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Lovingly Misunderstood (RIANSH) CONVERTED OS

Hello Everyone!!

I really am sorry to say but I converted the FF into the OS. It was getting too complicated to write the episodes and after certain time, y’all must have felt that I was dragging it so I thought to convert it in an OS. Please do give it a read, it’s equally good and has the same storyline, without change. I am sorry for making y’all wait and sad.

The OS starts as……..


“Riddhima…..Riddhima….Wake up or else I’ll sit and watch Swaragini and Qubool Hai, all ALONE!! Ishani screamed standing next to the sleeping Riddhima.


“I’m all awake!” Riddhima said as she jerked from the bed and then rubbed her eyes together.


“What yaar Di, you always wake me up like this!!”


“It isn’t my fault for you being a Swaragini and Qubool Hai fan!”


“It was you who made me addicted to it by watching it for the whole time.”


“But now, I’m not into it!”


Ishani shrugged her shoulders and left the room. Riddhima got down from the bed and went to the bathroom. She came out dressed and walked to the dining area where Ishani had already served breakfast for the two of them. The sisters had breakfast together while they were watching Swaragini on the laptop but Ishani got a call from their Dad(Akshay) so she paused the show and kept the call on speaker.


Ishani/Riddhima: Good morning Dad!


Akshay: Good Morning Angels! Had breakfast?


Ishani: Having now!


Akshay: Oh….okay! Actually, I called y’all to inform that we need to attend a business party today at Mr. Mehra’s place.


Riddhima: You mean to say, Aryan’s place?


Akshay: Yep! Since it’s a business party, many reputed businessmen are invited.


Ishani: Like?


Akshay: Like the Sinhas’, Shekhawats’, Mr. Mehra would also be there; it’s his place after all, most importantly the most amazing business man, Mr. Akshay Agarwal.


Akshay self-praised himself to which the sisters chuckled.


Akshay: And ya, the Raisinghanias’ as well.


Riddhima: You mean to say, Vansh Raisinghania?


Akshay: Yes! Now, I should hang up, Your Mom and I, we’ll directly meet y’all at the party, we are quite out now.


Akshay hung the call and Ishani and Riddhima looked at each other. Ishani was about to play the show again but Riddhima stopped her.


Riddhima: No di! Forget it! I’m not in the mood.


Ishani understood her disinterest and too denied to play the video.

In the evening, 

Riddhima and Ishani reached the Mehra mansion and were instantly welcomed by Aryan.


Aryan: Oh my beautiful best friends are here! Finally, y’all got time to come and look at my face.


Riddhima: Yaa…You should thank your Dad and his business associates for organizing this party.


Ishani: And Aryan, if not us, you too can come at our place but no, you are least interested.


Aryan: I’m busy guys!


Ishani: Wasting time is also considered busy nowadays? I didn’t know!


Ishani shrugged her shoulders, Riddhima chuckled and Aryan rolled his eyes.


Akshay along with Roshni entered the house and greeted Aryan and his daughters.


Roshni(to her daughters): For the first time in life maybe, y’all are punctual!


Aryan: Aadat daal lo Aunty, Aapke bacche bade ho rahe hain!


Aryan, Akshay and Roshni chuckled together while Ishani and Riddhima glared at Aryan to which he gulped. Just then Aryan’s Dad(Rudra) joined them.


Rudra: What’s fun without me?


Akshay: Everything! And let’s leave the kids alone.


Rudra and Akshay joined the men, Roshni, the women while the trio stood there, together. Riddhima smacked Aryan’s arm.


Riddhima(mimicking): Aapke bacche bade ho rahe hain!


Aryan: Wasn’t it the truth?


Ishani: Shut up!


That’s when Aryan’s eyes followed the entrance and he was shocked.


Aryan: What is she doing here?


Riddhima and Ishani too looked towards the entrance and were surprised.


Ishani: Wasn’t she Kalaana?


Aryan/Riddhima: What?!


Ishani: Her name!


Aryan: It’s Ahana and not Kalaana! But the problem is, What is she doing here? I never gave or told her about my residence!


Riddhima: She’s so desperate!

Ishani: Wasn’t it her whom you met in the club? Y’all met only once and she’s so much into you!


Aryan rubbed the back of his neck as he replied, “We met more than once!”


Riddhima/Ishani: What!


Aryan: After we met at the club, last month, we’ve been going on a number of dates together, I haven’t checked any other girl out, after her.


Ishani and Riddhima’s jaws remained open.


Aryan: But how is she here? Out of all the days? Today?


