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Riansh FF – You are precious to me (Chapter 10)

I am sorry for taking a huge break and I am writing this  despite my headache and shock so if any mistakes are there sorry. Before I start this I need to say this chapter is dedicated to a fighter and a sweetheart named Tanishka. She was diagnosed with cancer and has passed away this Sunday. (24/04/2021) She has last commented on my ff  and I couldn’t understand her comment until now. If the chapter is not good, I am sorry but I am doing this to give my due respect to her!

The episode starts with vansh and Riddhima going to a mansion. 

Just like this 👆🏻👆🏻

When they went inside a worker came and said;

Worker: hello Vansh babu aur Riddhima beti

 Riansh: hello ramu uncle 

(Rama uncle will be RU and Riddhima-R and Vansh-V and Riansh-R)

RU: after a long time. See this mansion feels like home after you both came.

R: uncle you know na work was a lot.

V: ok uncle we will go there and come, till then could you make us some not chocolate. 

RU: sure beta

They both went into a room where photo frames were kept with 2 children and a couple. They seemed like a happy 😊 family. Riddhima went and caressed the photo frame;


Riddhima: mom and dad! Dekho (see) I came  here after having my treatment. I know you both are sad but don’t worry I won’t leave Vansh ever.

Vansh:yes maa and papa. I won’t let anything happen to her. 

They went to room which seemed like a princess’s room. There were many photo frames. The couple’s picture and Raisinghania’s were there too.

They went to a photo frame 🖼 in which 5 children were there. 

Riddhima: look at all of us we were so happy 

Vansh: yes and look at this! 

Vansh caressed the girl who was hugging a boy;

(Just imagine like this)

Vansh: really Riddhi you were so scared that you were hugging me even when the photo was being clicked 

Riddhima: very funny 😄 but who said you to scare me in the first place..

Vansh: ok sweetheart but see you are looking so cute.

Riddhima: this one I stayed properly and it was my birthday party which you said you won’t come so it’s all your fault…

(Like this 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 )

Vansh: but my favorite is this.

Riddhima: so is mine

They stayed for a while, drank hot chocolate and left to VR mansion. 

VR mansion

 Siya: bhai and Riddhima now since everyone came, can we start our basketball match please

Vansh:N.. (he was cutoff by Riddhima)

Riddhima: sure everyone get ready…

Vansh: but

Riddhima: no ifs and buts M

Everyone: ok ma’am 

Riansh went to Riddhima’s room;

Vansh: have you gone nuts ?

Riddhima: no but you have. See I want to enjoy my life and you are just ruining it. I can’t be in one place just because of something.

Vansh: you are right and now let’s see who will win?

Riddhima: oh really! I have defeated you in childhood also so what is this?

Vansh: let’s see!

Everyone came downstairs ;

Ishani: the teams in the first match will be team Riddhima and team Vansh and in the second match will be team Riddhima and Team Aryan.

Everyone: ok done ✅ 

Done for today.So I have a good news: my school is postponed till 17 so I can update and this is for all who missed my story. If it’s short I am sorry but I wrote this only for Tanishka. Guys I have no idea but I was really shocked listening to her death. 

“Rest In Peace Tanishka. You were fighter and a sweetheart. Sorry I couldn’t understand your last message till yesterday but you will remain a fighter in my eyes…”

And guys question of the day;

Will Riddhima win against Vansh?

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