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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-34)

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At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 7 pm:-

At Living Room:-

After taking their chatting for a hour or more all departed to their rooms to take rest as they will sleep late at night

In Riddhima’s room:-

Riddhima was pacing around the room keeping her finger on her chin and talking to herself

Riddhima (to herself) – What to do? How can I scare Mr. Eiffel Tower he must be afraid of something….. I tried from ghost but don’t how every time he senses me it feels he has some six sense or is he some alien…. No no…. Riddhu what are you thinking….. Think how to scare Vansh…. If Movie Night won’t work then, no it should work but as he was talking it didn’t felt so will this Horror Night work on him…..

Her thoughts were broken by a voice

Voice- Were you missing me this much that now I reside in your brain even….

She turns out and see none other than Vansh

Riddhima- What?

Vansh- I mean that were you thinking of me?

Riddhima- Why will I think of you?

He comes inside

Vansh- I thought you were thinking of a way to scare me?

Riddhima- I’ll scare you and that to in such a way that you won’t even think of calling me by that rubbish name

Vansh leans to her ear

Vansh- Shorty?

Riddhima stomps on his foot and pointing her fingers on him

Riddhima- I said na don’t call me by name

Vansh- So What should I call you….. Hmm…. Let me think baby…no…. darling…no…. cutie pie…no…. then…… what should I call you?

Riddhima- I have a name just for your knowledge I’m telling you “R-I-D-D-H-I-M-A”

Vansh- Naah….. Everyone call you by this name I want to give something different to you

Riddhima- Vansh leave and then think and let me also do that

Vansh- Now you spoke sweetheart

Riddhima- Huh?

Vansh- You were thinking of a way to scare me….

Riddhima- No I was going to take a nap….. Actually this night will be the best day of my life after seeing your scared face

Vansh moves closer to her

Vansh- Really Sweetheart?

Riddhima (takes a step back) – What is this sweetheart?

Vansh (takes a step closer) – I kept your new name

Riddhima (takes a step back) – Everyone calls me by Riddhima, Riddhu and Ridz… Call by these only no need to give me names

Vansh (smirking and taking a step closer) – But I want to give you name

Before Riddhima could speak anything further, Riddhima’s legs tugs on the carpet and she was about to hug the floor but Vansh caught the hold of her hand and was about to catch her but his leg hit on the table and he holding Riddhima by her waist both fell on the bed

Vansh was over Riddhima and both were lost in each other’s eyes there was a little gap between which was covered by a cool air, Vansh’s hands were on sides of Riddhima caging her fully beneath him and even she wasn’t willing to run away from this golden hearted cage

Both were checking their place in their deep and ocean like sea making the surrounding more hot… Vansh removes his hand and due to sudden removing the support of hand he falls more closer to her making their head touch each other, they heard a small shriek sound but this sound didn’t broke their trance, Vansh strokes his finger on her face as his cold fingers touch her soft temple, she closes her face he slowly slowly brings it to her cheeks and then to her chin….

There complete trance was broken by a voice

Voice- Ahem…. Ahem…

Riddhima opens her eye with a jerk which breaks Vansh’s complete concentration from her and Both blink their eye and then saw everyone standing there with a small smile on their face

Both again look at each other and without getting up says together

Riansh (unison) – It’s nothing like that

All look at them in amusement while they look again at each other and say at same time to each other

Riansh (unison) – You speak

Kabir- Ok fine, first of all get up

Vansh tries to get up and as he got up everyone heard a small shriek sound

Angre- What’s this sound?

Aryan- As if something is breaking

Ishani (whispering to him) – Your brain

Aryan (whispering to her) – Shut up Ishani…

Meanwhile Vansh got up followed by Riddhima but as a god’s grace her leg hits bed and she again fell on the bed and as her bracelet was stuck to Vansh’s watch they again fell on the bed and then a loud shriek and Vansh and Riddhima fell much more closer as if someone of them bend a little

Riansh heard a loud gasp followed by the laughing, they look at them again

Kabir points towards them and kept on laughing hard

Vansh- Why are you guys laughing?

Angre (laughing) – See yourself…

They followed their gaze and then wooooo……. Riddhima’s bed was broken by their weight they tried to get up hopefully Vansh got up but unaware to them their bracelet and watch was still connected

Riddhima- My bed…. Now where will I sleep…. It’s all because of you

Vansh- Me….. I saved you and you are blaming me

Riddhima- Why you saved me huh?

