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It’s All About You! Part 08 by Seyaa

Sanskar came down stairs looking around hoping that he could grab a glimpse of Laksh at least today. It was been a week after his confession to Laksh and Sanskar has not seen him since then. Sanskar sat on the chair at the dining table with a sigh grabbing everyone’s attention.

“He is at home” Annapurna  slowly said making both Sanskar and Adarsh look at her with wide eyes.

“Just for the confirmation mom, are you sure?” Adarsh asked his mom putting down the morsel which was stopped in the mid air. Annapurna rolled her eyes towards Adarsh. “he said he has some important work and not to disturb.” She said shrugging her shoulders fully knowing her son’s important work and making Sujatha press her lips tightly to suppress her laugh. Both brothers looked at their mothers and then at each other thinking what’s going on their minds.

Sanskar thanked God for sending Durgaprasad and Ramprasad on a business trip so that they won’t see their drama. He cleared his throat and looked at others with nervous face.

“I’ll go and check on him.. excuse me..” he got up from the table when he heard Adarsh saying “ you two gonna fight… great… I wanna join too..” while chuckling and getting up from the table.

Parineetha nodded her head negatively with a disbelieving look on her face.

“Why? I can’t let those two have fun all alone right?” Adarsh shrugged his shoulders convincingly and joined with Sanskar to march towards Laksh’s room.

Both of them tapped his door and there was no response from Laksh. Sanskar gave a glance to Adarsh and after getting a nod  from him both entered Laksh’s room at once only to get surprised by their little brother’s attire and important work.

“So this is your important work….” Adarsh’s jaw dropped seeing Laksh’s messy room and his lazy look with baggy clothes he put himself on. Laksh moved his gaze only for a once to look at his brothers and then again glued his eyes at his home theatre, munching popcorns.

“what did you say..?” Laksh asked in don’t care tone.

“Harry Potter … you’re watching Harry Potter… you moron did not come home all this week and when you came, here you are enjoying yourself with Harry Potter…. ”

Adarsh grabbed a pillow near him and hit Laksh’s head which made Laksh lost his balance and scream. He got up from bed with annoying face and rubbing his head.

“What’s wrong with you people.? See what you did to my popcorns…? He whined at his brothers pointing his hand to dispersed popcorns.

Adarsh face palmed with a sigh and turn towards Sanskar.

“Only you can handle him…” Adarsh said and threw another pillow at Laksh before leaving the room. Sanskar was smiling, seeing his brothers’ antics and with that smile looked at Laksh, and that smile slowly faded away seen his stern face.

“Lucky I am sorry..” he whispered.

“For what? You did nothing to me…” Laksh answered while going towards his almirah. Sanskar was dumbfounded for a moment not knowing what to say.

“Am.. I just.. just sorry..” Sanskar turned to leave as he couldn’t stand his companion’s cold behaviour.

“Alright.. you’re forgiven..” Laksh said not looking at Sanskar to which he turned instantly. His face fell seeing that Laksh was still not looking at him.

“But you didn’t mean it. Do you?” he asked with a sorrowful smile.

“Maybe.. maybe not” Laksh said still looking at his clothes.

‘ You owe me… I am just settling the scores brother.’

“Lucky please forgive me… don’t be like this.. I need your help..” Sanskar pleaded with tears in his eyes which were fighting to escape his eyelids. His voice and words made Laksh startled and confused as he didn’t understand what Sanskar meant.

“Help? For what?” he asked turning to Sanskar confusedly.

“Lucky, mine and Ragini’s divorce is in next month. I need to stop it. I want your help. Please..”

“Useless.. she won’t agree to come to you again. She will make divorce happen..” Laksh said again in don’t care manner pulling out his clothes out of the almirah. Sanskar’s face turned pale hearing his words.

“Don’t say like that.. did you talk with her?”

“Truth won’t change simply because I didn’t say it out loud. And yeah I kinda talk with her.”

“And what did she say?” Sanskar asked turning paler.

“ that she doesn’t want you,!” Laksh said rhythmically.

“But I need her…” Sanskar sat with a thud on bed and gave a woeful look to Laksh. Laksh let out a sigh as he looked at his brother.