Ahana after entering, travelled her eyes everywhere and they got stuck on Aryan, she was shocked.


Ahana(to herself): Now what is he doing here? Damnnn!!! What if he comes to know that I belong to the Raisinghania family. He’ll leave me, no yaar! He shouldn’t come to know that.


That’s when Riddhima’s eyes travelled on Vansh.


Riddhima: He looks hotter in reality than in pictures.


She whispered to herself.


Aryan too saw him and spoke to himself, “What is he doing here? What if something comes out?”


And then he saw him going towards Ahana and pulling her along with him. Ishani, Aryan and Riddhima planned to eavesdrop on their conversation.


Vansh: She’s my sister, Ahana!


Aryan breathed out a sigh in relief on hearing that.

The Mehras’, Raisinghanias’ and Agarwals’ were standing together now.


Roshni: I’m planning to get Riddhima married, Koi ladka ho toh batana!


Riddhima choked on the drink which she was drinking.


Riddhima: Am I not the younger one among the two? Shouldn’t you be sending Ishani di off first?


Roshni: Responsible kids aren’t sent off early! You’ve been doing is shifting channels shows from Swaragini to Qubool Hai!


Akshay: Not again and especially not here!


Uma chuckled: Even I’m searching a bride for my Vansh!


Roshni and Uma looked at each other and smiled and instantly hugged each other out of the blue. While the others couldn’t register a bit, Riddhima instantly backed off saying, “No way!” The women pulled off from the hug and looked at Riddhima. Riddhima looked at Ishani who was blinking her eyes, assuring her.


Riddhima: I am not interested in marrying Vansh!


Vansh didn’t answer anything, he was least interested in the matter of marriage but was overly interested in Riddhima. The way she carried herself so gracefully, he couldn’t help but it caught his eyes. And especially when she refused to marry him, he was surprised and shocked. What wouldn’t his wife have? Anything that the woman desired would be placed in front of her within the shortest duration. She would be given everything she wants. But here, Riddhima refused and he made up his mind to make her his.


Roshni: We’d decide that later! But for now, let’s enjoy!


Ahana and Aryan looked at each other and moved to the side.


Aryan: Why didn’t you tell me that you are Vansh Raisinghania’s sister? (to himself) I wouldn’t have stayed with you even for a minute, but now, how do I control my feelings?


Ahana: I’m sorry Aryan! I thought that you would leave me soon but I didn’t know that you are a businessman too. Why do you fear Bhai?


Aryan(to himself): Now how do I tell her? Why do I fear him? (to Ahana) Nothing! Just forget it!


The party went on with everyone highly interested in it.

Vansh was standing near the bar and having his drink when Aryan approached him.


Aryan: Remember me?


Vansh: Oh, ya! I was about to come and speak to you later. How have you been?


Aryan: Happy currently! (To himself) Don’t know for how long would I be?


Vansh: We would’ve been together in grade 10.


Aryan: Only if you didn’t need to shift.


Vansh: Ya! But those years were great!


Aryan: But your sister, Ahana, she wasn’t with us, was she?


Vansh: No! No! She went to another school. Wonder, Mom and Dad didn’t put Ahana and Sia in the same school as me.


Aryan: Ohh!!! (to himself) I wish that I knew earlier about them, I wouldn’t be in this mess!


Vansh: Ya!


That’s when Vansh got a call and he excused himself to a room. But the moment he reached the room, the call got cut. “Strange!” he thought.


Three days later,

In Vansh’s room,

“Vansh, you don’t expect anything from my side! I’m here and it’s all because of you!” Riddhima exclaimed and slept in the bridal attire, wiping her tears, he left the room and she secretly smirked at the success of her plan.

Roshni and Uma looked at each other and smiled and instantly hugged each other out of the blue. While the others couldn’t register a bit. Ishani whispered in Riddhima’s ears, “Sleep with Vansh, tonight!” Riddhima instantly backed off saying, “No way!” The women pulled off from the hug and looked at Riddhima. Riddhima looked at Ishani who was blinking her eyes, assuring her. 

Ishani pulled Riddhima along with her to a corner. 

Riddhima: Have you gone mad Di? Why the hell would I sleep with Vansh tonight?

Riddhima asked in rage while her sister was calm. 

Ishani: Now will you grab the opportunity to listen to me? 

Riddhima nodded. 

Riddhima: See, Marrying him with the consent of the family, both of yall will be in the good books of the family but what if, he turns into a bad one? 

Ishani smirked while Riddhima stood confused.

