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Chandragupta Maurya Maha Episode 29th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Durdhara Betrays Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta orders Dhananand to send his mother Mura from one side and he will send Durdhara from other side. Citizens are amazed to see Chandragupta ordering king and discuss what will king do now. Dhananand orders Mura to go. Mura walks towards Chandragupta smiling. Durdhara walks towards Dhananand reminiscing Chandragupta telling that Dhananand strangualted her father king Mahapadmanand and killed him. Chanakya asks Mura to run towards them. She runs. Chandragupta ties rope to his leg and jumping down holds Durdhara’s hands and with Baldev and other team members’ help lifts her up. Amartya rakshas orders archers to shoot Chandragupta. Dhananand shouts not to as Duradhara is with Chandragupta. Sthul and Indra throw smoke bombs, and Chandragupta escapes with Durdhara and

his team. Durdhara shouts at Chandragupta why did he trick and kidnap her back.

Voiceover describes that Chandragupta continues his preparations to fight against Dhananand’s army while Dhananand loses his wealth and citizen’s trust. Durdhara’s behavior towards Chandragupta changes and she adjusts to Chandragupta’s tough lifestyle. She walks to him and says she gets bored sitting in cave whole day, so if she can start painting pictures. Chanakya says she can, but should not play any trick. She starts painting and leaves color pots on the spot repeatedly. Mahamartya brings color pots and shows it to Dhananand saying his soldiers found these color pots. Dhananand says Durdhara loves painting and is signalling her location. Mahamartya says they failed to find exact location. Shipra says she knows where this location is, this color is derived from special flowers found around hawa mahal. Dhanand shouts that Chandragupta has established his base around hawa mahal, they should go and rescue Durdhara right now. He heads towards hawa mahal with his team.

Chandragupta and his team decide to attack hawa mahal and capture it as it is Dhananand’s one of important powerhouse. Chandragupta explains his plan. After sometime, Chandragupta is busy practicing when Sthul with Indra walks to him and says he should rest for sometime to regain energy. Chandragupta says he needs to practice to fight against Dhananand’s army. They taunt him that he is ignoring Durdhara’s attention towards him. Chandragupta sees color pot. Sthul says Durdhara leaves color pots wherever she paints. Chandragupta says this is concerning and Durdhara must be trying to send her location to her brother. Sthul laughs that he is getting overconcerned. Chanakya with team reaches and says they should not ignore their senapati’s instinct and if he is right, then there is a big trouble awaiting. Chandragupta says they should attack hawa mahal right away, so he asks Sthul and Indra to take Durdhara to safe hideout. He attacks hawa mahal and killing Dhananand’s soldiers easily captures it. Chanakya says this war ended so soon than they thought and should be alert for upcoming trouble and team should inform even a slight suspicious act. Sthul and Indra return injured and inform that Durdhara attacked them and escaped. Chandragupta says he knows where she must have gone and rushes on his horse. Durdhara runs into jungle searching Dhananand. Chandragupta reaches on his horse and pins her to tree. Durdhara attacks him unsuccessfully and confesses it was her plan to get him caught. Chandragupta says he tried to show her how her brother killed her father and how cruel her brother is and it is better to free motherland from him, but she does not want to understand at all, so she can return to her brother. He informs that he has captured hawa mahal and asks to inform her brother aout it.

Durdhara returns to Dhananand. Dhananand happily lifts her and asks if she is fine. Durdhara says she escaped from Chandragupta’s trap and informs that Chandragupta has captured hawa mahal. Amartya rakshas asks howmany kshatriyas were there. Durdhara says around 100. Amartya rakhas says it is best time to attack and kill them all. On the other side, Indra and Sthul discuss that Chandragupta would be returning with Durdhara soon. Chandragupta returns alone and says he let Chandragupta return to her brother. Chanakaya asks why did he do that. Chandragupta says like a coward he did not want to use a woman to fight against Dhananand. Mura says she is convinced with her son as Dhananand cowardly used her as hostage and killed her husband. Chanakya says Dhananand and his army must have surround hawa mahal by now. Dhananand surrounds hawa mahal with his army and Dudhara. Amartya rakhas says Chandragupta’s soldiers have blocked all doors. Dhananand says let ants fly before dying. Amartya rakhas asks Durdhara to get into palace and make way for them by tricking Chandragupta. Durdhara denies. Dhananand says his sister thinks like him. Govishanka enters. Dhananand asks what is he doing here instead of being in kitchen. Govishanka says Chandragupta tricked him in hawa mahal and started his revolt against king, so he will help king destroy Chandragupta and his team.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya pours poison in different pots and says its effect does not change in pots of different shapes, similarly a wicked person’s nature does not change at any cost, so they should trust a wicked person.

Precap: Chanakya encourages Chandragupta with his encouraging speech to fight against Dhananand.

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