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Riansh Os- Arranged or love marriage? By attractiveuser(part-2)

Thankyou for lovely comments ❤️❤️. Here is part two.


Vansh is seen entering a class which is empty. Riddhima also comes and locks the door.


Vansh: sweetheart you want to do something naughty that’s why you locked the door(wink)


Riddhima: shut up vansh! Vansh I am really tensed. The enemity of our families will never let our love successful.Because of that we have to behave like enemies in front of all.


(Shocked?? I know you all weren’t expecting them to be in love😂😂)


Vansh comes closer to her and makes her sit on his lap on a bench.


Vansh: offo sweetheart! Don’t stress yourself. Let’s have fun.


Riddhima: I am a bit tensed vansh. Mom gets angry whenever I ask the reason of their enemity.


Vansh: same here.(sad)


He kisses on her forehead. She blushes.

Riddhima: you are impatient.

Vansh: yes(wink)

Riddhima: vansh when will we marry each other and live a happy life?

Vansh: I don’t know sweetheart. I don’t think our families would let us marry peacefully.

Riddhima: we have to get married by hook or crook. We have to make our families accept our relation.

Vansh: but sweetheart…

Riddhima (anger): what vansh. You don’t want to get married to me.

Vansh: it’s not that sweetheart but think once how will we get married.

Riddhima: I don’t know anything we will do. We will run away but we can’t live like this. I will talk to my mom and Anupriya aunty.

Vansh: you do anything they will not agree and I don’t think we will get married.

Riddhima leaves from there in anger.

Riddhima’s pov:

Me and vansh are in relationship since our school days. Yes we went to the same school and same college because of our mothers’ enemity. And now I don’t know what happened to this vansh that he is not ready for marriage.

Riddhima’s pov ends.

Riddhima decides to message vansh. She messages him to meet at XYZ restuarant at 7pm.

At 7pm XYZ restaurant.

Vansh arrives there and goes to Riddhima.

Vansh: yes Riddhima why you called me?

Riddhima: I have a surprise for you!

She goes towards the restaurant stage and takes vansh along with her. She gets on her knees. Vansh was shocked.

Riddhima: from school to college. I fell in love only with you. You are my soul,my life,my everything. I didn’t believe in love but you made me believe in love. You were always there to rescue me. I want our this relationship to remain forever. I love you vansh. Will you marry me MR. Vansh Raisinghania?

Everyone present there claps. Vansh was shocked by her confession. He looks at her and leaves from there. Riddhima was shocked by his reaction. Riddhima also leaves. She was angry and hurt.

Riddhima (thinking): was his love fake? Was he just using me? He insulted me infront of hundreds of people.

She goes to her home. She was not able to sleep. She was hurt. She got vansh’s call. She cuts it. Vansh was calling her continuasly but she was not picking it up. She wanted some fresh air. She went to the terrace. Vansh also came to his terrace. They both see each other.(the houses are one beside other so the difference between the terrace is just one wall). Vansh jumps the wall and comes on Riddhima’s terrace.

Vansh: why the hell are you not picking my call?

Riddhima: who are you?

Vansh: Riddhima…

Riddhima: what vansh?? You insulted me in front of hundreds of people. You know how I felt. Your love was fake? Were you using me?

Vansh: Riddhima I love you so kuch but I told you we can’t marry because of our mothers.

Riddhima: where there is a will there is a way!! But you don’t want to marry me! Now it’s over! I am breaking up with you!

She left. Vansh was having tears in his eyes. They both were on their bed trying to sleep but were actually crying holding their pillows.

Aankhon mein aansu leke

Hotho se muskuraye

Hum jaise jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye

Hum jaise jee rahe hai koi jeeke to bataye.

They both fell asleep after crying a lot. They remain like this for days. Vansh tried to talk to Riddhima but she always ignored him.

After some days:

Rupali: riddhu riddhu come down.

Riddhima comes.

Riddhima: yes mom (fake smile)

Rupali: I have selected a boy for your marriage.

Riddhima was shocked. She remembers all her memories with vansh. Their cute fights,their acting in front of everyone that they are enemies. But then she remembers the restaurant incident.

Riddhima: mom I am ready to marry.

Rupali(happy): I love you riddhu! Finally you agreed! We will go to meet the boy’s family today. Get ready.

She nods. She goes to her room. She starts crying.

Riddhima: why vansh why!! Why you did this!!

She gets ready and leaves with her family.

At RS house:

Aryan comes running to vansh.

Vansh: what happened?

Aryan: bro your girlfriend is getting married.

Vansh(shocked): whattt!!

Aryan: yes bro! Riddhima bhabhi and her family has left to see the boy’s family.

Vansh was broken.

Vansh: how could she do this!

Aryan: bro by the way it is good she is getting married somewhere else. Otherwise mom will kill you for sure.

Vansh leaves.

At Khanna house:

Rupali: riddhu the boy is so good! Please day yes!!

Riddhima: ok mom I am ready to marry him.

Rupali smiles. She feeds her sweets.

Rupali: I will distribute sweets everywhere today.

Riddhima leaves. Rupali goes out and meets Anupriya.

Anupriya: you are looking very happy today! What happened?(taunting tone)

Rupali: my daughter is getting married in next 10 days not like your son. (Taunts)

Anupriya leaves in anger.

Anupriya: vansh vansh..

Vansh comes to her.

Anupriya: that rupali’s daughter Riddhima is getting married in next 10 days. You will also get married on the same day and that’s final.

Vansh: mom but..

Anupriya: I don’t want to listen anything.

They go to girl’s house and fix the marriage on the same day on which Riddhima is getting married.

Vansh and Riddhima were in their rooms crying.

Vansh: now I have to apologise to Riddhima. I realised that I love her. I can’t live without her.

He jumps into Riddhima’s room. Riddhima was about to shout but he keeps his hand on her mouth and pins her to the wall.

Vansh: Riddhima please listen to me. I love you so much. I can’t live without you. I know I did wrong with you and I don’t deserve your forgiveness but I cannot live with you.

He removes his hand from her mouth. She hugs him.

Riddhima: I also can’t live without you vansh!

They hug.

Riddhima: but we both are getting married.

Vansh: we will do something. Otherwise for our families we have to seperate forever.

She cries and nods.

He leaves.

Riddhima (thinking): we will plan something for sure. Otherwise for mom’s sake I will seperate from my love forever. I love you vansh but let’s see what’s in our destiny.

Riddhima and vansh’s marriage was fixed on the same date,same time and same banquet because of their moms’ completion.


Done with the second part. In next part I will end this os. Hope it was a long one. Let’s see riansh will get married to each other or at different places. Do comment and support.

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