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Santoshi Maa 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Swathi sees Babli and is scared.

Santoshi Maa 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Swathi following the woman in the white saree. She calls her but the woman keeps walking. Swathi says were you the one who knocked our door?? The woman keeps walking. Swathi calls her and the woman walks down the stairs and looks back at Swathi. It is Babli and Swathi is shocked. Babli smiles at her and Swathi is shocked and scared. Swathi closes her eyes and says how can it be Babli? She had died. Babli goes. Swathi is scared and she says Babli was dead, how can it be her? Swathi is still in shock and she sees Babli go.
Swathi is scared and suddenly a woman appears and says what are you doing here? Swathi says who are you? The woman says it is late in the night, are you having evening walk here? Swathi says no I know it is late but someone knocked our door, that is why I came to check and I saw a woman there, but she is gone. The woman says no, I am the owner of this hotel, and if no one here knows you why would someone knock your door? Please don’t spread such lies about our Hotel, we host very prestigious people and guests, so our reputation will be hurt. Swathi says I am not lying, there was someone here, I came to check. The woman says please go and sleep, don’t spread rumours. Swathi is scared and she goes. The owner says these middle class women have gone crazy after watching hindi serials.
Swathi sits in her room scared and says Babli had died, how did she come back? Who was that? Swathi looks outside the balcony and is worried and scared. She comes back in the room.
Next morning, Swathi is still awake. The door is knocked and she gets scared again. Indresh wakes up from the knocking and he opens the door and sees Swathi is scared. A waiter tells Indresh that the police have come down, they want to meet them. Indresh and Swathi go. There police and the owner of the hotel wait with all staff. Indresh says what happened? The owner welcomes them and says I am the owner of this resort, yesterday night your car was stolen from here. Indresh and Swathi are shocked and say who did this? Police say we have come here to take details of the car from you, we will help you find it soon. Indresh gives them details and says how did you know? The owner says yesterday night I saw someone steal your car so I alerted the police, because from our hotel no one can steal or rob, our reputation will be destroyed. The manager and the other waiter are worried they might get caught.
Indresh thanks the owner and police. The police go on to investigate. The waiter says to manager we will go to jail if they know. Manager says we will run from here before that, leave this place.
The owner sits in the garden speaking with her friend on the phone. She says father didn’t let me stay in America, so I have to handle this resort. The owner keeps the phone. Her father comes with his 2 men, one of the father drink a cocktail and says it is amazing. The manager and waiter come and say sir, you came here? What happened? The owner’s father scolds the manager and waiter and says what did you do here? Where did the car go and who stole it? How can this happen in my resort? You are playing with my reputation. Go and find the car as soon as possible, otherwise you will see my anger. The manager and waiter goes. Father speaks to his daughter. The owner named Sameeksha says dad, we have to find this car. The owner says yes that’s true. Sameeksha says but please call me Sammy, I have told you many times. Sameeksha goes. Father says these NRI people always change once they leave their country.
Swathi and Indresh are walking and Indresh says what happened Swathi? Tell me what happened yesterday, why are you scared? Swathi says I went out of the room at night and I was shocked and scared. I saw Babli yesterday, someone knocked the door and I went out to see and I saw Babli. Indresh says how is that possible? She had died and you saw her die right? Swathi says yes, but I really saw her, I did. Indresh says it was a dream Swathi, just forget it, think it was a bad dream. Swathi thinks how do I make you understand Indresh? Indresh says pray to Santoshi maa, she will end all your bad dreams. Swathi asks a man if there is any Santoshi maa’s temple nearby? It is my fast and I have to do my pooja there. The owner’s father listens and says Santoshi maa’s temple? He says this is how a beautiful and well mannered Indian woman is, I have a temple right behind this resort, my wife made it with love. You can do your pooja in that temple. The owner asks Swathi her name, they introduce each other and owner says my name is Dhiraj chaddha, me and my daughter manage this resort and own it. Swathi and Indresh go to get ready for the pooja. Dhiraj tells his men, this is how an Indian woman should be like.
Sameeksha sees this and feels jealous. She says this woman Swathi looks over smart, she impressed my father too. Devi Polomi says I will use this woman in my plan.

Precap: Indresh and Swathi clean the temple of Santoshi maa. Swathi removes the cloth from the statue and it turns out the statue has disappeared and it is a stone. The owner is shocked and his men say the statue has disappeared which means there could be ghosts here. Polomi laughs and says from now I shall stay there, no more gods.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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