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Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Lord Krishna takes Vitthal form.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Pundlik telling his parents this is Prabhu’s new form and its new statue. The parents get happy and Pundlik says I had the honor of getting darshan from Prabhu Krishna. Jaanu and Satyavati are amazed and they say son you had darshan of Prabhu Krishna? Pundlik says yes mother and father. Pundlik says but I had to make him wait all night before getting his darshan. Satyavati is shocked and says you made Prabhu wait? But why? Pundlik says mother, you both were sleeping and resting on my thigh so I couldn’t disturb your sleep, thus I gave Prabhu an aasan to rest on, the brick which I had. Prabhu took his form on the brick and then turned into the statue.
Everyone start praying to Lord Krishna at his new statue. Lord Krishna then appears from the statue in his new form. Everyone sit on their knees and thank prabhu Krishna for his darshan. Jaanu and Satyavati say we have become pure from your darshan prabhu. Pundlik says Prabhu, you have made me eternally happy by giving us your darshan. Malti and Diwakar thank prabhu too. Lord Krishna says Pundlik, you have made me realize how important my disciples are for me, you are the reason for the birth of my new form, because of you and everyone’s devotion, I have taken place as this new form. This form of mine shall be known as Vitthal from now on and the world shall know our story. You have all always lived inside me and I have lived inside you, your devotion has caused me to take the form of Vitthal. Pundlik your prayers and faith towards me and winning my trust again has made me take the form of Vitthal. I shall from now also be known as Vitthal of Pandharpur and I shall reside here in this form.
There, Yogi Mahatma realizes Lord Krishna has appeared. He is mesmerized by the surrounding and beauty and he goes with his rishi’s towards Pundlik’s house.
Lord Vitthal says everyone I shall give you all a blessing, ask anything from me. Jaanu, Satyavati, Pundlik and the entire family say we want moksh prabhu, we want to live with you in Vaikunth. Pundlik says yes prabhu, we want salvation and come back to you finally. Lord Vitthal grants the wish and everyone turn into souls and merge into Lord Vitthal and get salvation. Lord Vitthal goes. Yogi Mahatma comes and he looks at the glowing statue of Lord Vitthal, he has tears and he prays to lord Krishna and says prabhu you finally took your Vitthal form. The world is again grateful for this Vitthal form. Anyone who prays to the Vitthal form and visits this birth place and temple in Pandharpur shall get their wishes granted and live a happy life.
Ganesh tells Pushpadant, this way Pundlik was the reason Lord Krishna took the Vitthal form of Pandharpur. Pushpadant finally realizes the lesson of the story and says prabhu Ganesh, I now understand the moral of this story. He says, Lord Krishna always helped his disciple Pundlik, Pundlik kept doing mistakes and prabhu kept showing him the right way each time and forgave him, I see how huge the heart of god is and the many chances god gives us to better ourselves and others. Pushpadant says even you are the same way prabhu, you gave me so many chances to change, I kept running away but you still brought me back each time and told me these stories of gods and their disciples. I have finally understood. Jaya is happy that her husband is finally changing, she goes to bring water for Ganesh.
Pushpadant then starts singing prayer for Lord Ganesh and he sprays flowers on them and does his pooja. As Jaya returns back bringing water, she sees Pushpadant is gone and cries and says my husband did not change he just fooled us, he ran away again. Ganesh opens his eyes and then Pushpadant comes back with fruits and says Jaya, I did not run away I had gone to bring food for prabhu, because he had not eaten since morning. Jaya smiles and says okay Swami, I am happy you came back. Ganesh thinks, Pushpadant is changing finally. Ganesh then takes the fruits and asks Pushpadant where did he bring it from? Pushpadant says from a farm, but there was no one there so I brought it. Ganesh says don’t you remember the story of the Rishi and the King that I told you? Stealing is wrong and you have to pay the price for what you bring from someone else. Pushpadant says sorry and says I realize my mistake, he goes back and gives gold coins to the farmer and comes back buying the fruits he took. Pushpadant says thank you prabhu for showing me the right path. Ganesh says from this I remember a story of a god who made his disciple steal fruits and then after being caught he also left him there.
Pushpadant says who was it prabhu? Ganesh says I shall tell you the story. In the story, Lord Krishna is with his disciple Madhav das. Lord Krishna says to Madhav, you are my friend and not just my disciple. Madhav says yes prabhu, but you are my god so I think of myself as your disciple. Lord Krishna says yes but we are friends. Madhav says what did you and your friends do prabhu? Krishna says we stole pots of butter and ate butter as I loved it. Madhav says yes. Krishna says so…. Madhav understands and says I understand you are hungry prabhu, what do you want? Lord Krishna looks at a jackfruit tree and Madhav understands prabhu wants fruits. Madhav says but those trees belong to someone else, if we get caught then? Krishna says you say you want to serve me but you don’t even get me fruits, I am there with you don’t worry! Madhav says but I have to steal them. Krishna says yes you do, lets go. Madhav says okay and goes with Krishna. Madhav climbs the tree and asks Krishna which fruit he wants? The big one or small one? Krishna tells him to say loudly. Madhav then says on top of his voice and is heard by the guards of that orchard. The guards scream, who is it? Madhav is scared and says oh my god, someone heard us we will be punished. Prabhu what to do now? Lord Krishna looks at Madhav. Madhav is scared and he gets down and is stopped by the guards, Krishna disappears. Madhav is shocked and he thinks prabhu left me here alone, what do I do? The guards are angry and say how dare you steal?
Pushpadant says prabhu, why did Prabhu Krishna do that? Was it a test for his disciple? And who was the disciple? Ganesh eats the fruits and says I will tell you. It was Madhav das, a great disciple of Lord Krishna who had lost his father when he was young. Then Madhav das once had a dream where lord Krishna appeared and said we are friends, come to me at my temple, I am waiting for you. Madhav then grew older but also lost his mother on whom he had become dependant! Madhav then stayed with his older brother and soon learnt a lot of things, of god, religion, faith and devotion.

Precap: Madhav is now dependant on his older brother as he lives under his shadow and learns from him. Madhav is one day lost in the market as he loses holding his hand with his brother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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