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#Riansh Born to be united Episode 24!!

Hello, this is another episode..


I am very disheartened..like seriously only 18 comments not also 20..


First, the target was 25 and you all completed it..but in the last few updates, it is less than that..


I know In the last update I said no target..but I write an episode taking out some precious time from my daily schedule..and my results of hardwork is shown as your comments..I will not ask you to comment..but seriously your one comment can make me smile and motivate me..to write more..



This was stored in my heart so thought to write..hope you will not feel bad..I not only write for comments but the thing is your comments tell me that you are liking my updates..and my hardwork is not wasted..



Okay ..lots of bakwaas is done..😴😴 you would be finding it boring so here you go with the episode..



Episodes start..



riddhima’s room…




Pal aik pál mein hi tham sa gáya,

Tu haath mein háath jo de gayaa,


(Everything stopped in a moment,

When you held my hand with yours .)


Cháloon main jahan jáaye tu

Daayein máin tere baayein tu,

Hoon rut main háwayein tu, sathiyá.


(I shall follow wherever you are going.

You’re always by my side when I look,

I am the season and you’re the breeze, Sweetheart.)


Hasoon main jab gáaye tu

Ro’un main jab murjháaye tu

Bheegoon main barsaáye tu, sathiya.


(I laugh when you sing,

I cry when you wither away,

I get drenched in the shower of your love, Sweetheart.)




Saáya mera hai teri shakál

Haal hai áisa kuch aajkál,


(My shadow looks just like you,

My condition is such these days.)


Subah main hoon tu dhoop hai,

Máin aayiná hoon tu roop hai

Ye tera sáath khoob hai humsáfar.


(If I am dawn, you’re the rays of the sun,

I’m a mirror and you’re the image,

Your company of yours is so loving, Oh companion.)


Tu ishq ke sáre rang de gaya

Phir kheech ke ápne sang le gaya

Káheen bhi kho jayein chal

Jaháan ye ruk jaayein chal

Kábhi na phir aaye kall saathiya.




(You gave me all the colors of love,

And pulled me towards yourself,

Let’s get lost somewhere,

Where the time shall stop forever,

And tomorrow never comes, Sweetheart.)


Aik maange agar sau khaab doon,

Tu rahe khush main abaad hoon

Tu sabse judaa-judaa sa hai

Tu apni tarah-tarah sa hai

Mujhe lagta nahi hai tu doosra.


(If you want, I’ll give you a million dreams,

If you’re happy then so am I,

You’re unique,

You’re same as me.

You don’t feel different to me.)


Pal ek pal mein hi thum sa gaya

Tu haath mei haath jo de gaya,


(Everything stopped in a moment, when you held my hand with yours.)(


Chalu mai jahan jaaye tu

Dayein mai tere bayein tu

Hu rut main hawayein tu sathiya.


(I shall follow you, wherever you go,

You’re always be my side, When i look,

I am the season and you’re the breeze, sweetheart.)


Hasoon máI jab gaye tu

Ro’un main murjhaáye tu

Bheegun mai mbarsáye tu saathiya.


(I laugh when you’re singing,

I cry when you’re unhappy,

I get wet in your love when you’re raining it on me, darling.)



vansh:-I love you Riddhima will you my sathiya..?? Will you fulfill my wish..will you be mine??



Riddhima:-yes Vansh I love you too..


Love is not a word to say. Love is not a game to play. Love doesn’t start in April and ends in May. Love is yesterday, tomorrow, and forever…


I will love you forever..



when she was about to hug him..


she heard her phone ringing..wake up..it was her dream…(don’t throw anything on me…don’t you think it’s too early..)



she picked the phone and it was company’s call…



Riddhiam:-What the hell..It was such a nice area..I was almost,, Wait..I said yes to him..it means..I love him..I knew that already but…should I say yes to him?


yes, I will say yes to him..at the right moment and right time..Now I will propose to him and also ask him for an apology..sorry Vansh for making you wait..but trust me sabar ka fal mitha hota h (patience will give you more sweet results..)



Scene changes to Vansh’s study



Angre:- What !!


Aryan you should tell me yesterday only..


I should have understood when he didn’t pick sejal’s call..


Coz he never unanswered sejal’s call..


I am tensed..



Vansh:- Relax Angre..we will find it out..



Aryan:- I tried to tell but..



Angre:- But what Aryan you have no idea his life is in danger..


And Vansh and damn sure that he told you that where he is going…


I know he is neither in Ahemdabad nor in Surat… Right Vansh..???



Vansh:- Yes he told me not to tell you because you were already tensed..



Angre:- tensed my foot…He is in grave danger..


Aryan give me your phone..I need to trace his last location..



Vansh:- Angre First calm down..he told me that he is going to Delhi..


I asked him if there is any problem but he told me everything is alright..



Angre:- Delhi…I knew why he has gone there..I will not leave him..how could he hide such a big thing from me..?????



Scene changes to Ishani’s room..



Ishani:- So aksh are you ready??



Aksh:- yes mom..!!



Sejal:- Good but remember you have to only ask dadi that whom the girl is she has choose for bhai okay??



Aksh:- but what if she refuses?



Siya:- come on Aksh you can do this you are expert in buttering..



Aksh:- Okay going pray for me..if she caught me I would be dead coz badi nani is not a good mood today..



Ishani:- Nothing will happen you just go and you remember your price na ..think about that(she is bribing her own child very bad!!)..



Aksh:- going don’t blackmail me…



Aksh reached Dadi’s room..



aksh:-Badi nani you are looking so pretty today..



Dadi(with attitude):-That I know  tell me which I don’t know..



aksh:-That’s rude Badi nani..


what happened to you.. what I have done why are you angry with me..



dadi:-Okay..not angry from you..but angry from your mamu..



Aksh:-acha Dadi tell me na who is the lucky one you have chosen for mamu..you can tell me, after all, I am your the most trusty person of yours..😙



Dadi:-okay but promise me you will not tell anyone..









Aksh:-What!! I am so excited..



Dadi:- but you remember your promise na??



Aksh:-yes Aksh doesn’t  break promises..



Dadi:- That’s  like my boy..



Aksh:_ love you bye…😉



Dadi:-Bye..😉(our cool dadi)



Aksh leaves dad’s room and he was caught  by sejal,siya and Ishani..



Ishani:- tell me dadi ne kya kaha??



Aksh:-No I will not..I have promised dadi that  will  not tell me anyone..and you know Aksh doesn’t break promises..



Siya:-Aksh that’s not fair..we were paying  you for this..



Aksh:-But masi aksh doesn’t break  promises…





Saying this he goes..



Sejal:- He double crossed us..know he knew who is the one dadi choose..



Ishani:- I will not leave him..



Precap:- kabir!!!



That’s it…




Bye take care…


This was also short but two short updates make a long one…😉












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