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Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 13 DATES!

Aiye padhariye siddhi ke pagalpan mein apka dil se swagat hai wohhhh swagat hai aaiye padhariye siddhi ke paaglpan mein 😂


After they cut the call

Kalpana: riddhi! Vansh’s call? Give me?

Riddhima: Mom! I just hung up the call! Wese! What happened??

Kalpana: hmm ok!  I’ll call him

Riddhima: but why mom?

Kalpana: god look at her! Shameless! He’s my son also and for your kind information RiBan madam! I wanted to talk Alok and Kiran! Because I have to call pandit ji and ask him dates of your marriage

Riddhima (excited): seriously mom!! I.. I’ll call him now!

Kalpana: arey rawa do rawa do (let it be in gujrati daya ben op 😂)  I’ll call kiran!

Riddhima(sad): ok!

Kalpana: aww don’t be so sad to-be-bride!

Riddhima (blushes): aww mom I have to bath!

Kabir: someone is blushing huh!

Riddhima: bhai! You scared me! Kahi pe bhi kabhi bhi aa jate ho!

Kabir: don’t worry sweetheart! I won’t come to your room after your marriage

Riddhima (iritated): bhaiiiiiiii!

Kalpana: aey, don’t tease my child don’t forget your time will also come!

Riddhima and Kalpana laughs while kabir gets iritated and goes!

After 3 hours! Rai Singhania’s and pandit ji are present at RB mansion!

Kiran: pandit ji tell us the dates please

RIANSH: fast

Pandit: waah! Kya jodi hai!

They blushes

Kabir: please tell us the dates!

Pandit ji: it’s after 8 days

Aryan (bitting the apple): Well Well Well What The Hell! (I’m in love with this dialogue 😂)

Kabir: what!????

Vansh: what!???? Wow

Kabir: look! Look this shameless man here we are tensed and he! He is excited!

Vansh: you’ll be also exited when your wedding dates will be declared!

Riddhima and kalpana looks at each other and bursts to laughter!

Kabir: why every one is behind me!? They are geeting married just tease them know!

Aryan: bro! Your time will also come!

Kabir: as welk yours will also come!

Aryan: and I’m waiting!

Vansh: ok guys! End this and call chacha chachi!

Aryan: for what??

Vansh: look! Look this shameless man! Dude you’re a bad son but I’m not a bad nephew! I’ll call my chacha chachi in my wedding!

Aryan: oh! I’ll call them

Vansh: bro! I can’t trust you you’re useless

Aryan: bhabhi!!

Riddhima: aryan no bhabhi please I’m riddhima!

Aryan: ok bhabhi ji!

Riddhima: ughhhhh ok dewar ji! Call me whatever you want

Aryan: ok whatever you want!

Everyone bursts to laugher!

Avinash: ok so get ready for the arrangements! We have to do these super duper fast!

Alok: He’s right!!

While everyone was busy discussing vansh pulls riddhima to corner!

Vansh: so Mrs. Vansh Ray Singhania ready to get married

Riddhima: see Mr. Vansh Ray Singhania we’re not married so we’re not husband wife so I’m not Mrs. Vansh Ray Singhania I’m bachelor!

Vansh: mee too sweetheart! Hey, idea what about bachelor party sweetheart! Me and my girlss too much fun

Riddhima: aey, Mr. Whatever you are! Dare you to do bachelor party! I’ll kill you got it?

They we’re arguing while Alok called them


Hanji to Aryan bhai sahab ki entery ho chuki hai! Chacha chachi ki bhi ho jayegi! Angre gayab hai I know man whenever I try to cover Bansal’s I feel that rai Singhania’s are missing and whenever I try to cover rai Singhania’s I feel Bansal’s are missing! Uff just writer problems 😂! Ok angre bhi ayega chinta mat karo aur dekho! Is episode mein mujhe lag raha ishani sur siya ghum gaye ughhhh!

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