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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera’s husband dies.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Tulsa remembering the Gatumbuth story Bhima told them with the moral of having a savior of the family. Bala asked them to wait for the time he wins against Bhim. Tulsa remembered her mother; she missed her presence as it was very important for them right now.

Ramji, Bhim and Anand came and sat quietly, Meera inquired. Ramji and Bhim were upset on their destiny and what fate held for them but promised to fight for virtue and justice till the end. Ramji was upset with Bala’s behavior. Tulsa and Manjula cried and hugged Ramji promising to stay beside him forever. Bala was listening from the corner.

Gopal was meditating when Sethji and Mangesh came in covered in blankets. They inquired VishwasRao’s absence. The Guardian informed him that as his purpose was achieved, he left. Sethji gave him the money asking Gopal about the need of such hefty amount. Gopal asked them to be patient, he lectured Sethji on his wealthy conduct and rites.

Next morning, Gopal gathered the villagers to inform them that after submitting to the Upper cast and their decision God has been gracious. He contemplated a story of following a light in the in his dream, he followed it and when he woke up, he found a fortune next to him. Bhim knew that it was lie, Bala asked him to leave if he does not believe in what is being told. Gopal promised to open a shoe shop from that money and export it in neighbor village to earn for their living. The Guardian asked the villager to be thankful to God and Gopal for saving them from what Ramji and Bhima have baffled them with for years.

The Guardian asked Ramji and Bhim to join the shoe shop as well, but they denied working in a place that will impede their dreams and desires from being fulfilled. The Guardian warned them for going against punchayet’s decision. Ramji congregated the villager for their contract in the punchayet, but he defied to accept it and work accordingly. On of the villager warned him for his disobeying behavior, he claimed to throw him out of his house. Listening to this Meera got furious and shouted at the villager. She ensured her presence as a protector and a guardian of this family. Meanwhile a man came, he called Meera his sister – in – law , he blamed Meera’s behavior to be the reason she couldn’t be a good wife or a daughter – in – law. The man informed Meera of her husband’s demise. Everyone was in shock. She empathized with the man for his brother’s death and then asked him to leave to console his family. The man requested Meera to attire herself as a widow and perform the rituals. Meera refused, she refused to have any in laws or a husband other than her maternal family.

The villagers were curious of Meera’s response, they wanted her to be upset on her husband’s death and understand the realty of a widow. The villager wanted to break her bangles, but no one moved forward so the Guardian asserted to do it himself. Bhim stopped him questioning his authority to meddle in someone else’s life. Maharaj answered, calling him the society. Meera refused to perform any rituals since her relation ended a time ago, she as cried her tears and will not do again. She went inside. Ramji asked the man to leave, Bhima asked everyone else to leave. Maharaj asked to let Gopal make the decision. Bhima asked him not to meddle in the arguments of two components. Ramji didn’t accept that man as his family member and a guest, he requested him to leave.

Maharaj was determined to embarrass Bhima exactly the same way Bhim embarrassed their rite and rituals by supporting a widow.

Inside the room Meera cried and pleading not to perform the rituals of a widow. She refused to be wife to someone who didn’t accept her and threw her out oh the house. She has been living with her brother for years now. She didn’t accept herself as a widow.

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