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The Twisted game of Destiny- A lunch together ep 5 Riansh, fanfic

A lunch together
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The Twisted game of Destiny- Like Father, Like Daughter ep4. RiAnsh Fanfiction IMMJ2

Vansh: (playing the piano- imm2 bgm) I know Angre! They never knew but you know how the topic boils my anger. It makes me realize my fault, I lost in protecting her, I lost my life that day. You know I always spend half my days in the secluded room, with her memories. I feel guilty, I couldn’t save her. (crying). Riddhima was my love and my everything. After seeing them, I felt an instant connection with them, it’s like as if my Riddhima is inside them. ( remembering a pic together)

Angre: Riva has the same anger and attitude as you bhai!

Vansh: (smiled) Do you realize what you are saying Angre! My kids would have been that way, but these are not my kids. Let’s leave that. (about to leave) Angre no need to check on their background information. They seem to be innocent. Its lunch time. Let’s go! (went towards the dining)

Dining Room

Dadi: Come on we can start! But wait where’s Riva and Rivan? Are they still sulking upon the morning’s incident?
Rivan: No Dadi (descending the stairs along with Riva) We are fine. We understood we were wrong and anyway Mom says that no matter anything never lose your cool before understanding the other side’s take. But this Riva just doesn’t understand. (hitting her on the head)

Riva: Stop it! As if you listen to everything she says. Mom’s sidekick!

Rivan: Really! You know you should just accept that you’re adopted. You can’t bear that I’m like Mom.

Ishani: Guys stop it and chill. (laughing)

Dadi: These cute bickers between you both increase your love for each other. Siblings are always like that.

Vansh: (Smiled) In that case it will never stop! Like mine and Ishani’s. She’s always hell bent on fighting with me on petty matters!

Ishani: Oh, really bhai, is it me or you? Remember what happened when you were a child in school?

Vansh: Ohh so when I was a child, what were you then madam?

Ishani: Dadi!! Bhai stop teasing me, it was a slip of a tongue.

Vansh: a slip of a tongue (mimicking her, everyone laughed) Now she will start crying, my cry baby!

Ishani: Bhai! You called me a cry baby! I hate you all! (she sulked cutely) No one loves me!

Vansh: (smiling) See told you, cry baby! Look at Siya, she’s always quiet and you chatterbox!

Ishani: (shocked) Bhai after such a long time you are smiling. (everyone was shocked, he frowned)

Vansh: Leave all that and let’s eat. (trying to divert the topic)

They sit for their lunch. Riva and Rivan were shocked with the variety of food available.

khandvi (i’m a gujarati and i love this) 
paneer butter masala
Gujarati thali
Gulab Jamun

They had received everything from their mother. Riddhima had left no stone unturned while nurturing them. She gave them all happiness they deserved, gifts, toys, advanced education. She doubled her hard work to give them all the luxuries, she worked as a manager in a business company to earn enough for her kids. Vansh seeing their faces decided to ask them.

Vansh: What happened to you both?

Rivan: Nothing, just looking at the variety available.

Riva: We miss home and Mom’s food. Even though we never got such varieties, but we got Mom’s food. She struggled a lot to give us everything we deserved. So, looking at all this we just remembered her.

Dadi: You can call her and talk to her. You will feel better.

Rivan: We wish we could! She’s in a position from which she can’t talk. (almost had a tear)

Riva: We can call masi later. It’s okay. (rubbing his shoulder)

Vansh: (thinking she was working in a place where she couldn’t talk) It’s okay. You soon will. Let’s get back to eating. Angre, once you finish your lunch give them my schedule! (he put a bite of naan and some curry in his mouth)

Sahil: (passing the dessert with nuts and cashews to Vansh) Bhai here.

choconut cashew bar

Vansh: How many times have I told you, I’m allergic to nuts. (upset)

Sahil: Sorry I keep on forgetting. (passing to Rivan and Riva) Then here you go.

Rivan: (taking a piece) thank you!! It’s my favorite (Smiled and Vansh got flashes of Riddhima)


Vansh: Here your favorite dessert, choconut with Cashew bars. (handing the plate to her)

Riddhima: Aww! Vansh, thank you! You always get my favorite dishes! I love these! (taking one for herself and having it) MMM… amazing. This is delicious. (handing a piece to Vansh) Here have a bite, (realizing) Ohh sorry, I forgot you can’t have this delicious bar, your allergic, well too bad I will have it! (she had everything)

Vansh: (making a face) You always make me jealous! Uff!


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Question: What do you think happened to Riddhima? Why aren’t the kids able to talk to Riddhima?
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