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The days of love and friendship AdiYa RiKara AnuPre SS Part 1

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The days of love and friendship Part 1
A man was sleeping.his phone rang.
He murmured:Oh why this alarm so early?
The phone kept ringing.He came back to senses and woke up from the bed.
He is Aditya Hooda.
He:Oh..this is my phone,not the alarm.
He looked at the phone.Seeing the name on the phone screen his face blossomed.
He attended the call.
Zoya:Aditya…I want to meet you.
Adi:What?You want to meet me?But how is it possible?
Zoya:I left Hyderabad.I am in Mumbai now.

Aditya was surprised:Really?
Adi:But why did you leave Hyderabad?
Zoya:I will tell you everything when we meet.I will message you the place.
After the call got disconnected Aditya got excited.
Aditya: I want to share this news.Without you both what happiness do I have?
He looked at a photograph.It was the photograph of childhood days..with his best friends Omkara and Prerna.

Aditya did group call to Omkara and Prerna.
Omkara:Hey..how come you are awake so early?
Aditya:A phone call made me wake up.
Prerna:Did Zoya call you?
Adi:How did you understand?
Prerna:Because only Zoya can break your sleep.

Aditya blushed:Yes.Because only Zoya is more beautiful than my sleep.
Omkara and Prerna giggled.
Om:Say..what did she say?
Adi:She left Hyderabad and came here.She wants to meet me.
Prerna:Cool.Guess she realized that her boy friend Yash is not suitable for her and you are better than him.
Aditya blushed.
Omkara:But if that’s the matter why did she leave Hyderabad?

Adi:That’s right.
Prerna:Don’t think too much.Let Aditya meet Zoya first.
Om:Ya..all the best Aditya.
Aditya smiled.

Zoya studied with Aditya in college.After college Zoya returned to her home town Hyderabad.Aditya loves Zoya secretly.But he was always in pain as Zoya was in love with Yash.

After some hours Aditya met Omkara and Prerna.
Omkara:Did you meet Zoya?
Prerna:What did she say?
Adi:She said that she wants to have live in relationship with me.

Omkara and Prerna were surprised.
Prerna:Wow…so she loves you a lot like you love her.
Omkara:You proposed her first or she proposed you first?

Adi:There was no proposal.Directly live in relationship?

Flash back…

Aditya and Zoya met.
Aditya and Zoya shared a friendly hug.
Aditya:How are you Zoya?
Zoya:I am not fine Aditya.How are you?
Adi:What did you say?You are not fine.Why?
Zoya:Aditya…first of all please help me.Will you help me?
Adi:Of course yes.Is there any need to ask me that?How should I help you?
Zoya:Let us have a live in relation?
Aditya was shocked:What?Are you serious?
Zoya:Yes Aditya.I am serious.Wh are you shocked?Are you that narrow minded to be against live in relationship?
Aditya:Nothing like that Zoya.I am fine with live in relation.It’s just that suddenly when you said that I got shocked.
Aditya thought:Before even confessing that she loves me she suggested live in relation.I am surprised.
Aditya:Zoya..but why did you choose live in relationship?
Zoya:I have no other option Aditya.Abbu is against my relationship with Yash.You know that Yash is a marine engineer who works in the ship.He is not here.So in his absence Abbu is trying to get me married to someone else.Because of that pressure I left home.
Aditya was shocked:You are still in love with Yash?
Zoya:Of course yes Aditya.What kind of question is this?
Aditya was shattered.
Adi:Then why do you want to live in with me?
Zoya:Though I left home Abbu is still adamant.He will do anything to get me married to someone.But if the boys come to know that I am in a live in relationship they themselves will reject me.No boy will be willing to marry me.So Abbu will have no other option than to get me married to Yash.Yash will return after 3 months.Till then I want to live with you in your house.
Aditya:But Zoya..think again.Live in relationship is still not silly in our society.
Zoya:I don’t care about the society.You live alone in your house.So I have space there.So you can let me stay there.Please don’t say no Aditya.Only you can help me.Otherwise I will be all alone.

Zoya smiled:I knew that only you can help me sincerely Aditya.Because you are the only friend i trust.I can trust you blindly.Other men will take advantage of our fake live in relationship.But you will never do that.
Aditya looked at her emotionally:Yes Zoya.
Zoya:Thank you so much Aditya.You are really sweet.
Aditya smiled.

Zoya moved in with Aditya in his house.


Omkara and Prerna were shocked.
Omkara:I can’t believe this.
Prerna:Her brain worked in an unusual manner.
Omkara:Don’t worry Adi.Leave it.
Aditya was very upset.
Prerna:There is no need to lose hope.What if this live in relationship changes your life?I mean while living under the same roof Zoya may fall in love with you.
Adi:Then we both will be cheaters in front of Yash.No cheating for us.We will be decent.
Prerna:Ok fine…as you wish.