Ishani: I’ll add a small dose of drug which will not last more than 30 minutes, he’ll go to the room and you follow him. Uske aage, batane ki zaroorat hai ya pata hai?

Riddhima understood and smiled. 

Aryan on Ishani’s saying, purposely went and spoke to Vansh while Ishani spiked his drink. She later called him from her number and he walked to the room but when the call got cut, he was about to leave the room. Riddhima entered. 

Riddhima: You called me here Vansh? 

Vansh: Me? No! 

Vansh’s head was spinning and he was about to fall but Riddhima supported him. She helped him sit down on the bed and gave him water too but he passed. 

Riddhima(to herself): You have 30 minutes. Spoil yourself! Ab iss Vansh ke liye, mujhe apne pyaare kapde fadne padenge. 

She made Vansh lie down on the bed, perfectly and stood in front of the mirror. She tore her dress a bit from the shoulders, and the bottom too. She scattered her hair in a mess and smeared her lipstick over her face completely. She smeared the eye-liner too. She looked at herself completely and now, finally, she looked like a woman who was tortured badly. And being alone in the room with Vansh. The name would go on him, only. She had ten more minutes with her and that’s when her eyes moved towards a whiskey bottle which was present in the room. She opened it and dropped a few droplets over Vansh. 

Riddhima: Kitni pee rakhi hai! 

She laughed and instantly fell on the bed, besides him and brought her knees close to her chest and put on a depressed look on her face. 

Ishani came and stood next to her parents. 

Roshni: Where’s Riddhima? 

Ishani(to herself): Correct Question! I wanted someone to ask this to me. Luckily, Mom did it. 

Roshni: What are you thinking? Where’s she? 

Ishani: I saw her going inside that room. 

She indicated to the room. 

Uma: What is she doing there? 

Ishani: Let’s see! 

Uma, Ishani and Roshni walk to the room and Uma opens the door only to get a shocking view of her son lying on the bed.

Uma/Ishani/Roshni: RIDDHIMA! 

The females screamed. Their voice woke Vansh up and he also was shocked and tried to register things. 

Riddhima: Mumma! 

Riddhima cried and Roshni pulled Riddhima in her embrace. 

Uma went towards Vansh and brought her nose near his face and smelled Alcohol. 

Uma: You are drunk! 

Vansh was surprised. He hadn’t touched alcohol, he was consuming a soft drink. 

Riddhima: Mumma! 

Riddhima cried again. 

Ishani(to herself): Riddhima, meri jaan! Tu kya acting karti hai yaar! Swaragini mein Helly Shah ki jagah toh tujhe hona chahiye tha! I’m impressed! 

Ishani didn’t change her sad expressions. 

Roshni: How did all this happen?

Riddhima: Someone informed me that Vansh is calling me here, so I came in here and after thaaat…..

Riddhima again burst into a cry while Uma slapped Vansh which was a satisfaction for Riddhima and Ishani. 

Uma: Why did you do this? 

Ishani: Why would he do that? Because Riddhima refused to marry Vansh! His male ego suffered. 

This chaos even brought Sia, Ahana, Rudra, Aryan and Akshay who were outside and they heard everything but were scared. 

Akshay: Riddhima! 

He walked to his daughter and pulled her to himself and looked at Ishani. 

Akshay: But why would Vansh do that? 

Ishani: So do you think that your daughter is lying? 

Akshay again glanced at Riddhima’s condition and it pierced his heart. He could never imagine his daughter in such a condition. Not even in the wildest dreams. 

Uma: Should we actually get them married? 

Uma stammered while asking so. 

Ishani: No ways! My Riddhima would not suffer with Vansh, ever! It’s wrong! We aren’t weak and are not at fault, either. It’s Vansh who’s gonna suffer! 

Riddhima looked at Ishani confused. 

Riddhima(to herself): Wasn’t it this what we wanted? To enter his life and make it hell? Then why aren’t we doing it? 

Ishani: My Riddhima would never do this! 

Roshni: But Ishani, our name in the society would spoil! 

Ishani: So what? So for that, you expect me to let my Riddhima marry this devil? No way, Maa! You will send her off to avoid societal pressure? 

Roshni: Okay Ishani! We wouldn’t get her married! 

Ishani(to herself): Arrey! She keeps fighting otherwise and today when I want her to fight for Riddhima and Vansh’s marriage, she isn’t! Kaisi Maa hai yaar! Apne baccho ki mehnat pe paani daal rahi hai! Riddhima, speak something! 

Riddhima: I’ll kill myself Di! I don’t want to live! How will I live with this disgust that he tried to molest me? No! No! 