Vansh- If I won’t have saved you were about to hug the floor

Kabir- So before floor could hug her you did it…

All laugh on this

Vansh- Shut up Kabir….. And you, you should thank me and you are blaming

Riddhima- No what else should I do… It broke just because of you…. Where will I sleep now….

Vansh- There are many rooms…. You can go to anyone

Riddhima- You know what I will search by my own because your bed can’t hold the weight of two people….

Vansh- Might be due to termites it was already broken and as we fell, it broke now I can’t ask those termites like (folding his hand) “Mr. Demak humari Riddhima ka weight bhaut jayada hai to aap kisi aur room ke bed me jakar lagye” (Mr. Termite our Riddhima’s weight is very high so you can go to another room and put yourself there on the bed)

Riddhima- You know what Vansh by saying this you referred me as an overweight. Now don’t you dare to even speak to me…?

Riddhima was about to move and as there bracelet was attached they both again fell on floor

Riansh- Ouch…..

All were shocked but their shock again turned to laugh

Kabir- You know what guys

Aryan- You both celebrate your “Felling Day” here we are leaving

All (unison) – Bye….

Vansh (lost in her) – Bye

Kabir signs them to leave and as they left

Riddhima- What Bye…. Get up now

Vansh blinks his eye and then got up, Riddhima saw her bracelet still connected

Riddhima- This bracelet is still connected

She tries to remove it but it didn’t, Vansh was admiring her as she bends her mouth and sucks on his watch to remove her bracelet and by mistake her lips touched his wrist sending shiver down his spine and as wind was touching her long and thick black hair it was disturbing Vansh’s gaze, he forwarded his hand to her hair and taking her hair strand puts it beside her ears by feeling his hands on her ear’s she lifts her head and that’s it and again they got lost in each other’s eyes forgetting about the world, taking the chance he puts her hand on her waist pulling her towards him, Riddhima broke their trance after a while as she remembers him calling her overweight she snaps her finger in front of him

Vansh lost their eye connection and then saw Riddhima pointing towards her bracelet which was still connected, Vansh tries to remove it and this time he was being gazed by Riddhima all smiling, he tries to remove it again by his teeth but it didn’t open

Vansh- It isn’t opening

Riddhima- What? Let me try again….

She again tries in the same way by her teeth but even she wasn’t able to

Riddhima- It’s not

Vansh- Had I said in Chinese

Riddhima- What to do? Let’s try your watch with hammer

Vansh- Are you mad it will hurt you see how it’s connected

Riddhima- Yaa if any chance it will get miss you will also get hurt then?

Vansh- Let’s stay like this only we will see later

Riddhima- Are you mad how will I scare you?

Vansh- Riddhima now also you want to scare me see just by this scaring game your bed broke

Riddhima- Yaa… still I want to scare you

Vansh- Ok let’s go downstairs and ask someone

They both came downstairs all were discussing them but as they saw them coming they stopped

Angre- You guys got up… Isn’t too early?

Sejal- Had you resolved the matter

Aryan- Why are you both walking together?

Siya- Are you hurt Riddhu?

Kabir- Vansh Riddhima are you ok?

Angre- Why are you both silent?

Ishani- Aapne sound system ko band karo to na who apne ghar ka kholenge (If you will close your sound system then only they will open of their house)

Aryan- I don’t know Cryptic languages

Ishani- Do you know normal language….. I said keep quiet or


All burst out laughing

Kabir- Ok Vansh now tell

They raise their hand upwards together showing their intertwined hands

Aryan- Remove it

Vansh- Dumbo if it was possible I would have done by myself without asking you

Aryan- Means?

Riddhima- It’s not opening

Again all started laughing rolling on the floor

Riddhima- Guys help us

Kabir- What can we do if Vansh tried?

Sejal- Ok then too let me try

Sejal tried but unfortunately or fortunately it didn’t open

Sejal- It’s stuck from both their knots it’s not easy

Aryan- Break it

Riddhima- No way…. If I anyone had a thought of doing so then forget it…

Angre- Why??

