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Ehsaas Forever – Episode 20 – The fight is big!

Hello guys, I am back. Really overwhelmed to receive such immense love and support from you all. Let’s start with today’s episode.

The episode starts…

It’s a pleasant morning.

Mishti : Ketki, you don’t need to be sad. Everything will be okay. Don’t worry.

Ketki : Mishti didi! I want to go from here. I can’t live here and put you all in trouble.

Kuhu : Ketki, if you live here, we won’t have any problem, but the problem is your mama. He’ll surely come here and will also take you from here. It’ll be better if you leave this city and live somewhere else peacefully.

Mishti : Kuhu, do you even know what you are telling her?

Kuhu : I know very well, Mishti. I am telling her what’s right. Infact I had already applied for her hostel in Pune. Anyways she is ready to do a part time job. And Ketki, (looking at Ketki), my friend’s aunt lives there. She is well – known barrister and is in need of one P.A. too. I told her that our Ketki is perfect for the job.

Ketki (excitedly) : Thank You So Much, Kuhu Didi. It’s a great favour on me.

She hugs her in huge excitement and happiness.

Mishti : Ketki won’t go anywhere.

Kuhu : What’s wrong with you, Mishti? I’m saying what’s right.

Mishti : She is not going anywhere! Arey! She is running from her problems? She will do job! She will do whatever she want but infront of her clever mama. She will show her mama that she’s not inferior.

They just increased their tone and reached the level of shouting.

Kuhu : To show her Mama, she don’t need to ruin her life. If she ever goes in that house, her mama will drag her to that Bastard Varun.

Mishti : Whether she goes or not, definitely he will find her and will make her life hell.

Kuhu : What do you want, Mishti?

Hearing their voices, everyone comes to the room.

Mishti : She…

Rajshri : What happened to you both?

Shaurya : Yes, why you both were shouting?

Mishti : Dad, I can’t understand what happened to Kuhu? She is literally an immature.

Kuhu : How can you tell me immature, Mishti? Infact the one who is talking without maturity is you, not me.

Vishambhar : But what’s the matter?

Mishti : Dadu, I clearly said her. Let Ketki fight for her rights. Why she’s forcing her to flee from here? She’s not any thief who’s running. Ketki will fight living here. We will prepare her to be an independent lady but infront of Mr. Kabir Rajvansh.

Kuhu (in some calmness) : Mishti, it’s not that easy as you’re thinking. I don’t think her Mama is a weak player.

Mishti : So what, Kuhu! Let Ketki too become a strong player. She is not just one girl who’s suffering, but there are thousands. What guarantee do you take, that her mama won’t come to Pune?

Kuhu : The question is same to you, Mishti! What guarantee you take that her mama will accept her to be independent? What guarantee do you take that her mama will accept her rights and her demands?

Varsha : Yes, Mishti. Your intentions are correct. But we can’t risk someone’s life!

Rajshri : What’s the meaning of risking, Varsha? Mishti is right! She needs to fight. She need to show her mama too.

Vishambhar : Rajshri, it’s risky. Her mama will not let her achieve her dreams.

Mishti : But, dadu. If she flees from here, her mama will be victorious. Because of his wrath, she left from here. He will become more powerful thinking that Ketki is still afraid of him.

Kuhu : So what, Mishti? Why his thinking is bothering you?

Rajshri : Kuhu, you aren’t understanding her point. She is right.

Varsha : Maa, You had always supported Mishti regarding everything. Today also, when she is wrong you are supporting her.

Rajshri : Varsha, I had always supported what is right! And why do you always compare both the girls?

Varsha : Maa, It’s not comparison. Comparison is what you had done till date. You had never loved Kuhu the way you loved Mishti.

Kuhu : Ma, Dadi… You both are changing the topic.

Vishambhar : Yes, we are now talking about Ketki and you both…

Rajshri : Vishambharji, please. Can’t you see how Varsha is saying that I love Mishti more than Kuhu? Till date I had never compared them.

Ketki : Enough! Please stop it. (She says it almost with a scream.) Please you all don’t fight because of me. I am Sorry. Mishti didi, you are right. I need to fight for my rights, for my life. And Kuhu didi, you are also right. That my mama is not trust worthy. He won’t let me do anything instead he will marry me off to that bastard Varun.

Shaurya : So, beta what have you decided?

Scene freezes on Ketki’s tensed face.

At Rajvansh House :

“Abir, leave it. It’s good that Ketki is not here right now. Papa is still angry on Mishti. He will definitely do one or the other thing to bring Ketki back”

Abir : Obviously, because if she marries that Varun then our Papa will become more powerful. For political and business reasons, he is ready to ruin my sister’s life.

Kunal : We will handle him, don’t worry. But today the way you had talked to Mishti was a disgusting insult.

Abir : Sorry, I was angry at that time. And you know her na, she’s like “why this happened? How this happened? What? Etc.”
She is a big questioner.

Kunal : I know. But because of her, now our sister is safe. Just call her and say sorry. Everything will be fine.

Abir : I don’t think I should call her. I will directly say her sorry at college tomorrow.

Kunal : As you wish!

Priyanka texts Kunal.

Priyanka : Till when, we are going to act?

Kunal : Till Nishant confesses that he loves you.

Priyanka : Okay. But literally, he is not even realising his feelings now! I had acted that I love you. He seems to be jealous but still he’s not admitting.

Kunal : It happens sometimes, leave it. Okay, I am having some work now. Will chat with you later. Bye

Priyanka : Bye

Priyanka sits on sofa and thinks…

“It’s not only for Nishant, but it’s for Kuhu too. I will make sure that she confesses her love to Kunal soon”

She smiles.

………….Ending the episode here…………..

Hey, guys. Comment about how are you literally feeling reading this. I know you all might be thinking that I am dragging Ketki’s drama a lot. Even I am thinking the same. I will make sure to end this Ketki drama with a proper closure in next episode.
One more thing, I needed to say there will be somewhat irregular episodes for sometime as there is a big trouble of internet going on in my home. Hope you’ll understand.
By the way, who do you think is Right? Mishti or Kuhu?

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