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#Riansh Born to be United.. Episode 23!!

Hello…I want to say that I am not ending my FF(🥱)…It was not due to comments but I was losing interest..but now I am back with my update to entertain you all…😅

keep supporting..This time no target, nothing..if you want you can comment..and if not no problem..😎
Episodes start..
at one of the corner..
man:-don’t do anything that I don’t want or else your best friend, sister, your fiance’s sister, and my love.. have to bear the consequences..
Don’t use your police brain here..
Kabir nodded..
he was very weak, pale face, dry eyes, and a sad face..
He was feeling guilty, coz now because of him..Riddhima will be trapped..
soon they exited and sat in a cab and left for their destination..(they were in Mumbai..)
Scene shifts to VR mansion..
everyone was at the dining table…
Aryan was lost in his own thoughts..
Aryan POV
I have to talk to vansh and angre about Kabir..yesterday I couldn’t talk but now it’s important Kabir’s phone is still switched off.
there was a silent environment when Dadi spoke..
dadi:-I want to tell you all something..
vansh:-What dadi?
dadi:-I have chosen a girl for you..and you have to marry her..no if’s and but…
vansh was choked..
dadi:-what happened vansh..
Ishani:-what dadi? when? and how?
dadi:-hold your horses Ishani..I will tell you..
but Vansh should say yes..
angre:-but Dadi first we should all know about her..
dadi:-why should I tell..you have to get married or Vansh..
vansh:-But dadi how can I say yes without knowing her..??
dadi:-You Don’t trust me?
vansh:-Dadi it’s not about trust in you..it’s about trust in her..
dadi:-I trust her and that’s final…say yes or no…
vansh:-have I never say no to you..but dadi..
dadi:-enough I am going..
saying this she left..
siya:-yeh dadi ko kya hogaya h?(what happen to dadi)she never behaved like this earlier..
where vansh was blank..
and sejal, Aryan, and riddhima were only listening..
chanchal:-I think mamiji is really upset I think Vansh you should say yes after all she is your grandmother she will never think anything bad about you..
rudra:-Yes I think Chanchal is right, first time..!!
Ishani:-but chachi..
vansh:-Ishani..wait I am ready..i am going to say yes to Dadi..
this time riddhima choked her food…
she starts coughing..
vansh left..(how rude..angre ask him to ignore not to be rude..)
sejal:-Riddhima are you alright..
riddhima:-yes I am okay..
ishani:-riddhima ate your breakfast fast you have to take your medicines also..don’t make any excuses..
riddhima:-yes bhabhi!!


riddhima:-what to do you are scolding me like bhabhi only..
aksh:- mom you started scolding bua also..at least left her..you are behind me all time but at least bua
go to your room..you have to finish your homework..go fast..
Riddhima:-Awwww…how cute..
Riddhima:-Aryan where are you lost..
aryan:-no where!!
Riddhima:- Sejal have you contacted Kabir..he has been reached there..
sejal;-No he is not picking my call..and he said before only that he will be busy ..so I didn’t call him after that..
angre:- but what urgent work he is busy in that he can’t even pick your calls..
sejal:-God knows his work is unpredictable..
when he has gone Delhi for 3 months..he doesn’t have time to call me..
siya:-so someone is complaining..what sejal you should complain when Kabir is here what is the use..when he is not listening.??(teasing)
sejal:-what would happen if hr listen also..let him come..I will not talk o him..
Guys I m not getting good vibes..is he alright..
riddhima:-Sejal you are overthinking he must be busy..
sejal:-hope so..
scene shifts to Dadi’s room..
dadi was sleeping..
vansh smiled and left the room..
the scene again shifted to riddhima’s room..
ishani:-here you go take these and rest..and rest means rest okay?
and if you need anything just give me a call..
riddhima:-okay..Thank you..
ishani:-for what?
riddhima:-for taking car of bhai when he was all alone..
ishani:-It was my duty..you know when I first time met anger..I feel something different in him..then we become best friends and then-husband and wife..
and you know I feel the same thing with you..you are really a pure soul..something different…
acha I am going take care..and remember only rest..
riddhima:-why I was feeling sad when dadi said she has chosen a girl for Vansh..and especially when vansh said yes…
I love him ???
o re manwa tu to baawra hai..
tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai..
tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai.. baawre..
kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte..
jo barse sapne boond boond..
nainon ko moond moond..
nainon ko moond moond..
jo barsein sapne boond boond..
nainon ko moond moond..
kaise main chaloon.. dekh na sakoon
anjaane raaste..

(O heart, you’re mad,
you only know what you think,
you only know what you think, o mad (heart),
why you show me dreams sleeping and awake,
as dreams rain drop by drop,
closing the eyes, closing the eyes,
as dreams rain drop by drop,
closing the eyes,
How do I walk, I can’t see,
the unknown paths..)

goonja sa hai koi iktara iktara..
goonja sa hai koi iktara..
goonja sa hai koi iktara iktara..
goonja sa hai koi iktara.. iktara..
dheeme bole koi iktara iktara..
dheeme bole koi iktara..
goonja sa hai koi iktara iktara..
goonja sa hai koi iktara..

(Some iktara has echoed,
some iktara has echoed,
some iktara plays softly,
some iktara has echoed..)

sun rahi hoon sudhbudh kho ke koi main kahani..
poori kahani hai kya kise hai pata..
main toh kisiki ho ke yeh bhi na jaani..
rut hai yeh do pal ki ya rahegi sada..
kise hai pata.. kise hai pata..

(I’m listening to some story, with my consciousness lost,
what is the whole story, who knows,
I became someone (else)’s and didn’t even know
whether this is a season of two moments or forever,
who knows, who knows…)

Riddhima:- no even if I LOVE him..I can’t…
scene changes…
Vansh:-Why Riddhima you can’t understand..
and then he receives a call..
he was disturbed.. he didn’t want to pick up…but his phone was ringing again and again…
the fifth time he picked and put the call on speaker…
vansh:-Hello what the hell..Don’t have manners if someone is not picking you should not call repeatedly..
unknown:- Oh!! Thanks for telling me but I don’t have time for this manners lesson..I should come to the point..
so do you know what is the time..?
vansh:-(irritated)for this you have called me?? Don’t you know how to see the time or you don’t have a watch ….
unknown:-I know and I have a watch also but when time is going good na I don’t see time and suggest the person to see the time whose time is going to be bad….
vansh:-You said you don’t have time and you will come directly to the point so why are you talking rubbish..
Then the call ended..
vansh:-blo*dy man wasted my time..
At the same time scene shifted to godown..
man:-see Kabir your friend is so tensed..tch tch and your best friend is also injured..I love to harm..should I , why I am asking you..I can do anything with her after all she is my love..
Kabir:- You bastard dare you do anything to her..
man:-lower your voice…
then he signals his men and his men inject Kabir..
Scene changes to vansh study..
Aryan enters..
Aryan:-Vansh I want to talk to you..It’s very important..
vansh:-What happened Aryan why are you so tensed..
aryan:-I was talking with Kabir today morning..and he told me he is in Surat but you told me he has gone to Ahemdabad..
and The call gets disconnected and his phones switched off…I am very tensed..
when someone says..WHAT!!!
precap:-“my wish”..
That’s it..Hope you like it…
I know it is short…but I was not going to upload today but because you all insisted …. here you go…🤗
bye take care…

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