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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Roli starts liking Samaira

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
The guy slaps Samaira. Everyone is shocked. Samaira laughs and says let’s play again. Samaira kicks him and makes him fall. She scares everyone to let Roli win. Roli is really happy. The last girl is left along with Samaira and Roli. Samaira and Roli are left. Samaira lets Roli win. Everyone claps. Samaira says congratulations cutie. You won. Roli says it was so much fun. Everyone is shocked.

Chandrani comes there. Samaira says Biji come join us. We are celebrating Roli day. She says guys welcome Biji. Everyone touches her feet. Samaira says one game. I have to learn a lot from you. About my in-law’s Punjabi dance. Everyone says yes Biji, please. They play London Thumakda and dance on it. Chandrani shoves Samaira and she falls. Samaira brings Kuldeep and they dance with Roli. Roli is very happy. Chandrani imagines Shubhra in Samaira’s place. Samaira picks Roli. Roli is very happy. Roli says it was so much fun. Thank you Samaira aunty. Chandrani says in her heart what magic is she doing. Roli is becoming her doll.

Chandrani says Roli let’s go eat. Roli says no I want to play hide and seek. Samaira says why not. We will play whatever you want. Samaira plays hide and seek with her. Chandrani says she’s spewing a web around Roli.

Scene 2
Shubhra is leaving. She sees happy kids with their parents. They say should we go if your session is done? Shubhra asks a mother your daughter here? She’s so pretty. The woman says if you saw her three months ago you would know. I lost my husband in an accident. She started having anger issues. She would hit other kids and herself. I brought her here. In the beginning, Harsh used to joke around. I used to think he doesn’t take me seriously. I was planning to change my doctor but thank God I didn’t. That’s his specialty. Kids don’t feel like they are with a doctor. He becomes friends with the kids and kids start talking with him. Look at her, doesn’t look like my daughter was even in depression. Shubhra says my session is still ongoing. She goes inside.

Harsh welcomes her. He says my jokes irritated you. Kids never get angry, adults do. But there’s a kid inside adults too. Let that kid play sometimes. With kids, I have to deal with both as an adult and a kid. Don’t get mad when you see this child in me again. Let’s begin. I am Harsh. Shubhra shakes hand with him and says Shubhra’s Chadha, Rishi’s mother. He says see, now you told your name. Rishi won’t also tell in the beginning but he would share everything slowly. Tell me about Rishi. What according to you is going on in his heart? What is bothering him? Since when did you start seeing changes in his behavior? What does he like and what doesn’t he?

Shubhra gets a call from the client. He says you can take the call. Shubhra says nothing is more important than my son. I have two kids. Rishi and roli. Rishi is my elder son and lives with me. Roli lives with her dad. He lives in Mumbai. Rishi is missing his papa and sister a lot and that’s probably the reason. Harsh says Rishi’s papa.. Isn’t that old-fashioned? You could say, my husband. Are you divorced or separated? Mr. Pethe calls again. Shubhra says my session is over. Please give me an appointment for tomorrow. I will bring Rishi. He says address? She says why? He says what you told me, it feels like I should meet him at his place and like a friend. Keep things that disturb him away from him. Shubhra says when will you come? He says when you give the address. I am your friend, that’s how you will introduce me. She says, friend? He says don’t your friends come over? Shubhra says is there any other idea? He says I don’t. You can tell me if you have one. Shubhra writes the address on the paper and says I can do this for Rishi. You come to our place. He says at 11 am tomorrow your friend Harsh will come to your place. I charge hourly if you delay you will have to pay extra. Shubhra says sure. She leaves. Harsh says different but interesting.

Shubhra calls back Pethe. She says sorry I missed your call. I wanted raw material tomorrow. He says we don’t give material on credit. You have to give advance. Shubhra says trust me, I will pay back as soon as I get the payment. He hangs up. Shubhra says what kind of test is this God? Hope on one hand and hopelessness on the other. Please help me this time.

Scene 3
Samaira says Phirki serve food. Samaira sits with Roli. Biji says you sit here and let Roli’s father sit with her. Samaira says Roli, was it fun today? I got your favorite ice cream. Roli gets happy. Chandrani says in her heart how is Roli falling for this witch. I have to keep her away from this witch. Samaira says Roli, how do you like the food? She says good. Samaira says mama made it. Chandrani says you don’t like this vegetable. Roli says it tastes good today. Thank you, cool mama. Roli says will Roli day be celebrated every week or every month? Samaira says every day can be Roli day. But on one condition. Roli says what? Samaira says you will have to give mama and big tight hug. Roli hugs Samaira. Chandrani is upset. Samaira says sit with mama, I will make you eat. Roli says Roli day every day. Kuldeep says how will we work in the office then? Samaira says all rules are different for mamas. You can come whenever you want. When you come to the office, it would be Roli day. Roli laughs. Chandrani says Roli come back on your seat. Roli makes Kuldeep eat. Samaira says for mama? Roli makes her eat as well.

Episode ends.

Precap-The shop manager says your husband is so stupid, he left a pretty woman like you. My passion is to satisfy women like you and keep the glow on your face. He touches notes on her and says this is for you. What can you do for me? Shubhra is angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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