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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Randhir leaves a note for Amrit

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vijender talking to Veer. Randhir says my heart says that she is close to me, but far from reach. Veer climbs on the dining table and sits. He asks Amrit to feed him. He says you all don’t have attention on me, I actually have a surprise. He gets a gift for Amrit. Nalini says I got this necklace for Anaita. He says no, for your bahu. He makes Amrit wear the necklace. Randhir angrily hurts his hand. Vijender takes him for aid. Veer asks him to take care. He jokes on Nalini’s anger. Randhir comes to Amrit and asks her to answer him. Amrit says its late, responsibility is over love, nothing can happen now. Randhir sees her crying. He says I will leave now. Veer asks him to take care.

Randhir sees Amrit and writes a note for her. He keeps the note and leaves. Uday says I need money. Bhanu says don’t sell the medals, I can help you. Uday says I want to save Noor Meher, the famous singer, I want to make her life good. Saroj asks will you run after a Tawaif now. Uday says she stays at the brothel, but she is an artist. The girl says someone has paid to buy the entire show, he is special. Vashma says I know how to handle such men. She goes and sees Uday. She asks why are you doing this. He says your voice matches with Vashma, I feel good, that’s why. She says I m just a thing of decoration, your heart is filled with love. He says I want you to get more respect, I won’t go until you agree, think I m stubborn, I won’t move aside. Vashma says I m ready to study.

He says thanks a lot, you will be proud of your decision, permit me to leave. He leaves. Vashma asks how much money did he pay. The girl says he had no money, he gave these medals. Vashma cries. She thinks I can’t meet you or get you. Amrit goes to get the note. She hears Nalini and Vijender’s talk. Sattu comes to call them. They leave. Amrit reads the letter. Randhir says I know you will be coming to Bhanu’s house for pagphere, I will wait for you at the temple, you have to come there at any cost. Veer comes there. He gets the letter from her. She says I was scared. He says I caught you leaving from Nalini’s room with this note, what is written in it. She says its my letter, you have no right to read it. He asks her to take it. He says this isn’t in the deal, act as my wife in front of my family, no need to come close to me. She says I don’t like to come close to you, you didn’t buy me, I m keeping my word, you keep yours. He asks her to get ready.

Vashma comes to meet her. Amrit gets glad seeing her. They cry happily. Saroj asks Uday to think of their respect, will he teach the girls at the brothel. Randhir comes and catches the book she throws. He asks her not to insult the books. Uday hugs him and asks how are you. Randhir says Vashma and Kabir were with me, I had hid them and surrendered to the police, you tell me, how is your job going. He says I will not give up to the fate. Amrit says I asked Uday not to tell the truth to Randhir, else problems will get more for me. Vashma tells about Uday. Uday says I decided to teach Noor, I m feeling relieved, I feel at peace. Uday asks will Amrit come to meet you. Amrit says no, I will not go again. Randhir says I trust my love, my Amrit will come to meet me. Amrit tears the letter and throws it.

Veer joins the letter and says if you are meeting your lover, then it will be the last meeting, I can’t stand the cheat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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