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RadhaKrishn 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Tulsi Marries Krishna

RadhaKrishn 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Banke Bihari informs Tulsi that an asur named Dantavakra kidnapped Radha. Tulsi asks what is he doing here instead of saving Radha. He says he cannot save Radhika until he returns to Krishna’s form. She says she will take back her curse. He says she has to call him with love like she cursed him with hatred. She says she doesn’t mind even if she loses her life, she will call his name with love. Balram walks to Krishna and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to inform truth to Tulsi and relieve him of his curse.

Dantavakra takes Radha to patal lok. Radha asks who is he and why did he bring her here. He says he is Krishna’s ardent enemy asur Dantavakra and orders her to live as a servant here. She says when Krishna will come and punish him. Dantavakra says Krishna cannot come here, so she should forgive him. She warns that she will burn him into ashes. He says without Krishna, she is powerless and hence should forget Krishna and live here. He disappears. Radha remembers Krishna. Shankchurn meets Dantavakra and says as per his experience, Krishna will return for sure as Radha and Krishna are bound by immense love, so he should weaken Radha’s love for Krishna. Dantavakra asks how. He teaches him a frightening evil sound to divert Radha’s attention. Dantavakra gets happy hearing that and makes evil sound. Radhika tries to chant Krishna’s name but is disturbed by evil sound. She then remembers Banke’s words that he will reach her whenever she looks at his ring and member him, so she looks at ring and calls Banke. Her tears fall on ring. Banke hears her.

Tulsi says she wants to relieve Krishna from her curse and asks him to return. Balram noticing Krishna tensed and asks what happened. Krishna says Radha is in trouble as Dantavakra is making evil sounds to weaken Radha’s love for him. Balram asks him to go then. He says he cannot until he becomes Krishna again. Balram asks what is stopping him then. Krishna says he needs to fulfill his incomplete promise made in Golok. Balram asks what he means. Krishna says he needs to marry Tulsi and asks him to go and protect Radha from Dantavakra. Balram leaves. Radha unable to bear Dantavakra’s evil sound requests Banke to come soon. Dantavakra says nobody will come for her help. Radha thinks then Banke made fake promise. Balram enters and challenges Dantavakra to free Radha. Dantavakra says he will not until he removes Krishna’s love from Radha’s heart. Their fight starts. Radha hears Balram’s voice and realizes that he came to protect her. Balram unable to defeat Dantavakra thinks he needs to do something.

Tulsi continues praying Krishna to return and not make her guilt go waste. Banke says its not time to feel sorrow. Tulsi asks why isn’t she able to get him back to Krishna’s form. Krishna says she has to accept him forever by fulfilling the promise made to him in Golok and marry him. She asks if he means her wish will be fulfilled. He says their marriage will be remembered by the whole universe. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev if Krishna will marry Tulsi. Mahadev says the universe will benefit with this wedding.

Balram tries hard to defeat Dantavakra, but fails. Dantavakra laughs and asks him to get ready to die. Dantavakra attacks him and he falls towards Radha. Radha asks Balram why didn’t Banke came. Balram returns to Dantavakra, but is thrown towards Radha again. Radha holds his hand and giving her promise asks why didn’t Banke came. Balram reveals that Banke went to marry Tulsi, but she need not worry. Radha cries saying Banke tricked and lied to her.

Tulsi reaches Krishna’s stone idol and says she desires to marry Krishna in an unique way. Banke with a snap of his finger turns her into bride holding a garland. He says he will marry her for sure, but he needs to save Radha first, their marriage will be unique and would be a boon on the whole universe. Tulsi says she didn’t understand. He says anyone who wants blessings of love from him should be able to reach only via her, universe will remember her sacrifice, she will have medicinal qualities to revive someone, she will be a symbol of purity, etc., but for that she needs to turn from human into a plant. Tulsi asks why. He says he and Radha will meet her in their original form in Golok, but on earth, she will be in plant form and he has to marry her in plant form. She says she wants to marry Krishna in this form. He says he is Krishna’s one form and real Krishna is standing there as an idol. Tulsi happily garlands Krishna’s idol saying she married Krishna finally. Idol turns into Narayan.

Precap: Dantavakra says after sunsent, Radha will lose Krishna and will never able able to bring him back. Radha thinks Krishna has to come to save her.
Krishna walks towards Radha.

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