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Love Is In The Air Episode 50 🤩

Episode starts


Singhania Sadan, Next day

Akash , Naina , Ishani , Kartik and Abir reach there

Akash: Aunty…Naksh

Naksh runs to them with Akshara following him

Akshara: Arrey Sab aagay..good lets go now

Ishani: Aunty..we need to hurry the designer appointment is

Naksh: Once Naira comes we will go

Kartik: Naira kahan ho tum…

Naira’s room is shown..she is busy watching ramp walk videos on YouTube

Kartik : Ill get her

He rushes to the room. On seeing him Naira hides her mobile behind her back

Kartik: What are you hiding?

Naira: Nothing

Kartik holds her closer and grabs the mobile. He sees the video and smiles

Kartik: You are participating in ramp?

Naira: Shouldn’t I?

Kartik: When Did I say so? Its me who forces you for something but this time you..

Naira: Haan just felt like participating

Kartik: And who is your ramp partner?

Naira: Who else other than my mendak?

Kartik: Thats right..and that will make us public..no words spoken yet matter confirmed

He gets closer to kiss her but..

Abir: Bhai..bhabhi we are getting late..lets go..

Kartik: Mera bhai bhi na..chal lets go

They rush down.

The scene shifts to Designer Boutique

While Naksh arrives with his friends and family Keerthi arrives with Prerna Mohini Mishti Anurag Kunal and Kuhu

Akshara: Good that we got the same slot..Naksh and Keerthi could select together

Mohini: Haan ji

Akshara: Naksh Keerthi jao beta..select your dress together and tell us..lets decide for us

As they scatter Naina pulls Ishani closer

Naina: Madam..did you find anything about that Polo and the enemity?

Ishani: Jia and Tanvi are working on it

Naina: You mean Rahul’s sister and her girlfriend?

Ishani: Yep

Naina: Great ..come lets get into work

Meanwhile Naksh takes Keerthi to lehenga section

Naksh: Keerthi ji lets choose for you first

Keerthi: Why not the converse?

Naksh: Lehenga has issues like designs and colour..if you choose your Ill choose a complementing colour for me

Keerthi: Thats so understanding types

Naksh: I know how girls fuss over colour, designs and all..

Keerthi: So you call me fussy?

Naksh is taken aback as Keerthi makes an angry face. Naksh’s face turns pale, noticing it Keerthi laughs

Keerthi: I was kidding Naksh..come lets go

Naksh: Show her pink colour

Keerthi: You stole my words..how..

Naksh: When you fall for someone you know everything about them

He holds her hand and leads her to see the dresses.

The shopping goes with all happiness and joy


Detective office

A young girl walks in with a file and a shock on her face. She enters a cabin where there is another girl sipping her coffee

Girl: Tanvi..this is so complicated

Tanvi (Tejaswii): Of course it has to be na Jia darling or else why are we recruited on it..but for the time being forget it..lets concentrate on that Polo

Jia (Helly): Right

Just then her mobile rings and its a private number

Jia: Hello

Voice: Miss Jia..this is me Polo..heard that you are doing a case on me..that Rohit idiot spoiled everything including my plan…now that its out ..let me say something…Goenkas..Singhanias and Basus will not escape at any cost…they have to pay for those 25 years and for my sister too…but dont worry Ill do nothing to Kartik..but the life of others will be hell..

Before Jia could react the call disconnects

Tanvi: What happened babe..? You have become pale?

Jia: Ill call Naina and Ishani too..so that I meed not repeat it

Akash’s car

As they are going home Naina’s mobile rings

Naina: Its Jia..

She connects the call and puts in speaker

Naina: Jia..

Jia tells all that Polo told her. Naina is shocked

Naina: He wants to avenge his sister..and will not harm Kartik..thats bizarre

Tanvi: Why cant it be like he is distracting us from the truth

Akash: Thats very much possible

Just then a handsome man enters the room of Tanvi and Jia

Jia: Bhai..

Rahul: Hey Jia..and hey Ishu

Ishani: Rahul when did you get back?

