasn’t knowing what shall he do.
Vansh to himself: What I could do now?! How I could take a decision like that for you Riddhima?! I can’t risk your life and at the same time I can’t do that on you. I don’t know what shall I do now. What could you have done Riddhima if you were in my place? Please Riddhima help me in reaching to a decision. It is the most important decision in our whole lives. Please help me and guide me in the right track.
Kabir has looked at the doctor in a shocking and paining face look.

Kabir: Doctor, please think about any other option. Of course there is any option other than that. Please doctor tell us anything.
The doctor: Unfortunately, there isn’t any option other than that Mr. Kabir. This is the only way to save Riddhima ma’am with it we have tried so many stuff, but nothing has worked. So now the choice is yours guys. You are the ones who have the choice either you will accept that or not, but you have to take the decision very quickly before the time could be wasted.
Vansh: We agree doctor. Go and do Riddhima’s surgery.
Everyone has got shocked from Vansh’s decision.
Precap: “Where is my legs Vansh?! Why I’m not feeling them?! Please say something”









The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Just bear me guys. Life isn’t always moving in a good way. There are some sorrows that come in our paths and it changes everything in our lives, but sometimes this sorrows lead to something good. Let’s see what will happen next. Thank you guys for making me succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 38 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make me succeed in reaching to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me in reaching to my target on this episode. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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