“Tell me one good reason that why would I help you?”

“Lucky I love her.. you know that right? Isn’t it the best reason?” Sanskar asked disbelievingly.

“No, it isn’t… it’s your reason to stop the divorce and it has nothing to do with me to interfere in your personal problems and in fact I doubt whether you really love her or not?” Laksh said with a serious face.

“I really love her Lucky.. what are you saying?”  Sanskar asked getting up from the bed.

“Really.. are you sure that you want her, only because you love her and not out of guilt.?” Laksh looked at Sanskar from corner of his eyes while pretending to choose a dress out of  clothes he pulled out. Sanskar closed his eyes for a moment to control his anger.

“Laksh that’s the most stupid thought you ever came across with. I very well know what I feel for her and I don’t need confirmations about it and you..” Sanskar was saying in a strong straight voice which had the power to turn Laksh’s head towards him instantly.

‘Oh you so loves her brother..No doubts…’

“Yeah.. yeah.. cut the crap.. give me a convincing reason.. why would I help you?” Laksh said in a small voice.

“maybe because you want her only, as your sister in law..” Sanskar shrugged his shoulders while raising his eyebrows. Laksh stood still for a moment without uttering a word, looking at Sanskar without blinking.

“You are emotionally blackmailing me. You know that right?” Laksh rolled his eyes. Sanskar slightly smirked at his statement.

“See you at night then..” Sanskar said smilingly knowing he has his little brother’s support like always which gave him a peaceful feeling after his confession to Laksh.

“What? You won’t come to office then?”

“Not today.. you spoiled my mood.” Laksh was about to say something when Sanskar interrupt him.

“I love you lucky” Sanskar said while chuckling.

“That’s a disgusting sentence to say to your brother. Don’t you ever say that again. What will people think of me if they hear you say that?” Laksh said annoyingly making a twisted face.


Laksh was checking a file when his office cabin door made the sound of asking permission.

‘Please be Payal, please be Payal..’

“Come in” he said formally. Jingling sound made its way to his table making him closing his eyes for a moment.

“Sir..” shivering voice addressed him to which he looked up.

“Yes, tiny fellow, what’s now? And what’s your name again by the way?”

“It’s Zoya sir, my name.” She answered still shivering a little.

“oh yah, that.. whatever.. I prefer the tiny fellow anyway. Now what’s it?”

“Your coffee sir and today’s schedule sir?” she asked hesitantly. That’s  when he saw the coffee cup on his table.

“Are you telling me or asking me?” he looked at her keenly observing her head to toe. Her eyes widened seeing his stare and it looked like she will faint at any moment.

“Both sir..” She voice came out as a mere whisper.

‘Do I look like a demon or something..?’

“Meaning?” He asked in normal voice lowering his gaze as he didn’t want to carry her out of his cabin in case she faint in there.

“I have listed pre scheduled meetings, that, I could tell you, but you didn’t inform about any other plans of yours for today, that’s what I was going to ask..” she said in one breath still with wide eyes. “sir.” She added at the end after taking a breath. Laksh was looking at her without blinking as it was the first time he saw her talking without a break.

‘Oh she can speak full sentences .. great..’

Her hair strand had made its way across her exquisite face which didn’t bother her but disturbed Laksh as it was not letting him admire her beautiful face anymore.

“nothing” he said after coming from his dazed zone.

“Sir?” she asked confusedly.

“Ahem.. I meant no other plans for today” Laksh cleared his throat and answered, wandering what’s wrong with himself.

“I’ll send the schedule then sir,” she turned at once to leave his cabin as soon as possible.

“Do you know what’s wrong with Payal by the way?” Laksh asked her as he really wanted to know it. Zoya turned to him with a sad cute pout which was enough to mesmerize Mr. LM, the  thing that no one couldn’t do till date.