She again started crying. 

Uma: Riddhima, you aren’t a weak girl! How can you even speak so! You need to fight! If wanted, file a police complaint, my son’s at fault, he needs punishment. Infact, right now you should move to the police station, but before that a doctor, he’ll give you a medical report, it’s needed. 

Uma suggested. 

Ishani(to herself): Kaisi Maa hai! She’s giving suggestions to send her son away. 

Riddhima(to herself): Medical report? No! Bhaanda phoot jayega! (To everyone) I’m not going anywhere! I don’t have the guts! 

Ishani: So do you really want to get married to Vansh? 

Riddhima looked at Vansh for a moment who was looking down and answered: Yes! I will! 

Akshay: Fine then! We’ll get y’all married. 

Uma: Don’t worry Akshay! Riddhima would be my responsibility!

Everyone left and Riddhima and Ishani, smirked and hi-fied each other. And within three days Riddhima and Vansh were married. 

Riddhima(to herself): I would make you go through hell and humiliation, just like she had to go through.


Vansh reached the study room where Angre was already present. He was surprised to see Vansh.


Angre: Boss, you? Here?


Vansh: I’m at my house Angre, I can go anywhere I want!


Angre: I know Boss but it’s your wedding night.


Vansh: What do you think Angre, what will happen in the marriage where the wife has her own motives to marry her husband?


Angre: What do you mean Boss?


Vansh: Angre, Riddhima and I, we both know that Riddhima has her own reason for falsely accusing me and then pretending to be forced into this marriage.


Angre: Means Riddhima has own motives? How did you find that?


Vansh: Firstly, I wasn’t drinking anything rather than soft drink and when Mom came to me, she concluded that I was drunk. Moreover, even if I’m drunk, I am more in my senses. I remember Angre, I fainted right after Riddhima entered the room and she made me lay on the bed. And looking at her in no ways it’s concluded that she was tried to be molested.


Angre: Why didn’t you say anything at that time? And how can she do all this alone?


Vansh: I was listening to their accusations to understand the situation while who said that Riddhima’s alone. She has her sister, Ishani!


Angre: Ishani?


Vansh: Yep! I looked at Riddhima and Ishani closely the other day. Moreover, the number who had called me for which I had to go to the room was Ishani’s.


Angre: But why did they do this?


Vansh: We’ll find out, Angre.


Angre: Do you want me to get any information regarding them?


Vansh: Like?


Angre: Their past?


Vansh: Do it! Let’s find out! Something must be connected, otherwise they wouldn’t bother to come and ruin my life, would they?


Angre nodded in negative and Vansh came back to his room. He saw Riddhima sleeping in the bridal attire and he moved to the couch, waiting for the drama she may create, the next day.


The next day,


Riddhima woke up and the first sight made her irritated.


Riddhima(to herself): Why the hell is he sleeping so peacefully? Does he not care about his reputation at all? Oh, ya, the media does not know about the false accusation. We announced the marriage as if it’s a real one. But still, he knows right that it’s his fault. Moreover, my day is ruined after watching my so-called husband’s face.


Riddhima stood up from the bed and firstly went to the bathroom to have a bath with warm water and change her clothes. Honestly, this drama made her wear that heavy bridal outfit and sleep. After coming out she saw that Vansh was missing from the couch. But then he entered the room with breakfast as she looked at him.


Vansh: I know that I’m at fault. I treated you badly and the first part is, I don’t even remember my actions. I can’t correct whatever I’ve done but just trying to help you overcome it. (to himself) It’s not my fault, still I’m apologising, meri image ki dhajiya udd gayi.


Riddhima smiled and nodded and sat down on the couch while he sat besides her.


Riddhima(to herself): Pehle pet pooja, Baaki sab Duja!


Vansh kept the tray on the table which was besides the couch.


Vansh: There’s peanut butter, bread, Coffee for me and Tea for you and an apple for you.


Riddhima: Ohh…(to herself) You, yourself are helping me.


Vansh spread the peanut butter on the bread and handed it over to Riddhima which she happily accepted. While Vansh made one for himself and both were having it. After a while, Riddhima’s breathing started becoming heavier and she passed out on the couch. Watching her Vansh panicked and he quickly lifted her up and called the doctor. Uma, Ahana, Sia also rushed into the room.


Uma: What happened to her Vansh? Now what did you do?


Vansh: I didn’t do anything Maa, I don’t know, she started breathing heavily and fainted.


Angre along with the doctor entered and everyone was asked to move out. Uma was getting tense for Riddhima. Sia and Ahana were also worried. That’s when Uma got a call, it was from Roshni.


