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Anuama FF – Samar sets off to Sydney Ep: 31

After 2 days.

Vanraj: We really enjoyed the trip right?

Anu: Yaa!! Now we will be sad for a  month. Our Samar will go.

Vanraj: Ah! Month? He said it was just for 2 days.

Anu: What a fool are you?How can a person go and come to Sydney within 2 days.He was just trying to pacify you.

Vanraj: Doesn’t he know that I am sensitive in such cases. Then why didn’t he tell me earlier?

Anu: He didn’t want you to be sad.Now leave it! He will be back. He is not going permanently. 

Toshu comes down with Samar’s luggage. Pakhi’s face was dull,though she fought with him she loved him so much.Samar was both excited and sad. He was excited to go for his dance and sad because he was leaving everyone.Everyone goes with Samar to drop him at the airport. They all are were sad.

Samar goes inside and waits for the flight.He hears a similar sound from the side.He looks around and finds someone familiar.He sees Nandhini and is shocked.He gets angry and shouts at her loudly. She asks him why he was shouting.

Samar:Why are you following me everywhere? Why do you always torture me like this?

Nandhini: Oh!!Come on!I am not following you! You are following me! You knew that I was going to Sydney and then you followed me.

Samar: I am going for a dance competition to Sydney.My aim is just dance and not you!bewakoof!

Nandhini: Even my aim is dance and not you!Even I am going for a dance competition to Sydney.

Samar: So??

Nandhini: Can I just ask you something?

Samar: Oh no!Please!!

Nandhini: Why are we fighting like this? 

Samar: You are the one who started all this at the resort. Even after I said that it was just an accident you abused me badly.

Nandhini: That day I was about to say sorry to you but you started abusing me badly.Now can we be friends?I am sorry for what happened that day!

Samar: No way! I am not your friend.You are the person I hate the most.

Nandhini: Why are you being so rude? I said sorry and can’t you just accept it.

Samar: No! You were too rude to me!

They got into the flight and they got different seats. Nandhini requested for the seat next to Samar,she gets it and she starts irritating Samar.

At the Shahs:

Anu: Samar would have got into the flight.My Samar can’t keep his mouth shut even for a minute. I wonder how he will sit for this long without talking

Pakhi: I am sure that he would have made atleast a friend by now.

Vanraj: Let him go and enjoy!

Pakhi: I am missing him.Its just an hour after he left and my condition is this.I can’t imagine without him for a month.I wish the time flies.

Vanraj: Don’t be sad. We still have Toshu with us. We will not miss Samar ok? He has gone to achieve his dream.

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