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#Opposites Attract Each Other #10 Marvellous Mehndi

After the engagement party, everyone went back to their rooms and slept. The next morning, only Riddhima was awake, rest all were sleeping due to tiredness but our superwomen is great..She quickly moved towards the park and finds her fiancee in front of her.

Riddhima : What are you doing?

Vansh : You should have a habit of seeing me after o..

Riddhima : No word more!!! And I’ll not let this marriage happen..

Vansh : Poor you!

Riddhima : Excuse me..(sarcastically)

Vansh : Excused..(chuckling)

Riddhima leaves in anger. 

Vansh : Duniyaa ka saara attitude is ladki mein bharr diya hai bhagwaan ne..(The whole world’s attitude is in this girl filled by GOD)

Riddhima’s side: 

Riddhima : Ooh, so this is all a plan, but who made it? Why? Uhm..

Vansh : Hey hi!

Riddhima : Ughhh!! Listen, before I beat you..LEAVE!!!

Vansh : I came here to tell you a good news..

Riddhima : Don’t say me that..no..

Vansh : Yess, right, today is our mehndi and haldi…

Riddhima felt the biggest shock of her life, marriage?

Riddhima : No you stupid, no..I won’t let it happen on any cost..

She turns to go when Vansh pulls her. They look at each other.

(Imagine the park as the background) Riddhima realises their closeness. She pushes him slightly. 

Riddhima : Listen, even if this marriage happens, stay away from me, I don’t like this all..

Vansh : What this all?

Riddhima : Your cheap tricks..Understand? You better understand..

Vansh : Let’s go home..

Riddhima : I WANT TO JOG more..

Vansh : Rajat dad..

Riddhima : Listen, you can’t scare me, I’m not afraid of him..

Vansh : Please naa, we’ve to get ready..

Riddhima : Fine..fine..

They both go back to the mansion seeing it decorated for Mehndi. All are running here and there preparing for the decors..

Anushka: Riddhima, you are not ready? Go..

Riddhima : For how much time did I jog?

Vansh : 2 hours..

Riddhima :What a stamina!

She pats her shoulder and goes to get ready. 

Mehndi function :-





Everyone is all set for the mehndi function. The girls come to apply mehndi.

Anushka : Wait, first the pooja..

Riddhima : You apply, mom, no pooja..

Anushka : Wait..

She calls the priest and a puja is conducted which bores Riddhima. 

Riddhima : Now, shall they?

Anushka : Yaaa..

Devyani : Write V in the mehndi..

Riddhima narrows her eyes and lets them apply the mehndi. After the mehndi has been applied,

Rajat : Now, Vansh search your name inside the mehndi..

Vansh goes to Riddhima and tries to search the name.

Riddhima : He’ll not find out..

She says with a smirk.

Vansh : I found it!!!

He points. Everyone chuckles seeing Riddhima’s shocked face.

Riddhima : Okok, it’s fine…

Neil : Now, we’ll see what will be the colour dark or light, what do you think?

Rajat : Dark..

Anushka : Dark..

Riddhima (murmurs) : I hope it’s light..

After some time, the mehndi’s colour turns dark. Everyone claps for them.

“Mehndi hai rachne waali, haathon mein gehri laali ho…” Bani sings in a teasing tone.

Veer : Well, I think the news that went viral was true..

Bani : Same here, man..

Riddhima : Will you guys stop it?

Bani : One condition..

Riddhima : What?

Bani : Say the three magical words to jiju..

Riddhima thinks and then says,”See you later..” with a smirk and leaves. 

Bani : “I love you” toh main bulwa kr rhungi..

Veer : Hey Bani! I’ve an idea..Shhpshhhshh

Bani : Nope, I’ve an idea for their first night..Shhpshhhhshhhh

Veer : Seems like you are an experienced one..

Bani hits him on the chest.

That’s all for “Marvellous Mehndi” Hope you liked it! Nowadays, I’m stuck with periodic tests, 8th is difficult for us! But I got some break from them, and wrote this..I’ll be posting one more update of another ff, nearly 1, so keep checking TU and don’t forget to comment, any suggestions? See you soon! Take care..Stay safe and be alert from the fake vaccines..Must visit @riansh.obsessed on Instagram..And how was the choice of clothes?? Do tell me…@Aanya again thanks for the cover..Finally, bbyee..

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