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It’s been a while since I have had the time and inspiration to write. Recently I was flicking through the channels and came across the pair of Shiva and Raavi from Pandya Store and I was tempted to include them in a story that has been on my mind since a long time. This story will revolve around three pairs:

  1. Zoya and Aditya from Bepannah.
  2. Vansh and Riddhima from IMM2.
  3. Shiva and Raavi from Pandya Store.


All the characters in this story are wolf shifters i.e; werewolves. The werewolves have their own set of rules and rituals. They are social animals and hence they live in groups called packs. All the packs function as individual entity. These packs have a certain hierarchy order that all the wolves have to abide by.

  1. Alpha- The most dominant wolf who takes the responsibilities of the pack and its members. He is the pack representative and all the members of the pack respect him and submit to him.
  2. Luna- The mate of Alpha. She shares his responsibilities towards the pack and helps him to make the right decisions. She is respected by all the members of the pack and is second only to the Alpha.
  3. Beta- The second-in-command of the pack. He is responsible for the pack while in the absence of the Alpha. He also has the power to make wolves, other than Alpha and Luna, to submit to him.
  4. Beta Female- The Beta’s mate. She plays the same role to Luna as the Beta to Alpha in a pack. She is reliable confidant.
  5. Delta- The third-in-command and the head warrior of the pack. His main priority is to train the warriors of the pack and represent the pack in the absence of Alpha and Beta.
  6. Delta Female- The Delta’s mate. She usually has a good relationship with Luna and Beta Female and she helps to take care of the pack.
  7. Lead Warriors- The leaders of security units are the Lead Warriors.
  8. Warriors- The fighters who help protect the pack from threats and keep the pack members secure.
  9. Healers- The pack doctors that deal with injured wolves.
  10. Omegas- The least dominant wolves but ooze kindness and give others a peace of mind.


There are a total of five packs across India. The Pack Names are:

  1. River Bed Pack
  2. Moon Shine Pack
  3. Blood Moon Pack
  4. Lotus Pack
  5. Black Hawk Pack

All these packs are governed by the Council. The council interferes with the pack business if and only if others are affected by their actions. One elder from each pack is a member of the council and they live in a remote location aloof from all the packs. They are called upon by blowing the conch shell. Their decision is accepted by all the pack alphas as absolute.

The wolves all have a mate bestowed upon them by their Moon Goddess. They can recognize their mates by their unique alluring scent. Once a wolf finds their mate, they bond and their connection grows like a planted sapling. Not all wolves find their mates, and if they do, not all wolves bond with their mates. The pain of rejection is severe but it does not kill someone. Once a bonded wolf dies, their counterpart are left heartbroken and some wolves decide to end their lives while others chose differently.

The wolves that do not belong to any pack are considered rogues. They are mostly wolves that have been cast out of the packs due to their feral behavior. These wolves lose their human side soon due to being cut off from the social circle. They have a tendency to wreak havoc and cause destruction.



This story is about the Alpha, Beta and Delta of the Black Hawk Pack and their mates.

Aditya is the Alpha of the Black Hawk Pack. He is cold hearted and emotionless due to the loss of his true mate. She was killed by a rogue attack on the pack while saving a helpless child stuck in the middle of all the bloodshed. He decides to live and devote all his time to the welfare of the pack as his wolf mourns the death of their mate.

Vansh is the Beta of the Black Hawk Pack. He is a sly person who uses twisted ways to gain what he wants and is an exceptional strategist. He has been searching for his mate since his wolf matured but all his attempts have been in vain.

Shiva is the Delta of the Black Hawk Pack. He is an extremely skilled warrior and as emotionally closed off and aloof as his Alpha. The rogue attack that killed his Luna also wiped clean his entire family and that gave birth to a deep rooted anger and hatred against the rogues. He channelized his excess anger into physical excellence and is now the most feared warrior in all India.

Zoya is the Omega in Blood Moon Pack. This pack is known for its strict adherence to the ancient rules. The members are punished severely to maintain the decorum and discipline of this pack. Being the Omega, Zoya has to bear a lot of torture physically and mentally. Her true mate was a pack warrior but he died in a rogue attack and since then Zoya has been fending for herself. She is kind and calm but also a hollow shell of herself due to her undeniable loss.

Riddhima is the Healer in Moon Shine Pack. She is exceptionally talented and very efficient in her work. Her heart is broken as her true mate rejects her. She endures the pain of rejection and emerges as a strong and independent she- wolf.

Raavi is a Healer in the Lotus Pack. She is not a regular healer and her pack abuses her gift from the moon goddess by making her submit to dominance forcefully. She gathers her courage and runs away from the pack becoming a rogue.

Join these characters as their lives intertwine and they embark upon a journey of love, acceptance, liberation and justice.




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