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Betrayal and Betrayed (Short story) Part 4

Ragini started insulting Riddhima,saying t hat rubbish that, Ragini:You are the one who is staying with vansh,without any relation. These words hurt Riddhima,she knew ,that society will question about her staying with Vansh ,without any relation,but she had expected Vansh ,that he will reply,but he stayed quiet,which broke Riddhima and she left from there. After 2 hours,Riddhima returned back hooeme,and found Vansh,fallen unconscious.She paniced,rushed him back to hospital ,because from two weeks he had been recovering,then this suden breakdown. When Vansh was inside oT,he got conscious,he heard Riddhima crying ,sitting on the bench nearby.He didn’t open eyes,because he had no courage to face her. Doctor:We are sorry Riddhma,but your efforts,the recovery you showed in him by your support,we are sorry to say but todays’s breakdown has damaged a lot. Riddhima was all crying. Vansh remembered the flashback that when Riddhima left the home ,he himself threw Ragini out,tlling her to not show her face ever again,and then thinking about Riddhima,he suffered the breakdown . Riddhima sat on bench for whole night. Next morning,Vansh opened eyes and found Riddhima,sitting besides him,she was smiling the same,as if nothing had happened,but he knew,that she had been broken,her hopes from him,that he will recover,he will be with her,he couldnot fullfill these hopes. But her smile,was reflecting her strength.

Riddhima: Let me bring your breakfast.. Vansh held her hand. Vansh could see pain in her eyes today. Vansh:I broke you too na? Riddhima denied, Vansh: Why do you do so much for me?Why? Riddhima smiled. Riddhima: Mohabbat ho gayi hai..tumse.(Love has happened with you.) Things are now ,not in my contriol. Vansh stayed shocked.He had not thought ,that she will fall in love with ,him. That day he found ,that how much Riddhima ,had faced during this time,in society,for him. He found that becoming his strength was not that easy as she showed.She was in love with him, “But what can I give back in turn?I can not love her.I can not even give her a smile,I can only break her,again and again..no,I have to end this,I have to..free her.I have to,make her strong again.”With these thoughts in mind,he smiled towards Riddhima, she smiled back at him. Riddhima slept as she had not slept last night too. Vansh sat for few hours and kept looking at her, Vansh: Your love is ready,to give you a life again. With this,he drove his car away,this time ,his heart,his memories,were filled with Riddhima,there was not the slightest memory of raginii, but it is said,that somethings,don’t happen at the correct time,and without realising his love for Riddhima,worrying about her life,he committed suicide. Next scene showed, Riddhima in same black anarkali, pasting Vansh’s photograph in a album ,and saying, Riddhima: Ek aur bewafa, bewafayi ka saboot de gaya.(One more betrayer,gave proof of betrayl). She was smiling,but her eyes reflected,that she was just,a dead body alive,she thought Vansh’s suicide,was for Ragini,and that her love ,could not take him out of the betrayer’s memmories, she closed the album ,which showed the title,” BETRAYL AND BETRAYED”.

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