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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Tika, Tilu, Malkan to marry witch

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vibhu as Daddy asked David dressed as ghost why are you running behind TMT. David as Laura says I’m in love with boys and want to marry them. Malkhan says what are you talking. Daddy asks Laura to go for now. Laura says to Daddy I’ll not go first I want to marry them. Daddys says to Laura to come back tomorrow and will make you marry them. Tika says to Daddy what are you talking. Daddy says to Tillu if you want to live then marry her and asks Laura to leave and come back tomorrow. Laura leaves and says I’ll come tomorrow to ger married. Tika to Daddy will Laura go na. Daddy says yes.

Daddy sitting in garden area with Angoori and Ammaji and a lit-up candle, Ammaji says to Vibhu what are you doing are you gonna do some work or not and says I know only one thing that my son Tiwari is been tied up from last night. Angoori says he did not have breakfast till yet. Daddy says to Angoori to gave hai spicy breakfast. Angoori says to Daddy that he did not like spicy food. Daddy says that spicy food is for the ghost inside him he will suffer from that spicy food and will leave Tiwari’s body and after that will do exorcism. Angoori asks when will you do that. Daddy replies we will do that tonight and make that ghost runaway, tonight will be the last night of that ghost. TMT comes to them and asks what will happen to us. Daddy says to boys first go finish your work and come back all suit up, you boys have to get married. TMT cry in front of them and Tika faints.

Vibhu gets call from Anu. Anu asks where are you and what about the 1 lakh rupees. Vibhu says according to my background no one will gave me 1lakh rupees but I’m trying my best. Anu says what are you trying where is the money I need that. Vibhu says I’ll do something for the money. Anu says dont do something like that which will make us feel embarrassing in future. Vibhu says first I’ll arrange money and then look after the side-effects of the situation. Anu says dont try to be over smart, it seems like i have to come back. Vibhu says no need to come back I’m arranging the money. Anu says let me know when work is done and hungs up.

Ammaji, Angoori and Tiwari are in hall. Angoori says to Tiwari you have to eat this breakfast. Tiwari says I don’t want to eat that its so spicy. Ammaji says after eating this that ghost will leave your body. Tiwari says there is no ghost inside me. Angoori says its not you the ghost inside you is speaking. Ammaji says to Tiwari stop acting you witch and leave his body. Ammaji holds Tiwari’s mouth to open it and Angoori feeds him.

Daddy, Helan, Laura and TMT standing together in Vibhu’s house, Daddy chanting and spraying water. Tika says to Malkhan I’m so unlucky that I’m getting married to a witch. Tillu says to Malkhan she is so bad witch. Malkan says to Tillu and Tika that we will celebrate our honeymoon in graveyard. Daddy says to everyone that today we have gathered here to see Laura getting married to TMT and asks laura do you accept TMT. Laura says yes. Daddy asks to TMT and they too accept that. Daddy says now groom may kiss the groom or bride. Helan asks them to kiss eachother. TMT start kissing eachother. Helan stops them and asks to kiss Laura. Tika says we have kiss that witch. Malkhan says let’s fo it first it gives bad taste after that the tastes gets developed. Laura says if you’re not doing I’ll do it. Tika she was kissing or drilling. Daddy says you are married and now go to hell. Laura says I’ll not go te hell now first I’ll dance.

David and Vibhu sitting together near tea stall and drinking tea. David making noise while having tea. Vibhu after seeing you it doesn’t seems you live in London you don’t have any etiquettes and says let’s continue this business. David says why not continue that we are earning money. Vibhu says i never thought we will be getting that much money. David says i was thinking to go to London and do the same with them to earn. Vibhu says they are not that stupid. David says I’m living from last 40 year’s and i know how they think. Vibhu says first lets earn in Kanpur then we will think of London. Gupta comes to them and asks for the share. David screams at Vibhu and says what is this why aren’t you giving his share he is our partner. Vibhu asks David to calm down and gives his share.Gupta says what is this only 200 rupees I’m not a kid that you will give me lollipop and work is done Gupta returns the money and say’s I need my share 50-50. Vibhu and David says what you’ll do. Gupta says I’ll go to police station and tell everything that how are making fool of everyone in Kanpur. Happu sing standing behind Gupta and listening. Happu Singh what happen. Gupta says Vibhu’s family is fraud and they are making fool out of everyone one to earn money. Happu Singh says to Dr. you are also doing same from last 36 years on the name of medicine and you are saying that Vibhu is fraud and asks Gupta to leave. Gupta says to Happu Singh that you are also with them I’ll see everyone and leaves.

Malkhan and Tillu sitting together. Anu calls to Tiwari and Tillu brings the phone and says to Malkhan that Anita is calling. Malkhan says Anu don’t know that Tiwari is summoned. Tillu says should I hung up the phone. Anu says it does not happen that Tiwari dont pick up my call I think so he knows that I’ll ask him 1lakh rupees. Anu calls back to Tiwari again. Malkhan and Tillu discussing about Tiwari’s situation and friendship of Angoori and Anu. Tika asks Malkan to talk to Anu in girls voice. Malkhan picks up the phone and talk to Anu in girls voice and after some time hungs up. Malkhan and Tillu laughing.

Daddy, Tiwari, Angoori and Ammaji sitting together to do exorcism. Daddy spraying holy water on Tiwari. Tiwari what kind of dirty water you are spraying on me. Daddy says to Tiwari 40 years back my grandfather played holi and this is the Holi water from that holi and this make your ghost run away. Tiwari says there is no ghost inside me. Angoori say’s to Ammaji i heard many different kind of voices from Tiwari’s tummy. Daddy says he is having Zorajaan soul inside him and she is my ex girlfriend from Punjim, I know how to make that soul leave his body. Angoori says to Daddy to do something quick I’m not able to see Tiwari’s condition. Daddy to Zorajaan now a music will play and you will dance. Tiwari says I’ll not dance. Daddy uses his whip and asks Tiwari to dance.

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