Omkara’s parents Tej and Jhanvi were having food.
Tej:Where is Omkara?Did he have break fast?
Jhanvi:He will come now.
Omkara came and sat on the chair.
Tej:Ok you came for break fast.
Om:Yes.I need to finish off break fast and go to school.

Tej:You are supposed to look after Oberoi Empire.But look at my fate.In old age also I am looking after the business while my son is doing art work in a school.All are mocking me.People taunt me..your son is only a painting teacher in a school.
Om was irritated.
Om:I am proud to be painting teacher.I cannot understand the language of business.Since childhood I loved only art work.So I am happy in this field.
Om got up from the chair to leave.
Jhanvi:Om…finish your break fast.
Om:No need mom.
Om left.
Jhanvi:Tej…what is this?You are not giving him peace of mind.So he did not even have his break fast.
Tej:Your son is not giving me peace of mind.
Jhanvi:He chose his own field.It is not a crime.

Tej:You supported your son and spoiled him.
Tej walked away angrily.Jhanvi became upset.

Om was painting a picture for his student.
Om:Like this…
Suddenly he heard a voice from behind:It is so beautiful.
Om turned back.His face blossomed seeing her face.It was Noor who was the Maths Teacher in his school.
Om:Really?Did you really like it?
Noor:Of course yes.I have always loved your paintings.They look so natural.
Om smiled.
Noor:I always envy you Omkaraji.I always wished to paint like you.But I could never do that.Whenever I try to paint it turns out to be a huge disaster.

Om:Even I envy you Noorji.I can never do maths like you.
They both giggled.
Om:At least you encourage me to do paintings.You inspire me to make more paintings.
Noor smiled.
Om:But my dad hates me for choosing field of art work.He wants me to do only business which I can’t.

Noor became upset seeing him upset:Don’t say that your dad hates you.

He loves you,it’s just that he hates your profession.But don’t worry.One day he will understand you.
Om:When I speak to you I get positive energy.
Noor smiled.

Prerna’s parents Rakesh and Veena have called Aditya and Omkara home.
Veena:The astrologer says that if Prerna does’nt get married now her wedding will take place only when she is 32 years old.
Prerna:I will get married only after 32.
Veena:See how she is talking.She cannot understand the situation.
Rakesh:Aditya…Omkara..you both are Prerna’s best friends.Only you both can convince her.Please make her agree.She has got a good marriage alliance.They want to come and meet her.At least ask her to meet the boy.If she does’nt like him we won’t force her to marry him.We will bring better proposals for her.

Aditya:Come on Prerna.Uncle and aunty are requesting you so much.At least meet the boy.
Omkara:Exactly.What if you like the boy?If you don’t like him just drop it.Uncle and aunty will not go against your wish.Right?

Prerna pouted.
Aditya-Omkara requested cutely:Please….
Prerna:You both requested me so much.So I will meet the guy.
Everyone became happy.
Aditya:That’s our Prerna.
She smiled:When my best friends say something how can I say no?

Aditya and Omkara hugged her smiling.Prerna smiled.

A car has arrived.The boy’s parents Moloy Basu and Mohini Basu got out of the car.Then the boy got out of the car.Prerna looked at him through the window.Unknowingly a smile appeared on her face.
Prerna:He is handsome.
Rakesh,Veena,Aditya and Omkara welcomed the Basus.
Moloy:This is our son Anurag Basu.
Mohini looked at Aditya and Omkara.
Veena:They are Prerna’s childhood friends Aditya and Omkara.
Moloy and Mohini smiled.
Rakesh:Call Prerna.
Veena:Yes Sure.
Veena brought Prerna.
Moloy and Mohini smiled while Anurag was looking down.
Mohini:Prerna looks more beautiful than how she looked in the photographs.

Prerna,Rakesh,Veena,Aditya and Omkara smiled.
Prerna served them tea.
While giving tea to Anurag she looked at him shyly.
Slowly Anurag looked at him.Prerna smiled at him.Anurag smiled slightly.
He took the tea cup from her tray and said:Thank you.
Prerna smiled.
Moloy:Let Anurag and Prerna talk privately.If they both like each other we will proceed.


Anurag-Prerna are in the guest room.
Prerna:Yes.Your name is Anurag.Right?
Prerna:Your name is very romantic.Are you romantic like your name?
Anurag’s face became pale.
Prerna:I am very frank.I talk without thinking much.
Anurag:Ok.It’s good to be frank.
She smiled.
Anurag:Actually I want to confess you something.
Anurag:I was in a relationship.
Prerna:We all are in relationships with our parents,siblings,cousins and friends.What’s the big deal?You are not the only person who is in a relationship.
Anurag gave her a weird expression.
Anurag:I mean I was in a romantic relationship with a girl.
Prerna was stunned.
Prerna:Oh..ok.Then what happened?
Anurag:We are not together anymore.

Anurag:Destiny separated us.
Prerna:Oh ok.Can I ask you something?

Prerna:Are you a virgin?
Anurag was shocked.

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