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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 31

Hello everyone i am so happy from your response

Today i was supposed to update a long episode but a news left me devastated

Our dear friend @s aka tanishka  died on sunday on her birthday her surgery went unsuccessful

Today i am posting for paying condolence to her i req to all to pray for her that may her soul rest in peace

I literally shed silent tears for her  and i couldn’t able to fullfill her last wish of posting 100 episode is pericieng my heart but i will try just for her.

Wherever you are dear you will always remain in my heart..

Few words for you

Na tumhe kbhi dekha tha na tumse kbhi mile the
Phir bhi tumhe taqleef me dekh kr hme rab se bohot gile the..
Aaj tum sth nhi ho..
Aj tum hmare pss nhi ho..
Phir bhi hmare dilo me rhogi tum.
Hmesha hmare bich rhogi tum

I was not in frame of mind to write anything but i wrote this please i beg your pardon for this episode

@rahul if you are reading this i wanna say to you just think twice before saying something if you can’t make someone happy then you don’t have any right to make someone sad

Episode starts here

Scene 1

Riddhima – Bhaii!!!

She looks at angre with tears

Her pov

How couldn’t i recognize my brother he was in front of me i don’t deserve to be your sister bhai

Pov ends

Although he hates her but seeing her in this condition is not in a brother’s principles he goes to her and hugs her

Riddhima started crying badly

Riddhima (crying) – I missed you bhai..

I m sorry..

I couldn’t recognize you but i got my memory back

He patted her back and console her

Riddhima sees siya and hugs her

Siya( crying) – i knew it that you are my riddhu di i missed you alot..

Riddhima – Now i am here na don’t cry

Vyom (awkwardly) – Shivanya i mean riddhima how are you

Riddhima (smiling) – i m riddhima for them but for you i am shivanya..

They both hug each other..

At last her eyes fell on vansh

Vansh is standing there with blank face

His pov

I hate you but i can’t see your tears
I want to punish you but i can’t hurt you

Ye kesa shatarnj ka khel hai
Jaha chaal bhi meri hai or kaat bhi..
Jaha jeet bhi meri hai or haar bhi. (Remember this dialogue guys uff!!)

She is my riddhima whether i hate her or love her she is mine.

She can’t be someone else (possessive vanshu😂)
Pov ends

Vansh (firmly) – How are you know
I am sorry because of me you are again here.. ( shi pakde hai.. har dusre din bechari ko hospital pohocha deta hai)

Riddhima – It’s ok vansh you gave me My memory back that memory in which i have you i have bhai i have my whole family

Vansh’s POV

Oh finally she remember that i am also a part of her life still she can hug vyom but not me

Pov ends

Riddhima – Vansh am i not worthy of a hug from you

Vansh look at her for a moment (thinking – zada zor se soch lia kya 😂) then comes forward

And hug her

Riddhima started crying in his arms

Which pierces his heart more

They both cry..in each other embrace

She says

Jo chutt gaya wo zindagi ka kissa hai..
Pr jo ruth gaya wo tute hue dil ka hissa hai..
#By AishaD

Suddenly anaisha comes

Anaisha – Mumma!!mumma!!

Riddhima takes her in lap and kiss her all over her face

How is my baby

Anaisha – I am ok but how are you..
I won’t trouble you please get well soon

Riddhima – I am fine baccha don’t cry..

Suddenly anaisha sees vansh and started shouting

This uncle is bad he always hurt my mumma!!

Don’t come near my mumma she is my mumma!! You are bad i hate you

Riddhima (weeping her tears) – no baby uncle is not bad..

Looking at vansh.

He is the best person in the world. He can’t hurt me never ever
Say sorry to him

Anaisha runs from their without saying sorry

Siya runs behind her..

Siya makes her sit in her lap

Siya (caressing her face) – You know baby your mumma forgot something and vansh uncle Helped her to remember he is not bad
Don’t hurt him please

Anaisha – He won’t hurt my mumma

Siya – Never ever!! Your mumma is so special for him

She goes to vansh

Vansh takes her in his hands

Anaisha – I am sorry uncle please forgive me

Vansh (kissing her forehead) – its ok i am not angry on you

And she leaves

Riddhima – Bhai I want to tell you about that night

Suddenly vansh gets angry

He shouts

What you want to tell us ha

That you killed an unborn child in his mother’s womb

You killed your to be husband dreams

You made your brother’s life hell

She startes crying

Riddhima – Just listen to me please

Vyom – Dont you dare to say anything vansh

We can’t give stress to her

It will lead to

Riddhima cuts him in between

Let him speak vyom

Vansh (shouting) – Don’t you dare to speak between us

Angre – we came here just to see u riddhima

We can’t forgive you better you understand it soon

Riddhima – Bhai please listen to me..

Suddenly vansh phone’s ring

Vansh – Hello !!! What!!

We Are coming

Vansh – Ishani is showing some movements lets go angre

And vangre with siya rushes to VR mansion

Riddhima – Ishani is in coma till now

Vyom – Yes please don’t cry shivanya

He hugs her to comfort her

Scene 2

VR mansion

Dadi – doctor said that her condition is improving

May be she will get up soon

Siya – I am so happy i got my both di back

Dadi – Both!!

Siya hugs dadi

Siya – Dadi shivanya is our riddhu di..

Her memory came back

Dadi (crying) -My bacchi!!

Vangre leaves from their being angry ( or koi kam hai ki ni tum dono ko😏)

Scene 3

Vansh and angre are sitting in pool area having man’s talk

Angre – i know you are angry that why riddhima didn’t hug u first

She first  utter my name hugged me

Vansh (smiling) – no angre no

I am not angry with her on this

I understand the relationship of brother sister

How can i expect from her to utter my name first

When i myself expect ishani to hug me first when she will wake up

Our sister are just like our own child we took care of her we protect her we love her

And seeing her with someone else give jealous vibes but at the end we know she deserves this love

He says

Khwaboo me tum pass the..hakikat me tum aas the…laakh ruswaiyoon ke baad bhi raat ki tanhayi me sirf tum hi saath the…

#By AishaD

Angre hugs vansh.

Angre -What next bhai

Vansh – Let her recover then i will break her..in thousand pieces

Angre has blank face

I don’t know bhai i will i punish her

I didn’t even rose my voice on her since childhood but that day i slaped her i even kicked her out fro the house..

I can’t be a brother i don’t deserve this what she did was not right but what i did and what i am doing is also not right but i am helpless bhai

Scene 4

VK mansion

Riddhima comes home

Riddhima -Something is bothering to you na vyom

Tell me i am your best frnd na

Vyom holds her hand

He says

You got your memory back

The day i feared the most has come now.

Will you leave me and my daughter

Riddhima – correction !! Our daughter

I didn’t give birth to her but i am her mother

I will not leave her

Whether i will be with you or vansh or none i will be always her mother

They both hug each other

Riddhima – I have to go to VR mansion i have many things to tell them

Vyom -They hate you shivanya

Riddhima -But i love them
I will go alone

I have to talk to vansh

She says

Tere haatho se chhuti hui ret (sand) hu..
Fir bhi teri yaado me kaid hu…
Mere har zakhm ki wajah tu tha..
Phir bhi na jane kyu..
Tujh se judi har jung ki juned (solder) hu..

Scene 5

Riddhima comes to VR mansion

She comes to main door screaming
Dadi!! See you riddhima is back siya see your riddhu di is back

Bhai where are you.

Mom see you daughter is here

And she got the biggest shock of her life!!!

She screams


Done for today guys

Pardon me if this is not upto ur expectations but i was not in frame of mind

Target is still 30

Guess what she saw..

You all know the ans guess guess


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