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The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 12


Flashback starts:

Everyone in VR Mansion is happy with both Shweta and Vansh. They thought that Vansh and Shweta should get married soon. So,all the marriage preparations had started.

Mehendi Ceremony:
All the preparations are done for mehendi ceremony.
Shweta’s outfit:

Vansh’s outfit:

Ishani and Sia brought Shweta for mehendi. Vansh can’t remove his eyes from her as she was looking so gorgeous. Ishani and Sia made her sat down and the mehendi artitst started doing the mehendi. Vansh was still staring to her,Angre and Kabir came to made him out of his dream world.
Angre: Let’s have some dance. Start the music.

Three of them were dancing. Later Aryan also joined them.
Anupriya: Maa see my family is so happy after Shweta came.
Dadi: Yes, she bring colour of happiness in my Vansh’s life.
Anupriya: Vansh totally changed which is possible for her only.

Makeup artist: Mam what is your husband’s name?
Ishani: Write the name nicely otherwise Shweta will become angry on you(teasing).
Shweta: Shut up!! (smiling)

Shweta was looking how all the boys are enjoying and dancing. Suddenly her eyes fall on the chandelier,which is moving so much.
Shweta(in her mind): Why it is moving so much? It is like that only or someone done it intentionally.
Then she saw Vansh was standing beneath it. Chandelier starts to fall down. Shweta gets up and immediately push Vansh from their. Both of them fell on the opposite side. The chandelier fell on the floor. The floor was full of small glass pieces.
Anupriya: Vansh! Shweta!
All of them run towards them.
Kabir: Bro are you fine?
Vansh: I am fine,nothing happened to me. Shweta you are ok na?
Shweta: Yah I am fine.
Dadi: Again Shweta save my Vansh. Thank you Shweta.
Anupriya: Who is the irresponsible person who fix the chandelier? Don’t you know to do your work?
Kabir:Just get lost you all, with your chandelier!! Idiots!
Ishani:Look Shweta your mehendi got spoiled.
Shweta: It’s okk Ishani, we can make it again.

Though all of them enjoyed but everyone was thinking about the chandelier incident.

(Guys I am not writing about sangeet and haldi ceremony it will take much time so I am directly writing about the marriage ceremony.)

Next day,

After haldi ceremony was done everybody went to get ready for marriage. Vansh thought to went towards the garden side for some fresh air. It was evening time. When he was roaming in the garden someone came from back side and stabbed him. The person ran away from there immediately.

Vansh: Aaahhh!! Mom, Shweta!! Kabir!

Hearing his voice, all of them came running. All of them were shocked to saw him like this. Shweta ran towards him. She placed his head on her laps.
Shweta: Nothing will happen to you Vansh. Kabir call a ambulance immediately. Fast!!
Anupriya: Beta we are there, nothing will happen to you.
Vansh saw to all of them, atlast he saw towards Shweta and closed his eyes.
Shweta: Vansh! Please open your eyes. God please save him.
Kabir: Ambulance came.
Vansh was taken to hospital. Shweta and other doctors entered to OT. After sometimes Shweta came out.
Anupriya: He is fine right?
Kabir: Say something!!
Shweta( crying): His pulse is decreasing. I think there was poison added on the knife. Blood tests are done. We are waiting for the reports. After getting the reports then only we can give the antidote.
Anupriya:Tell them to do it fast. My son is fighting with death( crying bitterly ).
Nurse: Mam the reports came.
Shweta rushed to her cabin.
Another doctor: Mam it will be difficult to save him.
Shweta: Why what happened?
Another doctor : The poison found in his blood is very powerful and we don’t know the antidote. His blood is clotting. We will be not able to save him.
Shweta: No! No! This can’t happen. I will save him. Call all the senior doctors immediately. Tell them about this case. If needed then arrange a meeting with the foreign doctors, but do it fast. We don’t have much time.
Another doctor : Ok mam.
Shweta folded her hands and prays for Vansh.
She came outside to tell them but she saw police was saying something to them.
Shweta: Sir you got to know anything? Who attacked him?
Anupriya: You just shut your mouth!!(anger)
Because of you my son is in this condition.
Shweta( shocked ): What are you saying mom?
Aryan: Yes we have the proofs that you tried to killed him. You stabbed him. Police got that knife by which you stabbed him and your fingerprints also got matched.
Shweta: No this is impossible. I didn’t stab him.
Kabir: Mom it may happen that someone trapped her. She loves bhai a lot.
Anupriya:Shut your mouth Kabir!! She is a blo*dy cheater! Inspector take her away.
Aryan: Kabir she tried to kill our bhai. She only wants money.
Police: Doctor Shweta your license in canceled.
Shweta was hell shocked listening to this. She used to treat her patients by love. From her childhood she wanted to became a doctor. But she got trapped badly. She was so shocked that tears are also not coming out from her eyes. She was standing like a lifeless person. A person without her soul. A dead body!!!

Flashback ends.

End of this update. Guys I am not happy because the commemts are decreasing day by day. I am losing interest to write it any more. I thought to give target comments from now on. Tatget is 20. If this target is fulfilled then only I will upload the next one otherwise not. Stay in home and stay safe. Take care. God bless you all.❤❤

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