Uma: Hmm…Yes Roshni?


Roshni: Uma, what’s wrong? I’ve been trying to call Riddhima but she isn’t answering.


Uma: Actually…Roshni……


Roshni: What happened Uma? Is everything okay? Is Riddhima okay? Why do you sound worried?


Uma: Actually, Roshni, Riddhima is unconscious and she’s being treated by the doctor.


Roshni: What? What happened to her?


Uma: I don’t know!


Roshni immediately hung the call and drove to the place along with Ishani. As the mother-daughter reached, the doctor too walked out.


Vansh: What happened to my wife?


Doctor: It was just the reaction to an allergy, she’s allergic to peanut butter. Didn’t you know?


Vansh was all silent.


Doctor: No worries! I’ve given her the medicines and she’s all good now!


Vansh: Thank you doctor!


Angre went to see off the doctor.


Ishani: What other ways do you have in your mind to kill my sister with?


Roshni: ISHANI!!


Ishani: What Ishani Mom! He just served it to Riddhima. Why would she have something if she’s allergic?


Vansh: I swear, Riddhima didn’t tell me about it.


Everyone walked inside the room and saw Riddhima sitting on the bed. Ishani and Roshni rushed and hugged her.


Ishani: He made you have the peanut butter right?


Riddhima(weakly): It’s not his fault Ishani, he didn’t know that I’m allergic and I didn’t want to spoil his efforts so I had it.


Ishani: Are you out of your mind? Why would you do that?


Roshni: Shut up Ishani! It was Riddhima’s wish and you falsely accused Vansh! For no reason you misunderstood him. Apologize!


Uma: It’s okay Roshni, Ishani misunderstood it! It wasn’t intentional!


Ishani(to herself): Ohh… that it was!


Roshni glared at Ishani to which she apologized: I’m Sorry Vansh! I was just worried for my sister!


Vansh(to himself): Yep! I know how much you are!


Roshni: Okay..Then, we’ll take your leave. (to Riddhima) Take Care!


She caressed her cheek and left along with Ishani and everyone too departed. Vansh sat down besides Riddhima and took her hand in his.


Vansh: I’m so sorry Riddhima! I didn’t know about it, I should’ve asked you! Do you have an allergy from anything else too?


Riddhima: No Vansh! And it’s not your fault, you brought it with so much love that I couldn’t resist.


Vansh(to himself): Exactly Riddhima! I had brought it with so much love and I genuinely want you to forget the motive and think about us but maybe, maybe I’m wrong. You ruined it! What have I done which is so bad that you are hell-bent on spoiling my name.


Vansh smiled towards Riddhima and left the room.

Ahana was in her room on a call with Aryan, informing him about the morning scenario.


Aryan(to himself): With love? For Vansh? Riddhima hasn’t even showered such love for her parents and sister. And why would she do it for someone who tried to molest her? Whatever I say, Vansh isn’t from that category but I can’t believe that Riddhima is lying, if she would be doing that, she would have also told me.


Ahana(screaming): Aryan!!!


Ahana screamed, getting Aryan out of his thoughts.


Aryan: Yes?


Ahana: Where were you lost?


Aryan: No where!


Ahana: Hmm…But I need to go! Bye! I love you!


Aryan: I love you too!


Ahana hung the call and turned around, only to see Vansh standing with fist clenched, ready to punch the first thing in sight.


Vansh: Who was he?


Ahana gulped down as she feared him and answered: Aryan Mehra!


Vansh: Call him today! I’ll meet him!


Vansh walked out of his room and informed about Mehra’s arrival at their place. Ahana too informed Aryan who was scared as hell.


Aryan(to himself): What if Vansh comes to know? I regret my act but I also love Ahana. I can’t let myself go away from her. But, I also don’t have guts to tell them about it.


In the evening,


Aryan reached Vansh’s house along with his Dad, Rudra. They were welcomed by Uma and took their seat in the hall. Ahana served tea to them all. Vansh was sitting on the sofa and Riddhima was besides him.


Vansh: So Aryan, since how long have you and Ahana been together?


Aryan: Since a month.


Vansh: And do you really love her?


Aryan: Yes!


Vansh: Do you wanna marry her?


Aryan: Yes!


Vansh: And how can I believe that you will treat her well?


Riddhima(to herself): Is he taking interviews with his employees? So many questions! And they aren’t kids.


Aryan: I love her Vansh, I definitely would treat her well!


