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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Gayu supports Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suwarna saying I want Manish and I to become parents in Kartik’s marriage this time. Sirat and Kartik go for jogging. They see each other and stop. She asks are you also feeling nervous like me, I hope its temporary. He says don’t know. She asks why is it happening, we thought of everything, did this happen to you during the first time. He asks her to go and sleep. He leaves.

Its morning, Kartik and Sirat come for the puja. Nani asks Suwarna to do the rasam. She guides Suwarna. Sirat jokes. Suwarna smiles. Surekha taunts Sirat and asks her to think before speaking. Sirat acts to think. Surekha asks what are you doing. Sirat says I was thinking. Nani says stand there after the rasam and chant. Suwarna makes Sirat wear the chunri. Nani explains about the rasam. A crow dropping falls on Sirat’s head. Everyone laughs. Nani says its blessing. Sirat says I m going to take bath. Kartik asks her to rinse hair 2-3 times. She says no, I will come the same way. She angrily goes. Rhea talks on call. She asks about Ranvir. Manish looks at her. She says I was trying to find truth from Sheela for the family’s sake, you know me well, I know you are feeling helpless, I will forget this incident, but you have to stay here.

He says its dragging beyond point. She says right, but you would be scared for Kartik too. He says I know Kartik is doing this for his son, I will pray for him, everything will be fine. He goes. She gets angry. She says you have no courage to take a stand, but I will try till the end. Kairav says I want to give an engagement gift to Kartik and Sirat, what special thing shall I get for them. Vansh gives ideas. Kairav says I m getting tension. Vansh asks him to take a deep breath, think of a good idea as seen in tv serials and films. Kairav gets an idea.

Kartik sees memories. He thinks of his engagement with Naira. He imagines Naira. O morey saiyyan…plays. He goes to hug. She disappears. He asks where are you, why did you come, what do you want to say, are you with me or you came to stop me on the engagement day, it will be like cheating Naira, no….

Sirat washes her hair. Suwarna says there is just good fragrance of the shampoo. Sirat asks really. Suwarna says yes, why will I send my daughter for engagement by lying. Sirat hugs her and says Sheela didn’t do anything that I miss her. Suwarna asks her not to think of anything. She says I will make you ready. Kartik says help me Naira, I can’t do this engagement. Kirti comes and asks what happened. He says Naira has come, I saw her, I m doing wrong to cheat her, I will not go this engagement, Naksh is right. Gayu hears them. She goes to Naksh and says Kartik is affected by your words, he is refusing for engagement, Sirat is getting ready. Sirat gets angry. Gayu blames Naksh. Naksh asks did I spoil things or saved it. He says she isn’t Naira. Gayu says I know, she is Sirat. Kairav takes Sirat’s pics. She poses. Kartik says Kirti, go and tell everyone that engagement won’t happen, talk to Sirat, go. Kirti cries and goes. Gayu says Sirat made a place in my heart, she was filling Naira’s place, family also didn’t stop her, Sirat also regarded me her sister, she got happiness, what else do we want, Kartik and we all can’t forget Naira, will we make her children miss her all life, will this be right. Naksh thinks.

Sirat sees Naira’s pic and talks to her. She says you managed everything well, Kartik told me that I have two responsibilities, Kairav and boxing, I have to focus on that.

Ranvir comes to meet Kartik. Karik and Sirat dance with the family. Rhea asks are you Ranvir, Sirat’s ex.

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