Rahul: Just now..and saw your mails too ..it may be possible that he is distracting but it may be true too..some of us can work on it while others can work on other possibilities

Ishani: Then Ill work on the possibility he told

Akash: We will help you, right Naina

Naina: Haan yes

Rahul: Me too

Tanvi: Took a path with map and left us in a clueless way

Jia: Thats because we are the best detectives

Akash: Lets ask Manish uncle about it?.

Naina: Swarna aunty is a good option

Ishani: But Kartik hates her

Naina: Thats the doubting part..we will ask her

Akash: Done then


Abir’s studio Night

Abir is busy with his guitar when his mobile rings. Its Mishti. He drops the guitar and grabs his mobile and accepts the video call

Abir: Hey chashmish..did you have medicines? Did you have food? Are you alright ?

Mishti: You can get the answer for your last question by seeing me..am I looking alright?

Abir: You look stunning..wait ..is that dress new? Did you dress up for the video call?

Mishti nods smiling

Abir: Kya special hai aaj?

Mishti: Nothing…just felt so much in love with you Saajan

Abir: Saajan? This chasmish doctor is getting romantic..whats up?

Mishti: My results came few hours ago and I topped

Abir: What? You are telling after few hours..why didn’t you tell me that they are coming today when we met morning

Mishti: I didn’t know it myself..its my professor who informed me..and I was getting ready for this call since the results came

Abir: Im so happy Mishti…so so happy…my chasmish topped

Mishti: Thank you Abir for being my support..it’s possible because of you

Abir: I did not do anything..but right now Im so happy..if you were in front of me I would have lifted you in my arms and ..

Mishti: And..

Abir: Sung a song for you…and placed a kiss on your forehead

Mishti: Acha…then Ill come right now

Abir: Pagal..no…no You just now got well and its not safe..Ill meet you in the morning..now..lets talk here

Mishti: Kitne darpok ho na tum

Abir: Haan Im the greatest coward in the world when it comes to your matter..where there is love there is fear of losing that loved one too

Mishti: Waah..kya baat hai…

They talk through the night. Its 3 am when Mishti yawns out loud. Abir looks at the watch

Abir: Oh my god its already 3 am..Mishti go sleep..you have duty

He gives her a flying kiss and disconnects the call. Both fall on their beds and sleep at a instant


Kartik is in his cabin immersed in his file. Just then the door opens and Anjali enters the room

Kartik: What is this ?
Anjali comes closer and sits on Kartik’s lap. She takes her hand to his chest but Kartik pushes her down

Kartik: What are you doing Anjali? Aren’t you ashamed?

Anjali: Kartik I love you whats wrong in this?

Kartik: Chi..you idiot..its wrong in a public place with someone you love and it’s wrong anywhere if the opposite person is not interested in you and

Anjali: You are mine Kartik

Kartik: Enough you have crossed the limits already dont make me talk rough anymore..get out before I throw you out if this college. Dont forget that Im your professor here.

Anjali walks out crying.
Meanwhile Anurag is walking towards the library when he bumps into Prerna at the entrance

Anurag: Prerna..you are alone here ..where is Naira..

Prerna: Naira is rehearsing for ramp so

Anurag: Her pair?

Prerna: Kartik..by that they are telling everyone about themselves

Anurag: Wow..Ill inform Kartik about the rehearsal so that he joins her .

Anurag turns to leave While Prerna stops him

Prerna: Anurag..when are we going public?

Anurag: Not immediately it will be like copying we will go soon dont worry

He looks around and ensures that no one is around and places a peck on her forehead before he leaves.

Hey guys its been 50..and thats all because of you people. Thank you so much for your love and support. Despite me posting irregularly..I know I have been promising and not fulfilling please forgive me. I love you all a lot. Keep supporting me. This time no promise until real action. I have no words left to thank for making 50 possible yet Thank you so much once again 

1. Swarna reveals a painful past
2. Kartik confides in Anurag
3. Abir surprises Mishti
4. Tanvi cracks a clue


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