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Falling for my so-called Sister (RiAnsh Love Saga) Episode 7

Before starting the episode, I’m gonna inform the people who said “Brother-sister relationship is illegal” “They’re legally brother-sister” so I’m gonna end their relationship with bro-sis today..Calm down and let’s start..

Next morning, 

Some papers arrived at Deep. He opened them and called Vansh. Everyone gathers there. Deep throws some papers. 

Vansh : Dad what happened?

Deep : What happened to you?

Vansh : What did I do?

Tara : Yes Deep, what did he do?

Deep : He legally is not our son!!!

Tara : What?Vansh..

Vansh : Mom, Dad, please understand, I agreed to live here, I agreed to not to change my surname, but I can’t be legally yours..

Deep : Va..

Vansh : Please Dad, can’t you fulfill your Vansh’s one wish, one wish?

Deep : Okay..

While all this was happening, Riddhima is standing still, not giving any response and not poking her nose in between. Everyone realised, she is getting serious, indeed. After their drama, 

Riddhima : Done? Shall I leave now?

They all looked shocked while Riddhima left putting hands in her jeans’ pocket with attitude leaving everyone more stunned.

Vansh : Dad..

Arohi : She is really angry, Deep..

Deep : Let her be, she is Riddhima, she’ll come back..

Arohi nods. After some time, Riddhima enters with a man, talking with him. The people sitting in the hall notice that.

Deep : Riddhu, who is he?

Riddhima : Abhi (I’m in love with this name so much now a days) 

Abhi : Hmm?

Riddhima : Listen, I can’t come to the concert, hope you won’t mind, I’ve some important work..

Abhi : No problem..Catch you later..

Riddhima : Byee..

Abhi leaves. Riddhima is going to her room when Arohi holds her hand.

Arohi : Who was he?

Riddhima doesn’t pay any heed to the question and turns to go.

Deep : Riddhu, wait..

Ignoring them, she goes into her room. 

Deep : Vansh,go and check..

Vansh nods and goes to her room, finding her sitting. He goes and sits beside her.

Vansh : Riddhi..

Riddhima : Go from here..I’m busy..

Vansh : When I’m busy, I listen to you naa, Now you too listen..

Riddhima : Go ahead, you’ve 2 mins..

Vansh:  Please return Riddhi..

Riddhima : Where?

Vansh : To that crazy one.

Riddhima : About whom are you talking?

Vansh : You know it very well, Riddhu..

Riddhima : Who Riddhu? Who Riddhi? I’m Riddhima, Riddhima Rai Singhania..

Vansh : What has happened to you? Anyway, who was that man?

Riddhima : Your time is over, bye..

Vansh with a sad face goes.

Riddhima : I don’t want to trouble you all especially you but you guys think me as crazy, I know I’m but always a taunt, huh! I’ll teach you a lesson..

To the hall : 

Deep : What happened?

Vansh : Dad, she didn’t say anything..She is not a crazy girl anymore! Moreover, she didn’t tell  who is Abhi, I feel like killing him right now..

Deep : Calm down Vansh..

Vansh : How dare he manipulate her?

Deep : Vansh..stay calm..

Vans : How dad?

He hit his hand on the table which hurted him. 

That’s all for this episode..Hope you liked this, if you want me to do anything else, then, do tell me, and very soon in this ff, some exciting thing is coming! Any guesses? Stay safe and happy! Be positive to get negative ☺

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