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Mere Sai 29th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Champa’s Deteriorating Health

Mere Sai 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Birju’s brought boys ask Sai how will he decide who is fit to marry Birju’s daughter. Sai says via this mirror and asks who will come first. Aprit walks first thinking Sai is just tricking them. He looks into mirror and shouts seeing his defects. Birju thinks why he is shouting when he is looking fine in mirror. Gautam walks next and even he sees his defected face. Next, Mohan says there is no one in the world who has not done any mistakes and until they know about their mistake, how can one correct himself. He walks in front of mirror and does not find anyone defect. Other two ask what is happening. Sai says like Mohan told, everyone has defect in them and accepting them is most important. He reveals that Gautam’s parents have lost their wealth and he agreed to marriage thinking

of getting some wealth from Birju via dowry. Birju asks if it is true. Gautam bends his head in guilt. Sai next tells that Aprit forgot his parents and siblings trying to earn wealth and goes to his parents only to get some land from them and sell it. Arpit also bends his head in guilt. Birju asks if according to him all 3 have defect, how will Sai decide who will marry his daughter. Sai says Mohan accepted his defect and wants to correct them, so he is perfect match for Birju’s daughter. Aprit and Gautam apologize Sai and promise to accept their mistakes hereon.

Kamla prepares vaidya’s given medicine for Champa. Bhairav says when he could not tolerate Vaidya’s bitter medicines, how will Champa tolerate. Kamla says happiness of becoming mother will forgo this bitter taste and forces Champa to consume medicine. At night, Champa feels uneasy and gasps for air. Bhairav notices her and gives her water. When even then her condition does not improve, he says he will wake up Aayi/Kamla. Champa stops him. Sai wakes up noticing Champa’s condition, picks firewood and walks towards Champa’s house. Bhairav takes Champa out and fans her, says he will call Sai. Champa says no need to disturb Sai as he must be resting now. Sai walks in saying she is worried for everyone and does not want help for herself. He holds fire near her throat. Toxic medicine burns in Champa’s throat and when it calms down, Champa runs aside and vomits it out. Sai asks her why she is troubling herself. Champa says she understood that things will happen in their own pace, but she cannot disappoint her mother-in-law who has taken her mother’s place now and can do anything to fulfill her wish. Bhairav says he is worried for Champa now, she and his mother both are adamant and he is helpless. Champa says she does not mind taking medicine. Sai asks if her decision is final. She says yes and asks Bhairav to concentrate on his wrestling competition.

Champa consumes medicine daily and her condition deteriorates with each passing day. Bhairav gets worried seeing her condition. Next day, Bhairav practices wrestling with family tension in his mind. Kulkarni watching his wrestling reminisces Bhairav alone trashing his goons, but weak in wrestling competition. He encourages Bhairav and Bhairav wins. He then scolds Bhairav that he does not see earlier spark in his practice and fears he will lose tomorrow’s competition. Bhairav asays his wife is taking some medicine and is unable to sleep whole night, even he is unable to sleep because of that and wakes up late in the morning, so he is unable to practice. Kulkarni says he will hire another wrestler if Bhairav is incompetent. Bhairav promises to win tomorrow’s competition and not disappoint him.

When sai is busy collecting wood in jungle, a thief attacks Sai at knife point and asks him to handoever whatever money he has. Sai says he is a beggar and does not have anything. Man says he looks young and healthy and is just lying, checks Sai’s bag and says he is really a beggar and is of no use to him. Sai asks if he has a family. Man ignores and walks. Sai follows him and asks again if he has a family. Thief says yes. Sai says his family would feel bad seeing him stealing, so he can do some other work to fill their family’s tummy. Thief says he tried many jobs, but could give only 2 meals to his family. Sai says 2 meals is better than stealing and his family will not support him when he is in trouble. Thief says his family knows about his profession and is supportive, he can accompany and see himself. Sai agrees. Thief blindfolds Sai and takes him along.

Precap: Kamla’s friend suggests to check Bhairav and Champa’s condition and if Champa does not have child in her fate, Kamla should get Bhairav remarried. Champa drops water pot hearing that.

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