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Bawara Dil 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva and Sidhi argue with each other

Bawara Dil 29th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sidhi tells Jhanvi that if you had the guts to do suicide then you wouldn’t be standing here holding this knife. she takes the knife from Jhanvi and cuts her hand. All are shocked. Shiva, Malini and Ishwar rush to her. Shiva asks what did she do? Malini bandages her wound and asks if she is crazy? Sidhi tells Jhanvi that it took me one second because I had the guts. Shiva says I will call the doctor. Sidhi says I am fine, I don’t need a doctor for this. Malini takes her from there. Shiva glares at Jhanvi and says if you don’t leave before I come outside the house again then I won’t spare you. He goes in the house. Arvind glares at her and leaves. Jhanvi looks on.

Sidhi is sitting in her room and looks at her wound. Yashwant comes there and asks how is she? She says I am fine. He says I didn’t ask you to do all this, you are already weak so don’t hurt yourself. Sidhi asks if Jhanvi left?

Shiva tells Jalwa that Jhanvi left after her drama. Jalwa says good, now there is no wall between you and Sidhi. Shiva says the wall between us cannot be seen, this relationship is just for namesake, there is a big wall between us so no third person is needed.

Yashwant tells Sidhi that Jhanvi is gone. Sidhi says I did all this for you and Soni, she is like my sister and you are like my father. You always took my side, you even started my education again, you are my strength. She holds his hand and says you are soul of this house, you have seen the world, you know relationships are made from heart, I am sorry to say this but only you and Soni matter to me, my relationship with Shiva doesn’t matter to me.

Shiva tells Jalwa that I married her because of Akka Bai, it was a deal, this relationship will be maintained till Akka Bai needs it. Jalwa says then after that? Shiva says Akka Bai will take me out of it, I am doing all this for the elections, I have no relationship with masterni.

Sidhi is sitting in her room. She opens her books box and recalls how Shiva had brought it for her. Shiva comes there and sees her reading her book. He asks how is her hand? Sidhi says it’s fine. Shiva says how is your health? Sidhi says I am fine, I am taking medicines. Shiva asks if she was fine in quarantine? Sidhi says I couldn’t study there. Shiva says you can restart your education, if you need anything then tell me. Sidhi says nothing. She looks at him and asks how is he? Shiva says I am fine, when you were not here, all were blaming me. They thought I did something with you. Sidhi says it’s not their fault, they must think you would have done something with me. Shiva says why would I do anything with you? I was looking for you everywhere. Do you know how difficult these last days were for me? Sidhi says it must be good days for you, you don’t care if I was here or not, you had your Jhanvi here with you. Shiva says you make stories in your head. Sidhi says I had seen that girl with you. Shiva says I threw her out. Sidhi says I don’t care what you do in life, you just follow Akka Bai blindly. Shiva says what have you done in life? Sidhi says I will do something in life, I won’t let it slide by just because I got married to you. Shiva says so do it, I haven’t stopped you. Sidhi says I will do it, you won’t understand ill-mannered. Shiva says don’t be so egoistic about your education. Sidhi says I have earned it, what have you done in your life? You have just been Akka Bai’s slave. Shiva says enough, don’t say anything about Akka Bai, I will crush your ego one day. Sidhi says you can do that only, I will go away. Shiva says where? Sidhi says I am going to my mother’s house, do I have to tell you everytime? Shiva says you can go anywhere, you don’t tell anyone, people get worried for you but you don’t care. Sidhi says I told you that I was quarantined.. Shiva says don’t start again, I just wanted to ask about your health. Sidhi leaves from there.

Mangala tells Kaka that Sidhi was doing drama of cutting her hand. Yashwant comes there and asks Mangala why Jhanvi was saying that you brought her in this house? If I find out that you were behind all that then.. Mangala says you trust that girl Jhanvi and not me? Yashwant says just accept that Sidhi is our daughter-in-law so don’t try to bring other girls in this house as then you might lose your family. He says you know who gave marriage certificate to Jhanvi? Narpat gave it. Mangala is stunned. Yashwant says don’t make fun of this family Mangala, he leaves from there. Mangala tells Kaka that it’s good Jhanvi left, she was with Narpat. I will throw this Sidhi out of house soon.

Mangala comes to Bunty and Bubblu. She tells them to bring Sidhi’s books from her room and tear them apart. She gives them money.

Sagar comes to meet Shiva and says I had some work. Jalwa is there also. Sagar says my Kaka has some land, he used to live with a woman, they were not married so that woman took over that land, she has confiscated it. Ishwar doesn’t want to confront so he has kind of given up that land. Shiva says what do you need from me? Sagar says you are well-versed in all this, if you help me get that land back then.. Shiva says sit in the car, let’s go there. Sagar says right now? Jalwa asks him to just sit in the car. They sit in his car and drive away.

Sidhi comes to her house and murmurs what does he think of himself? Malini comes there and asks why she is angry? She hugs her and asks why are you angry? Sidhi says that man.. I can’t talk to him, he is always fighting with me. Malini says don’t be so angry, I know how to calm you down. I will make food for you. She goes to make food for her. Sidhi smiles.

Bunty and Bubblu are arguing over who will bring Sidhi’s box. Vijiya comes there and asks why they are arguing? She asks them to go from there and study. They leave. Vijiya closes Shiva’s room door and leaves. Bunty and Babblu come back and go in their room.

Sidhi is sitting in the swing and looks at her hand wound. Malini comes there and asks her to not take off her bandage. Sidhi says it will heal. Malini gives her food, Sidhi says you have to give me love and attention, make me eat with your hands. Malini says you are not a baby. Sidhi says I am. Malini sighs and makes her eat with her hands. Sidhi says yum, it’s so good.

PRECAP – Sidhi comes to her room and doesn’t find her book box. She comes to Mangala and asks if she has seen it? Mangala says no. The servant says a box was found in the trash. Sidhi opens her box to find her books torn. Shiva is talking on call and tells Jalwa that I know how to crush egos. Sidhi recalls how he had told her that he will crush her ego one day and thinks he might have done it.

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