Riddhima: Vansh, I personally know Aryan for years. We’ve been best friends and I know that he loves Ahana and would also keep her happy, keeping his preferences aside.


Aryan(to himself): Thoda jyada ho gaya, lekin theek hai!


Riddhima: Just accept their alliance! (to herself) For my enmity, I can’t let their love be rejected. Aryan genuinely loves Ahana.


Vansh: Okay!


Ahana: Bhai, Can you get us engaged?


Vansh/Aryan: What!


Ahana: Only engaged!


Aryan was happy since he knew that he loves her but was equally nervous.


Vansh: If you and Aryan don’t have any issues, then surely I’ll get yall engaged.


Riddhima: The sooner, the better!


Vansh: Ya!


Aryan: I would also like to get engaged!


Rudra: So after a week?


All: Done!


After a week,


Vansh tried to mend his ways with Riddhima and find out the reason behind her to marry him but still couldn’t reach to any conclusion while Riddhima ignored him and still found ways to excuse me, directly or indirectly.

The mansion was very beautifully decorated with flowers all around with the fragrance engulfing everyone’s nostrils. The guests started coming in slowly and eventually, everyone was present. Ahana was brought down by Riddhima, she had worn a beautiful anarkali which was selected by Riddhima. As they were descending down, Vansh’s eyes were stuck on Ridhima while Aryan’s on Ahana. Vansh for a moment forgot about Riddhima’s motive and only wanted to focus on her while Aryan forgot about Vansh’s fear. Ahana was then standing beside Aryan and beside her was Riddhima and Vansh.  That’s when Aryan’s eyes fell on another girl.


Aryan(to himself): Shit! Tu toh gaya!


The girl saw Aryan and walked to him and Ahana, her eyes then fell on Riddhima and Riddhima after seeing her was shocked. Ahana went and hugged that girl, “Oh, Kiara! Long time!”

Aryan and Riddhima wanted to hide their faces somewhere.


Kiara: Aryan is your fiance?


Kiara asked Ahana to which she nodded. Her gaze fell on Riddhima and then at the nuptial chain and vermillion.


Kiara: And she?


Ahana: She’s my Bhabhi, Vansh Bhai’s wife.


Kiara: Riddhima!


Ahana: How do you know?


Riddhima closed her eyes, tightly thinking about another stupid thing coming out.


Kiara: She’s your fiance’s girlfriend, Sorry ex-girlfriend!


And Boom! Everyone present around was shocked. Vansh turned to look at Riddhima and saw her eyes closed. He didn’t know anything about his wife, he should have believed Kiara’s words but instead chose the opposite. He held her hand and instantly, Riddhima was calmed down. She opened her eyes and saw Vansh. For the time, she found peace seeing him.


Ahana: That’s not possible!


Kiara: Well, it is! Like you, even I was into Aryan but he told me that he’s already committed.


Ahana looked at Riddhima but Riddhima composed herself and looked at Aryan who nodded.


Aryan: I’ll tell you the truth Ahana. Before I met you, I was too much into girls. I used to flirt with them, the same club where we met and Kiara was one of them. I had a quality, I used to not be with one girl for more than a day. But Kiara started chasing me everywhere and I ended up taking Riddhima’s help to act as my girlfriend and pull me out of the mess. Because if I was single, she wouldn’t budge but seeing my girlfriend, she left. But trust me Ahana, Riddhima and I were never into any relation rather than friendship.


Kiara: You lied?


Aryan: In simple words, Yes!


Kiara: I hate you!


Aryan: Like I care!


Kiara stamped her foot and left the venue while Ahana went to Riddhima.


Ahana: I’m sorry Bhabhi, Even for a minute, I misunderstood you! I apologise!


Riddhima: It’s okay Ahana! Anyone would have thought so!


Riddhima felt Ahana’s apology genuine and she saw Vansh letting out a sigh of relief.

Eventually, the rings were exchanged between Aryan and Ahana as they blushed.

Angre came to Vansh and they moved to the study room.


Vansh: Yes Angre? What did you find out?


Angre: Riddhima and Ishani belonged to the same school as you, ‘Bombay Scottish High School’.


Vansh(surprised): What? But why didn’t they tell me, I don’t even remember them.


Angre: Ishani was from your batch while Riddhima, being a year younger from the next batch. But they had one more sister.


Vansh: One more?


Angre: Yes!


Vansh thought for a moment to get a memory about Riddhima or Ishani but found none. How would he? He was an introvert during his school days, talking was limited. But one person clicked his mind with whom he had atleast spoken.


Vansh/Angre: Ragini!