“She is having chickenpox sir, she won’t be able to come till next week. She even forbade me to visit her.” Zoya said still with her sorrowful cute pout, this time not in fear, but sadly, clearly showing that how much she cared for her friend. It took a lot for Laksh to hide his smiley curve from her since the time he saw her pout. His phone ringing helped him to come out of her charm. He signed her to stay while taking the phone. She nodded and turned aside as she didn’t want to hear his calls. Laksh smiled seeing her as he answered the call.

“Yes, mom” he said and his smiled faded at once hearing the other end. He stood at once as he cut the call.

“Postpone all the meetings tiny fellow, I gotta go…” he said while grabbing his car key. Zoya looked at him with wide eyes again and nodded her head hurriedly. Laksh glanced at her while leaving his cabin and rushed to his car without thinking about anything.

Zoya exhaled a sigh and left the cabin taking his untouched coffee with her. She panicked as she met Riya right at his cabin door.

“what was you doing this much time in here with boss?” Riya asked her looking straight into her eyes curiously. Zoya took back at sudden question and then made a angry face as possible as she can.

“That’s none of your business.” She said with a glare and went from there taking a huge breath of relief which went unnoticed by startled Riya who was amazed by Zoya’s sudden courage.


Both Adarsh and Laksh bolted to city hospital to meet panicked Sujatha at the reception.

“Sanskar..” Sujatha said with a trembling voice to them as soon as she saw them. She pointed towards a room with transparent glasses which could see straight from the reception. Laksh saw Annapurna and Uttara looking at a hospital bed, through the glass. He nodded at Adarsh as he said he’ll take care of paper works at reception with Sujatha and rushed to the room where Annapurna and Uttara was in. They looked at him with a relief as he entered.

Sanskar was half lying on a bed, his arm covered with blood and one young nurse trying to clean his wound. He closed his eyes seeing Laksh rolling his eyes.

“What were you thinking while boxing practicing with your mirror? That too again you idiot..” Laksh gave a slap to back of Sanskar’s head.

“Auch..” Sanskar whined in pain. “I didn’t do it intentionally this time, you idiot, that stupid thing was not fixed properly last time.” He said trying to control his pain.

Laksh glared at him and then looked at the nurse who was cleaning Sanskar’s wound. “why there isn’t any doctor here?” he asked the nurse right at the moment Adarsh and Sujatha entered.

“It’s just a minor accident sir, there is no need of a doctor” nurse said with a convincing voice still cleaning his blood stains.

“can’t you see how much blood he has lost, and you say it’s a minor accident. Call a doctor at once” Laksh yelled at nurse making others panic too.

“Lucky there is no need..” Sanskar tried to interfere the matter when Adarsh interrupt him.
“Oh, you just shut up!” He snapped at Sanskar making him take back without a word.

“Doctors on a strike sir.. so they won’t attend anyway” nurse said with a small voice as she understood they won’t stop until a doctor comes. Laksh was about to yell about all the doctors in hospital when he saw Ragini at the reception, where he could directly see through the glasses of the room.

“Isn’t she a doctor? Why can’t she come?” he said pointing towards Ragini taking everyone’s attention. Sanskar’s eyes widened seeing her, so was others. Sujatha’s and Annapurna’s eyes filled with tears while Uttara’s eyes glowed in happiness. Nurse smiled seeing Ragini and when Laksh looked at her for a answer, she looked at him with the same smile.

“Oh, she is not just a doctor sir, she is a cardiologist, the best one actually, she attends emergencies and VIPs sir, not simple cases like this.” The nurse said admiringly. Her praising words about his wife gave him a smile unknowingly even when he was in pain.

‘When did little marshmallow become a cardiologist?’

Laksh rolled his eyes at nurse and marched straight towards reception where Ragini was checking a report. He grabbed her hand and dragged her along with himself. Ragini, whose attention was fully on report gasped at the sudden action happened  to her and almost choked the lollypop she was sucking. She felt a relief seeing that the person was Laksh who was dragging her.

“What’s wrong with you Lucky?” she asked him with fake angry voice still having the lollipop in her mouth. Laksh didn’t gave any heed to it and stopped dragging her only when he came to the room where Sanskar was getting treated. Ragini looked at the room annoyingly and was shocked as she saw her in laws suddenly and then gasped as she saw her husband covered in blood.


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