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Bound To You – Chapter 10 – Lost

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The story now comes back to the present.

Year 2021, Manali

Vansh entered his children’s bedroom. He wanted to begin his morning only after seeing their faces.

He smiled looking at his cutie-pies sleeping comfortably in their bed. He sat beside them and gave a quick kiss to Rhea. She woke up with a start.

“Aahhh! Don’t poke me Reyansh!” she yelled while rubbing her cheek.

“I didn’t poke you,” said Reyansh sleepily.

Just then, Riddhima came out of the washroom after having taken a bath. As she dried her wet hair with the towel, few droplets sprinkled upon Vansh’s face.

When he saw her wet hair play gently with her skin, he became mesmerised to see her.

Riddhima became angry on seeing Vansh inside the room.
“What are you doing here in MY room?”

Vansh came back to his senses.
“This is not your room. This is Rhea and Reyansh’s room. I had given you your own room, but apparently you didn’t want that. And yes, I can come here whenever I want and no one can stop me.”

“Instead of solving our fight, why did you both start fighting with each other?” Reyansh said innocently.

Vansh and Riddhima grew quiet. Riddhima turned back to drying her hair, and Vansh started giving his full attention to the kids.

“Rhea, Reyansh did not wake you up from your sleep. It was me who kissed you, because you were looking so cute,” said Vansh pulling Rhea’s cheeks.

“Don’t I look cute, Papa?” asked Reyansh. “Then why didn’t you kiss me?”

“Actually I was about to….but never mind. You are equally cute Rey.”

Saying this, he kissed him, but he also let out a little groan.

“Papa, your beard is so prickly!” said Reyansh.

Rhea warned her father. “Next time don’t kiss us. Your beard hurts!”

“My beard is prickly?” Vansh asked in surprise.

“Yes, we both hate your beard. It makes you look like so scary. That is why remember how we used to call you ‘Scary Uncle’?” the kids said in unison.

Reyansh held his hand. “I didn’t know how my Papa would look, before meeting you. But whenever I imagined about my Papa, I always imagined him without a beard.”

Vansh became emotional. His kids used to imagine about their father, that is him?
But he had never even imagined about them, because he didn’t even know about their existence.

Riddhima brought the kids downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning Dadi, Chachu and Bua!”

“Good morning! Won’t you give your Dadi a nice hug?” said Anupriya cheerfully.

Riddhima looked on. Even though she hated them, that didn’t mean that she would sow the same seeds of hatred in the children’s hearts. She wanted Rhea and Reyansh to have nothing but only love for everyone.

Just then, Sia let out a squeal. “Bhai!”

Riddhima turned in the direction, where Sia was looking.
It was Vansh, but minus his beard!

Riddhima’s mouth was open in amazement. Vansh enjoyed the effect he had on her.

“Papa, you shaved your beard?” asked Rhea running upto him.

“Yes. You both had a lot of problem with my beard, so I got it removed,” said Vansh carrying Rhea and Reyansh in his arms. “Now tell me, do I still look scary?”

“Now you look handsome, Papa,” Reyansh said happily.

“And now can I kiss you?” asked Vansh cutely.

As soon as the kids had nodded in approval, Vansh planted several small kisses on their faces.

He carried them to the breakfast table, while Riddhima sat alone on the sofa. She did not want to sit with them for breakfast, but she also could not leave her children alone with them out of her sight.

“This is not fair Bhai! I kept telling you so many times to shave your beard off, but you never listened to me. And today, you did it on children’s saying,” complained Sia.

Anupriya quipped in, “C’mon Sia! Vansh has met his kids after such a long time, it is only fair that he listens to all of their orders and commands. Right Vansh?”

Reyansh suddenly noticed that Riddhima had not joined them at the table. “Mumma, come and eat breakfast with us.”

Riddhima lied, “No baby, I already had my breakfast when you both were still sleeping.”

Reyansh put some more food in his plate, and went to Riddhima. “Here, Mumma. Have this. I know you didn’t eat anything yet.”

Saying this, he started feeding her a sandwich with his cute, little hands. Riddhima became emotional to see how much he cared for her.

The Raisinghanias felt awkward to see all this.

“Riddhima has kept both her children as her advocates, who speak and act on her behalf,” Aryan tried to mutter under his breath, but it was quite loud enough to be heard.

Vansh tried to shush him up, but it was too late. Rhea’s sharp ears had already picked upon his words.

“Chachu, what did you say about Mumma?” she asked defiantly.

Aryan hesitated. “Nothing.”

“I heard you take Mumma’s name. Did you say anything bad about her?” said Rhea. “I love my Mumma a lot, and I don’t like it when someone bad-mouths her.”