Vansh looked at Angre while he nodded.


Vansh: Where’s she now?


Angre: She had committed suicide when she was in grade 10.


Vansh was shocked. Ragini was also like him, an introvert but they were quite good when it came in terms of talking to each other. But he hadn’t expected her to pull such a stunt.


Vansh: Why did she commit suicide?


Angre: Don’t know Boss! Still finding it!


Vansh signalled Angre to move out. He sat down on the couch and served himself a glass of water and drank it in a go. Ragini wasn’t so weak. But, is Ragini the reason behind Riddhima’s entry in his life?


The next day,


Vansh woke up and saw Riddhima standing in front of the mirror, drying her hair. The droplets of water fell on his face too. He couldn’t understand, if he really enjoyed them or not. Wonder what made him go, but Vansh went and stood behind Riddhima. He took the hair-dryer from her hand and started drying her hair. They shared a sweet eye-lock through the mirror.


Vansh(to himself): Only I wish if you hadn’t come into my life with a different motive, we would have been living like a normal life with no doubts, no misunderstanding, no planning, no plotting, no games, everything real and true. I love to admit, I’m developing feelings for you!


Riddhima(to herself): If only had we met with a good start. Maybe we didn’t know each other from the start. Maybe you hadn’t done anything in the past, we would have been living like a normal couple. I hate to admit, but I’m developing feelings for you which shouldn’t be happening.


Riddhima and Vansh were so lost into each other that they didn’t realise the presence of anyone else in the room.


: You have never done anything like this for us!


Riddhima and Vansh startled and looked around only to find Sia and Ahana. The sisters walked in.


Ahana: Bhai, you never did anything as such for us!


Uma entered from the back.


Uma: Ahana, Riddhima is his wife. You will find him doing numerous things because of Riddhima so get ready to receive shocks.


Uma, Sia and Ahana chuckled while the husband-wife blushed.


Uma: Now come down, it’s time for breakfast.


They all nodded and went down.


In the evening,


Riddhima, Vansh, Sia and Ahana were alone in the mansion.


Ahana: Why not have a chota-sa party?


Sia: Like night-out?


Ahana nodded.


Ahana: I’ll call Aryan and Bhabhi, why don’t you call Ishani?


Riddhima too nodded and within no time, Ishani and Aryan were present at the doorstep of the mansion. Ahana and Riddhima immediately hugged Aryan and Ishani and everyone sat down.


Sia: Let’s play!


Ahana: What?


Sia got up from her seat and came back with a bottle of whiskey and an empty beer bottle.


Sia: We’d spin the beer bottle and on whoever the bottle lands, both the people, they would have to drink a glass of whiskey. After anyone finishing two glasses, they would be asked questions by anyone, who wants to.


Riddhima: What are your plans? Of getting us drunk?


Ishani: And then some inhumane act happening over us?


Ishani sounded rude and Riddhima looked at Vansh with guilt in her eyes, she hadn’t expected that. She held his hand and smiled at him, assuringly.

The game started and the bottle landed on, Aryan and Ishani. Sia and Riddhima chuckled and Sia prepared their glasses and served it to them.


Vansh: How do you know about all this?


Sia bit her teeth and Riddhima distracted.


Riddhima: Come on guys, drink it!


Ishani and Aryan drank it on the go. And the bottle was again made to spin, it landed on Vansh and Ahana. Sia made them drink too. And it went on and the questions were asked. Still, Riddhima and Ishani were hardly high along with Ahana. Vansh even though drunk was sober enough to understand his surroundings. But all of a sudden Aryan started crying, grabbing everyone’s attention. Sia chuckled thinking it’s the alcohol’s effect. Aryan got up from his seat and hugged Riddhima and then Ishani muttering, “Sorry!” continuously. He sat down in front of Vansh and went on his knees saying, “Sorry!” Vansh held him by his shoulders and asked, “Why are you saying Sorry?”

“Because I’m at fault! Yours and Riddhima’s relationship won’t be good if I won’t speak today. Her motive is useless!”

Riddhima and Ishani gasped and Vansh looked at Riddhima.

Aryan turned to Riddhima.

Aryan: I’m Sorry! Vansh isn’t at fault! Ragini committed suicide because of me.


Riddhima, Vansh and Ishani gasp while Sia and Ahana sit there not understanding.