Riddhima- It was gifted by Bhai on Raksha bandhan I won’t ever break it….. Do something guys

Kabir- Then only one thing is left

Riansh (unison) – What?

Kabir- Go to jeweler…. He can only open it

Angre- See the time Kabir

Kabir- What time it’s 8:15 only?

Angre- Jeweler’s shop is far away from here and I brought only a bit of petrol and thought to bring later so there won’t be any and before they’ll be able to reach there…. No petrol would be there

Kabir- He is right

Riddhima- We know he is right, tell the way guys please

Aryan- There is a way

Riddhima- What?

Aryan- Stay like this only until Angre brings the petrol

Riddhima- No way

Ishani- Riddhima you tell what can we do?

Vansh sat on the sofa carefully while Riddhima was standing beside only

Vansh- I said I don’t have any problem

Riddhima- But I have

Sejal- What?

Riddhima (realizing) – Nothing….. Ok fine…. But… You will follow me I won’t

Vansh- What the…… I don’t follow anyone

Riddhima- Why what’s the issue?

Vansh- I won’t follow you

Riddhima- Then think of a way

Kabir- Vansh please na….

Vansh- That’s cheating yr…. Fine…

Aryan- Ok….I ordered dinner as everyone is tired and movie night is left

Ishani- What discovery you did now?

Aryan- Can’t you speak normally

Ishani- That’s the reason you need to go to school… forget it…. I mean what you ordered

Aryan- Nearby there is a Chinese restaurant so I ordered Chinese

Ishani- First time in life you did something right?

Sejal- When it will arrive

Aryan- An hour later

Siya- Which movie we will watch?

Riddhima- Conjuring and Conjuring 2

She heard many loud gasp and a small laugh, as she followed the sound of laughing she saw Vansh laughing

Sejal- Riddhima Are you okay?

Siya- Do you have fever?

Ishani- Don’t you want to sleep tonight peacefully

Kabir- Are you sure you want to watch this?

Riddhima- 100% sure (glaring at Vansh) and we will watch this only

Sejal- You remembered na, what happened last time

Siya- Exactly, you didn’t sleep and didn’t let us sleep even

Riddhima- This time nothing will happen as such

Ishani- Are you sure?

Riddhima- Yaa….

Angre- Ok fine, I’m going to setup everything…. Let’s go Aryan

Aryan- Go with Kabir

Angre- Why?

Aryan- I want to wait for order

Angre- It will take about 1 hour

Aryan- Then too

Ishani- Wait Aryan…. Are you scared ….

Aryan- I’m not scared of anyone

Riddhima- You are…. Look it won’t come outside from TV

Sejal- Look who is saying, we will see your condition after 1.5 hours here only

Riddhima- Let’s see….

Angre setup everything there and Kabir brought their dinner

Kabir- Look dinner is here

Riddhima- Good….. Turn of the lights

Sejal- This girl really don’t want to sleep tonight

Riddhima- I’m not scared last time all happened due to sudden shock

Meanwhile she was busy talking to Sejal, Vansh brought the CD’ s cover to her face very close, as she saw in front seeing the picture she shouted on top of her lungs

Riddhima- Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…………. Mummmmmmmyyyyyyyy…… mummmyyyyyyyy….. Bhai bacchaaaaoooooo…….. Papaaa………………

All closed their ears by their hands due to her shouting, Vansh instant pulled away the cover and Riddhima realizing it’s a cover glared at Vansh and started beating him with her small fist while seeing her face everyone burst out laughing

Sejal (laughing) – Riddhu you were about to see the movie and by mere cover you got scared to this extent

Aryan- Di Are you sure you want to watch it?

Ishani- Aryan, You are still scared

Aryan- I’m not

Riddhima- Aryan don’t worry it’s just a movie

Vansh- Are you convincing him or yourself?

Riddhima- You don’t talk to me, guys it was just a sudden reflex…. I wasn’t prepared

Vansh- to get scared

Riddhima- Ok fine…. Angre let’s start and please light off

Vansh (whispering to Riddhima) – You won’t be able to scare me

Riddhima (whispering to Vansh) – I will scare you any how….

Vansh (whispering to Riddhima) – All the Best

Riddhima (whispering to Vansh) – To you too

Angre switched off the movie and movie start

Episode ends

Precap- Scary and horror night

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