Vansh decided to intervene. “Baby, Aryan Chachu wasn’t talking ill about her. He just said that….” He paused for a while, wondering if he should really say it or not. “He said that your Mumma is looking really pretty today.”

Riddhima raised her eyes at Vansh, and for a brief moment, their gazes met each other.

Riddhima felt old feelings of joy sweep through her, as she noticed Vansh staring right at her.

Anupriya who was observing all this, made a face. She said, “Rhea, till when will we be talking about your Mumma? Let us talk about your Papa also, atleast once in a while.
Do you know that it is your Papa’s birthday tomorrow?”

“Wow, Papa! Will you hold a party?” asked Reyansh, running towards him.

“Hmm…if you both want a party, we can definitely keep one,” said Vansh.
“But just tell me what all do you want in the party?”

“There should be a delicious cake, balloons, some music, and lots of games!” said Rhea counting on her fingers.

“Can I invite my friends, Papa?” asked Reyansh sweetly.

Vansh smiled in approval.

Aryan sulked. “Well, this does not sound like a grownup’s party, rather it sounds like children’s party.”

Vansh glared at him and said, “Anything for my children, understood?”

It was late at night, but Reyansh had not slept yet. Instead, he was sitting outside the room in a crouched up position, and crying softly.

Hearing his sniffles, Riddhima went upto him. “What happened, my munchkin?

He flung his arms around Riddhima and started crying even more. Through sobs, he said, “Rhea stole my gift idea for Papa. Now I don’t know what to make for him instead.”

Riddhima wiped off his tears and said, “Stop crying and listen carefully to what I say.”

Vansh who was passing by, decided to eavesdrop upon their conversation. “What is it that she wants to tell him at this hour of time? Does she want to fill his ears against me and my family?”

Riddhima continued, “Life won’t be always rosy, lots of times it will be filled with problems. But no matter what, however big the problem is, we should always try to think with a calm mind, and put on a brave fight.
I can’t be with you throughout your life, but I want you to remember this advice from me always.
So what if Rhea copied your gift idea? We’ll think of some other gift for Papa.”

“But what?” asked Reyansh.

“We’ll search it up on the internet,” said Riddhima picking up her son in her arms. She let out a groan. “God, you’re becoming heavier day by day! Soon, I won’t be able to lift you up any longer.”

Vansh watched them as they headed inside the room. He felt a bit guilty to think wrongly of Riddhima.
“We cannot allow our children to get embroiled in our fights. And I’m glad that Riddhima thinks similarly.”

The next evening, Vansh’s house was abuzz with children shouting and playing around. Rhea and Reyansh had made sure that all their friends from the school and neighbourhood were invited. They were really excited to introduce their daddy to their friends.

Vansh walked down the stairway, accompanied by his children on either side.
As he descended down, his eyes fell upon Riddhima standing in a corner.

She was dressed in a black coloured, off-shoulder gown, and she looked ravishing. Vansh couldn’t take his eyes off her, and his heart did a little flutter, just like how it used to do seven years back.

Rhea nudged him. “Papa, please blow the candles.”

Vansh was pulled back to reality. He felt disappointed with himself, on realising that in spite of her betrayal, Riddhima still managed to affect him so much.

“Papa, can I blow the candles, please?” asked Reyansh with endearing eyes.

“Me too,” Rhea added in.

Vansh gave in. “Okay, okay. You guys blow the candles out for me.”

Vansh, his family, and the kids fed the cake to each other, conveniently keeping Riddhima out of all this.

Rhea came to Vansh, hiding her hands behind herself.
“I got a gift you. But for that, you must first close your eyes. And no cheating, okay?”

Vansh like an obedient child, followed her commands. When he opened his eyes, he saw a beautiful drawing of a family of four.
“I never knew that my doll could draw so well,” he said kissing her tiny hands.

Aryan tried to peek into the drawing. He said pointing at it, “That’s Vansh Bhai, you and Reyansh. Who is the other woman in the picture?”

“That’s my Mumma,” said Rhea. “All four of us together, like a happy family.”

Everybody felt a little awkward at this.

Reyansh entered next. He had made a photo album, with his and Rhea’s childhood pictures, starting from when they were just one month old.

“You weren’t there with us during that time. So I and Mumma decided to gift you our pictures when we were babies.”

Riddhima irritatedly thought, “Why did Reyansh have to take my name? Kids I tell, they can’t keep anything to themselves!”

Vansh became emotional on seeing his kids’ photos as babies.
“I’m so sorry for not being there with you both for so many years. Really sorry.”

He hugged both the children and said, “You both did not have to give me any gifts, you know why? Because you yourselves are the biggest and the most gorgeous gifts I could ever ask for. And this is the best birthday I’ve ever had.”

Everyone around them clapped, looking at the beautiful bond between the father and the kids.