Aryan: Back in ninth grade, I like Ragini and even confessed it to her but she rejected my proposal. I was angered because I was one of those guys for whom girls used to run over but Ragini rejected me and never even considered me her friend. I saw her with Vansh manier times and even got the news that Vansh is shifting from his place and is changing his school. When we moved to tenth grade, I spread the news that Vansh and Ragini have slept together and you know, it wasn’t new back then. Many girls were like that and Ragini being an introvert, none knew her exact nature and this thing was spread over all students and everyone started bad-mouthing her. Insulted her for being two-faced and she got fed up with all this one day and committed suicide, thinking that Vansh spread this fake about her and just got another meaning of their friendship. After she died, I was guilty of my behavior and befriended you and Ishani, to help yall come up with the pain.


And Aryan passed out after confessing.


Riddhima and Ishani were shocked, they had no words out of their mouth. They couldn’t believe the one whom they thought as their friend was actually a person because of whom they had cried for nights. Today they realised why Aryan used to stay silent when they used to b*t*h about Vansh. Riddhima looked at Vansh with tears in her eyes. But she realised her fault and ran away from there to her room while Vansh followed her. She stood near the window and inhaled the fresh breeze to calm herself down. Vansh came from the back and made her turn. She looked down, not able to meet his gaze but he made her look at him.


Vansh: You aren’t at fault Riddhima! You believed what you heard and it’s not your fault. I agree you should have spoken to me about it once after our marriage but you didn’t. I completely understand your love for your sister but let bygones be bygones. Promise me, you won’t let any misunderstanding or third person enter between us!


Riddhima instantly hugged him and his heartbeats were soothing her. She could hear them throughout.


Riddhima: I’m Sorry Vansh! And I promise you that I won’t let anyone come between us and we would stay together. Pakka!! Please forgive me!


Vansh: I do!


They pulled back from the hug and went down. As they were descending down the stairs, they saw Ishani coming with a bucket full of water from the corridor and splash, all of it was over Aryan’s face. He woke with a jerk and screamed, “FLOOD!”


“SHUT. UP.” came Ishani’s immediate reply.


Aryan gulped.


Ishani: You’ve been trying to be so good with us all these years to lessen your guilt. What did you think? We would forgive you thinking about the years of friendship we shared. Because of you, we lost our sister.


Aryan: I’m Sorry! I really am!


Ishani: And you expect me to forgive you? Wow! Not happening!


Ishani stomped her foot and left. Aryan looked at Riddhima.


Riddhima: I need sometime Aryan to think again. To get back to myself. I don’t think it’s easy but I’ll try, till then please don’t try to contact me.


Aryan nodded and Riddhima looked at Vansh. Ahana went to Aryan and made him look into her eyes.


Ahana: I know Aryan, whatever you did was in anger but please don’t let your anger dominate you the next time. It’s not easy to come out of anger. Think wisely Aryan! And regarding our relationship, now let me think wisely!


Years later,


Things take time to settle but they do and they did. Aryan was forgiven and married to Ahana but still, Ishani and Riddhima still weren’t very comfortable with him. Riddhima and Vansh have identical twins, Rivan and Rivyansh.


Riddhima and Vansh were in their room, wrapped in each other’s arms. Vansh slid the strands that were covering her pretty face.


Vansh: Sweetheart!


Riddhima: Yes Sweetheart!


Vansh: Only I can call you sweetheart!


Riddhima: Only I can call you sweetheart!


Vansh: Really?


Riddhima: Really!


Vansh(smirking): Let’s have s*x!


Riddhima(giving up, instantly): Only you will call me sweetheart!


Vansh chuckled and pulled Riddhima closer. That’s when both the kids entered in.


Rivyansh: Mumma, you didn’t serve me lunch today.


Riddhima: I did! Remember, you entered late today! When all were done!


Rivyansh: No Mumma! I didn’t leave my room the whole time.


Vansh caught Rivan giggling.


Vansh: Sweetheart, you misunderstood Rivan as Rivyansh and fed him twice (murmuring) like everytime.


Riddhima was surprised.


Riddhima: Rivan, why didn’t you tell me?


Rivan: I was hungry and wanted more!


Riddhima: Come Rivyansh, I’ll prepare something for you!


Riddhima got out of Vansh’s arms and went outside the room along with the kids.


Vansh: Mera Romance!


He said as Riddhima went and then chuckled at how their life became better when instead of misunderstanding, trust and love took the place.




I again apologize for converting the Fan Fiction info an OS but I couldn’t help but do it. I’m really Sorry but I hope that y’all enjoyed.

And yes, I got this idea after I watched an episode of CID😂. The story is kinda same, I changed it according to my preference.

Thank you❤️

I know  y’all didn’t miss me but it was necessary to write it and end it.



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