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Today i am going to get married everyone was against us but when u have the right partner with you anything is possible and i have the best person the love of my life.

Teri meri aisi jud gayi kahaani

Ke jud jaata jaise do nadiyon ka paani

Mujhe aage tere sath behna hai.

“See mister i don’t know you so please,will you excuse me ive a meeting with this company.”

Jaana tumhein to hai teh bata jaani

Ke aye zindagi kaise banti suhaani

Mujhe har pal tere sath rehna hai.

“Im sorry i didn’t know that you are a part of this company anyways i shouldn’t have-.” “Its ok, now that we are going to be working together let’s be friends.”

Tu kuchh adhoore se

Hum bhi kuchh aadhe

“Hey just called up im so bored.” “Even me lets go clubbing?” ,”Ya sure.”

Aadha aadha hum jo dono mila dein

To ban jaayegi apni ik Zindagani

“It was fun, clubbing and all.” “Ya it was amazing.”

Yeh duniya mile na mile humko

Khushiyan bhaga dengi har gham ko

“What happened you look worried.” “Im not worried my brother finally made it to Harvard im shocked and happy, i don’t know what to do.”

Tum sath ho phir kya baaki ho

Mere liye tum kaafi ho.

“Well i think u should be happy come.lets raise a toast for you brother.” I said

Ek aasmaan ke hain hum do sitare ke

Ke takraate hain toot’te hain bechare

Mujhe tumse par yeh kehna hai

“I don’t know if you will accept this or not but i don’t wang it to harma our friendship i love you Kabir and i always have will u marry me and make me yours and be mine forever.” “Yes, yes even ive wanted to tell this from a long time Aaryan i love you.” “I love you too.” We kissed it was amazing.

Chakke jo do sath chlte hain thode to

Ghisne ragadne mein chhilte hain thode

Par yoon hi to katte hain kachche kinaare.

Now when I see us walking down the aisle i dont care what the world thinks about us i just want to be yours and make you mine and im happy having you by my side

Yeh dil jo dhala teri aadt mein

Shaamil kiya hai ibaadat mein

Thodi khuda se bhi maafi ho

Mere liye tum kaafi ho.

” now we are a perfect and official couple i love you soo much.” “I love you too kabir.” We share a passionate kiss.

Mere liye tum kaafi ho

Mere liye tum kaafi ho

Mere liye tum kaafi ho

Gusy idk how will u guys take it but thanks for reading this was a karyan os hope u like it , please don’t kill me 💀 bye thanks love you guys and i mean it.

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