Riddhima thought to herself, “Vansh might be a bad person, a criminal. But he’s actually a very good father. And I’m afraid that Rhea and Reyansh are getting too attached to him. When the actual time comes to escape from here, God knows how both of them would react.”

Riddhima was sitting by herself in a corner, watching Vansh play with the kids. They were playing a game of musical chairs, and it felt so weird to see Vansh laughing, jumping, and running about. In front of his children, he had also became like a naughty and playful child.

“Riddhima Bhabhi!” Sia patted her shoulder.

Before either of them could say anything, Anupriya came and started scolding Sia.
“How many times should I explain that she is not your Bhabhi?”

She wanted to say something more, but she got an urgent phone call due to which she had to leave.

“Sorry for that,” said Sia slowly. “Mom can be too rude sometimes.”

“It’s okay. Besides she wasn’t wrong this time,” said Riddhima.

“Can I call you ‘Di’ instead?” asked Sia.

“No. I don’t want to create any more relations. I’m only here as Rhea and Reyansh’s mother, and I want it to remain that way. I might sound rude, but that is how it is.
You can call me Dr. Riddhima, just like how you used to do initially.”

After an awkward silence, Sia said, “Here, have some cake.”

Riddhima tried to refuse, but when Sia forced her a lot, she had to give in.

Sia saw the kids playing with Vansh and started smiling. “Rhea and Reyansh, they both are so adorable and well behaved. I really want to applaud you for the excellent upbringing that you gave them.”

Riddhima remained silent.

Sia continued, “Bhai says that Rhea is an exact replica like Uma Mom, Bhai’s real mother. And just look at Bhai, he looks so happy around his children! The last I saw him this happy was when he was married to you….”

Riddhima became tensed as soon as she said this, and Sia decided to seize this opportunity.

“Everybody in the house says that you betrayed Bhai. But I think differently. I feel that there must have been some misunderstanding, either from your side or Bhai’s side….”

“There has been no misunderstanding, whatsoever,” interrupted Riddhima. “I saw whatever I saw with my own eyes….Anyways, you won’t understand, and I don’t even expect you to. But next time, it’d be better if you didn’t bring up the past again.”

Saying this, she turned to leave, but remembered something. “Sia, can you do a favour for me? I’m having a severe migraine right now, so I really need to rest for a while. Till then, can you watch over the kids for me?
To be honest, the only person I trust in this house right now is you.”

Sia said, “Don’t worry about the kids. You go and relax for sometime.”

Riddhima was lying on the bed with her eyes closed, when she heard a knock.

“Come inside,” she said without even looking. She assumed that it must be none other than Rhea and Reyansh. “Listen, I’m down with a severe headache, so please don’t make any noise. Get freshened up and quietly sleep beside me.”

“That’s a very interesting offer to make to your ex-husband,” a deep, husky voice spoke instead.

Riddhima opened her eyes only to find Vansh standing in her, right in front of her. She screamed.

“What the hell are you doing here, you shameless man?” she asked him angrily.

“Listen, I had knocked at the door before coming inside, and you yourself had permitted me to do the same,” explained Vansh.

“I was expecting the children!”said Riddhima. “Next time, you better announce loudly before even entering my room. Thank God, I wasn’t changing or wearing something that I shouldn’t.”

“Well even if you had been changing or wearing something…uhm…revealing, it wouldn’t have mattered. Because there’s nothing that I haven’t already seen before,” said Vansh coolly.

Riddhima gasped. “Whatever had happened between us at that time, happened when we were officially married to each other.
Now we are exes, so don’t expect any such thing to happen between us again. I’d rather that you keep your perverted mind to yourself!”

“I think you are giving yourself far too much importance than what is needed. I didn’t come to see you, but rather I came to meet the kids before going to sleep,” said Vansh annoyedly.

“But the kids are down in the hall, right?”

Vansh said, “They were about with us about half-an-hour ago, but after that they left the hall. I thought they had perhaps become tired and wanted to sleep so….”

Looking at Riddhima’s worried face he said, “Relax, they must be around somewhere, either with Mom, Sia or Aryan. Let me check.”

The whole house was searched thoroughly, but there wasn’t any trace of both the children.
With each passing second, Riddhima’s fears became stronger. Her motherly instinct told her that Rhea and Reyansh were in some grave trouble.

Vansh was also extremely worried. He had fired out his guards in a fit of anger, made several calls to many people, but to no avail.

On the other hand, all sorts of horrible thoughts started flowing through Riddhima’s mind. She was crying and fervently trying to pray, when she recieved a call from an unknown number.

A muffled voice spoke from the other end, “Reyansh and Rhea are with us. If you want them back, you need to pay us a ransom of fifty crores. And if you don’t, you’ll never see your kids alive again.”

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