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Manmohini 29th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Siya Fails to Revive Ram’s Memory

Manmohini 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siya enters Mohini’s haveli. Dadimaa and Dayimaa discuss that devimaa has entered to destroy Mohini’s lanka. Siya imagines her and Ram’s romance in haveli and Mohini making her narar bhattu and transferring dead tree’s powers into her and thinks she will destroy Mohini’s lanka. DK enters blabbering her broken English and scolds Sia for stepping on broken glass. Siya starts her drama and asks her to kill her before Mohini kills her. DK asks her to stop her drama as she will stay with Mohini forever here and takes her to Mohini’s room.

Siya sends message to Vanraaj that she has reached Mohini’s room and will burn Mohini’s lanka soon. Rana sees a woman and walks towards her lustfully. DK tells ghagra paltan team that she is amazed that Mohini brought

kaali home even after knowing that Rana does not spare any girl and does mind her shape, size, or color. Rana hugs Siya from behind. Siya pushes him and her mobile falls down. She gets nervous. Rana shouts he did not see such an ugly woman in life and asks her to get out. Siya says Mohini brought her here. Mohini walks in and asks Rana what happened stepping on mobile. Rana asks how can she bring such an ugly woman home. Siya pleads Mohini to take her away from here as Rana saa does not like her, silently picking her mobile and hiding it again. Mohini asks her to stop her drama as she will not go anywhere and nothing will happen to ugly face.

Once Mohini and Rana leave, Mallika walk in and yelling how can one be so ugly. Vivian walks in and asks who is she and where is she from. Siya starts her drama and starts her long blabbering. Mallika asks her to stop and asks what she can do. Siya says she is a good cook and even her husband was a cook whom Mohini beheaded and killed. Mallika asks her to stop her drama and prepare a spicy breakfast for her tomorrow morning. Siya leaves. Vivian says he feels she is working hard to look ugly.

Next morning, Siya serves dahibhalle to Ram thinking Ram will never forget her dahibhale taste reminiscing Ram telling if he loses his memory anytime, she can feed him dahibhalle and get back his money. Out of flashback, Rana throws dahi bhalle and shouts what was that. Vivian also walks away followed by Mallika. Mohini gets food for Rana via black magic and sends Madira to give it to Rana. She tells Siya/kali that Rana’s taste is unique and kali needs time to understand it. Once she leaves, Siya picks dahibhalle from floor murmuring he liked dahibhalle a lot. Vivian walks in and asks who liked dahibhalle. Siya says her husband. Vivian insists to tell truth.

Precap: Vivian molests Siya/Kaali. Kaali kicks him and picks stone to throw on him.

Update Credit to: MA

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